WrestleMania Saturday Kickoff: April 2, 2022

Get all of the latest breaking news, rivalry analysis from a panel of experts, and so much more before The Showcase of The Immortals!

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100+ comentarios:

Giorgia Simeoni
Giorgia Simeoni:
Great Kikoff Show at WrestleMania 38 a great Show congratulations to everyone 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🔥🔥🔥
Toddy Adidas
Toddy Adidas:
Just watched Wrestlemania Stone Cold absolutely smashed it what a performance absolute legend.
I've Got High Expectations For This Wrestlemania Just Becuz There's Ok Matches It Really Depends On The Leverage Of The People's Reactions & Satisfaction..🔥🔥🔥
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:

Time to open a can of whoop ***
John Paulo Villaluz
John Paulo Villaluz:
Ive been Waitung for a long months to once again Road to Wrestlemania and this is it.. everyone enjoy wrestlemania
Chelsboy Devil man
Chelsboy Devil man:
Thank you very much for giving us all the great experience in our childhood days.. Undertaker. Long live the undertaker
Nikko Iswantoro
Nikko Iswantoro:
You Deserve It , The Undertaker GREAT SUPERSTAR "never say never"

Thank You TAKER ❤
Kunal Joshi
Kunal Joshi:
Thank u taker for making our childhood awesome. YOU DESERVE IT 👌👍
Frank Waya
Frank Waya:
I’m not going to lie….this Wrestlemania revitalized me as a fan of the WWE. Man this was awesome. Even though some matches got lower grades from people, they were still awesome. I’m looking forward to raw
Siddik Hossain
Siddik Hossain:
I'm pleased to see Austin at WrestleMania2022
Geoffrey Willemsen
Geoffrey Willemsen:
What an awesome kickoff of night 1
Wesley C
Wesley C:
I’m so excited to see Stone Cold is returning, 316 lives.
Big Ben Urban Explorations
Big Ben Urban Explorations:
Thank u taker u were my favourite on ur first match ur still my favourite now congrats on the statue and hall of fame and keepin me entertained all through my childhood watching u wrestle thank u legend 🙂❤
Shada Kalo
Shada Kalo:
I'm so excited to watching Wrestlemania match 👍
Gena Remedies
Gena Remedies:
The most stupendous wrestlemania in history
Elian Williams
Elian Williams:
1:17:50 Wonder how Peyton is handling the heel turn
I’ve been waiting all day for this, it’s time for WRESTLEMANIA 🔥
Ciro Salvagna
Ciro Salvagna:
Undertaker one of my favorite legends🥺Thanks for all.
KM Instagram Reesl
KM Instagram Reesl:
Let's start WrestleMania
They actually used good music for a Steve Austin promo finally it's been forever since they used good music
RJ Harris
RJ Harris:
It feels weird seeing myself during the kickoff event haha best wrestlemania ever!!
Ayush Soni
Ayush Soni:
Definately love Rousey because of her performance and Charlotte for her style. Stucked between whom to choose between Rousey and Charlotte. Both are just awesome and outstanding.
mr. toupee
mr. toupee:
So glad to see the american nightmare back in wwe, and facing Seth Rollins too!
Kinduklu The Rapper
Kinduklu The Rapper:
Becky vs The EST was indeed Stupendous 🔥🔥🔥
Wow that Ninja Warrior guy was amazing, I want to see more of him!
몽테디 MongTeddy
몽테디 MongTeddy:
2020's WWE is writing new history.
Gerald Kapata
Gerald Kapata:
It's been a an honer to watch the undertaker do his thing for all these years,he definitely deserves this....💣
Anita Begam
Anita Begam:
the Undertaker best man in this world he's remember every moment of his wwe life
This Wrestlemania, wrestlemania 38 in Texas, this is Amazing supershowdown. Hope Lesnar can win tomorrow! Time to suplex city in Texas.😊
Blake 239
Blake 239:
The Steve austin promo gave me goosebumps
Reggie Sintos
Reggie Sintos:
I hope the attitude era and the new era will collide. That the most stupendous event ever will be.
We knows the rock is comeback at WrestleMania 38!
Sabih Anwar
Sabih Anwar:
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan:
Wrestlemania now very fantastic Competition 🔥
Sil Xix
Sil Xix:
Cody Rhodes not nominated to the AEW Awards was a big sign he left for good.🙂
Yassine Jr
Yassine Jr:
I hope the fiend returns at wrestlemainia
WrestleMania ❤️
Ernestine Nicholson
Ernestine Nicholson:
I kind of felt that the Miz was going to turn on loang Paul just like he did John marrison
EXP _67
EXP _67:
WM 38 day one 💯🔥🔥🔥
Derby City Collector
Derby City Collector:
Charlotte Flair with not 1 but 2 slips in one match
Bajrang Kantewala
Bajrang Kantewala:
Nice moment of the undertaker
MADNESS start with 20:26
Markel Rhodes
Markel Rhodes:
Let’s go I been waiting for this to come on
Shrikant spear
Shrikant spear:
There is no WrestleMania without John Cena..👌
Theo Higginbottom
