WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Entrants 1 & 2 Revealed, Big Return Tonight?

Gareth is back with a Sunday news update;


00:45 - First Two Entrants For Men’s WWE Royal Rumble Match Confirmed

02:03 - Number 30 Entry For Women’s Royal Rumble Match Announced

03:00 - Big Surprise Entrant Revealed For Women’s Royal Rumble Match?

04:34 - WWE star tests positive for COVID-19


08:38 - Go-Home Edition Of WWE SmackDown Sees Slight Drop In Overnight Viewership.

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100+ comentarios:

This is what you'll hear at the beginning of the men's Rumble match. "I hear voices in my head" and then "On this day, I see clearly". We're starting off with a war.
Chris Akane
Chris Akane:
I wish Walter or kross in the rumble.
Fletcher Schofield
Fletcher Schofield:
I haven’t seen edge and orton 1 and 2 but god I’m excited I thought orton would be number 30
Personally haven't cared about ratings in over 20 years. The rise of DVR and streaming services negated how ratings are tallied and companies don't view ratings numbers the same way anymore given the plethora of content modes available to viewers.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith:
I say Rhonda comes back when they have a crowd that would b a wasted pop for her coming back in the rumble idk
Pallavi Mahajan
Pallavi Mahajan:
Yay solo Sunday news time!!
DJ G.O.J.:
Everybody on instagram were pissed that they announced some of these entrants. Should've just let it be a surprise but u know WWE ruins good things
DaHTrain 24
DaHTrain 24:
Sir, your beard is dope. I wish I could get my beard to beard like that.
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer:
What was the point? They were already announced for the Rumble
More people won't tune in just because they're number 1 and 2
Jake Bush
Jake Bush:
Natty gonna give her spot to Rhonda
Pranav Choudhary
Pranav Choudhary:
Happy for Natalya winning that 30 spot, I think she should wins
Glenn Welsh
Glenn Welsh:
Bryan seems like the favorite to win, but I'm starting to think they're gonna swerve us because they were leaning so hard on the fact that he's never won a Rumble.
Michael Gartner
Michael Gartner:
This is the best pay-per-view of the year in my opinion. Last year was great, I really hope they can find a way to top it this year
Steven Kasten
Steven Kasten:
To be honest I get excited for the solo Sunday news. Good stuff
Annon Nimis
Annon Nimis:
I really wish that WWE would put their PPV on Saturday night. Id love to watch it tonight but unfortunately waking up early for work does not make it possible.
Crazy Cactus Adventures
Crazy Cactus Adventures:
I thought it was reported that they were going to reavealed the mens #30 and womens 1 and 2. They did the opposite.
Nathan Wagner
Nathan Wagner:
hmmmm im pretty sure that WWE said earlier this week that on backstage they were going to announce 1 and 2 for the womans rumble, and number 30 for the mens rumble.. however they completely did the opposite lol
If stone cold comes back and orton is still in it will be a hell of a moment
W C:
I can tell that's RKO on the right by his ears. :)
Ultra MDF
Ultra MDF:
Great segment!!
Just as well there's no crowd because i think the noise of the combined sigh of 50,000 people when the clock hits zero for the No.30 entrant of the womens RR match would be absolutely defining , why not have Trish or ANY returning wrestler announced as 30 atleast to keep some interest but Nattie ? really