Theo Higginbottom:
First time for me watching a paper-view pre show
The best diva
The best diva:
Corbin deserved a victory for this match!🙌🏻😔
Mary Kanyi
Mary Kanyi:
I would wish to see ronda as smackdown women's champion. Shayna as raw women's champion and ivy nile as nxt womens champion face each other at survivor series
Anas Shahid 224
Anas Shahid 224:
Happy WM day everyone 🙌
ismael martinez
ismael martinez:
excelente ❤😊
Trending Topics By Mr Kommu
Trending Topics By Mr Kommu:
no John Cena This Time?? unbelievable 🥺
How to Hustle And Make Money
How to Hustle And Make Money:
Im imagining the stone cold pop now
Wrestling with Jay
Wrestling with Jay:
Echem Chinaza
Echem Chinaza:
Let it begin🥰
Jordan McHaley
Jordan McHaley:
Wow. Thank god WWE didn't add any loathsome celebrities to this year's Mania. And thank god the secondary belts weren't omitted from the card. And thank god the show itself wasn't given some stupid tagline like "the most stupendous Wrestlemania ever". Thank god none of that happened.
Àmìt Røy
Àmìt Røy:
I m so excited 😁 to all matches and no one matches ☺️ stone❤️❤️❤️
Ravi Teja Gorla
Ravi Teja Gorla:
1:14:00 This kid has no idea about the Miz. After the match he got the glimpse to follow or not.
Grand Gaming
Grand Gaming:
Wrestle mania ❤❤❤
Let's start WrestleMania
Aryatej Venugopal
Aryatej Venugopal:
Austin returned!!!🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍻
Sam Matt
Sam Matt:
Happy WM day everyone 🙌
Stephen Cole
Stephen Cole:
I'm hoping The person who Mr. Mcmahon Pick again Seth Rollins Is Dean Ambrose That would be Awesome To See The Lustic Fridge Again
WrestleMania 37 Stage Better Than WM 38 Stage 💫
Neha Gupta
Neha Gupta:
Stone Cold had his first match after 19 years give me a HELLYEAH and 3:16
Brian N Vivian’s Homestead
Brian N Vivian’s Homestead:
♥️♥️♥️Love The Undertaker! 🥰😘
Robin Hanson
Robin Hanson:
Yes was fantastic but the great match was Roman and brock they got me amazed 😊
Àmìt Røy
Àmìt Røy:
Waiting for matches ☺️ Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar 😈😈
Diana Ozelie
Diana Ozelie:
I. Am. Gald that. My. Boy. Austin. Is. Going to be. There.
Two nights? Well I guess by 2075 we’ll have Wrestlemania 24/7/365.
Allen G.
Allen G.:
will Vince ride this energy I have been gone as long as Stone Cold it just was not fun no more, he brought back memories only if it was for the weekend
Team ROUSEY!!❤😍😍😍
Can't wait for night2
Mike Bowman
Mike Bowman:
2 matches into mania right now. Little disappointed with the quality of entrances so far. It's been like raw or smackdown. How are you not having happy corbin sliding down a slide with a digital slot machine on the entrance. Its mania. Use that Mike's hard lemonade money wwe.
WrestleMania 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Craig Waters
Craig Waters:
Awesome video 😎
Happy to see jbl back to his bullying antics
Shan Idrees
Shan Idrees:
1:12:47 you know this will shine bright
No match on the Kickoff! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? 🤷🏽‍♀️
King Higgins
King Higgins:
Thank you thank you Undertaker
Thank you Taker.
Charlie Meow
Charlie Meow:
alex c
alex c:
Are people seriously hating on josh rn like what did he ever do to any of them there 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Steven Jack
Steven Jack:
Cody Rhodes is back to WWE
Dave Oscar
Dave Oscar:
No way he'll ever better than stone cold
🌟rated R sopersetar EDGE 🌟
🌟rated R sopersetar EDGE 🌟:
King edge 😌
Manda Stevens
Manda Stevens:
taker deserves it
Let's go Ronda 🙌🔥🥋
jassy sunrise
jassy sunrise:
long time no see mr stone cold austin joined wrestling WWE😍🌹❤️❤️
Kwakye The Creator
Kwakye The Creator:
Logan Paul actually did really good here.
King Higgins
King Higgins:
Get well soon Big E Langston
ynot love
ynot love:
The miz won The usos kept their belts Drew McIntyre won
Kevin Carrasco
Kevin Carrasco:
Seth freakin Rollins is going to face John Cena cuz when the the ref 2nd said something to John Cena and made him go running to the building maybe it's John Cena who knows
The fact the Paul Brother's are a part of Wrestle mania make me want to gauge my eyes out.
I was GOING TO SCREAM as loud as I can when the Miz and Logan Paul won, but when The Miz betrayed him, I felt good
BB - Surf
BB - Surf:
They really chose josh as they guest 💀😐
Sandra Hunter
Sandra Hunter:
I'm happy to see Stonecold Steve Austin back at WrestleMania ! Go Austin Go ! Austin wins , I'll celebrate
Midnight Carnage
Midnight Carnage:
WrestleMania Sized kickoff
"size doesn't matter ........ In wrestling" that was a bruh moment fr 😭
Hahah well done miz turning on logan the r4t😂😂😂😂
1:14:47 yeah, non-boxers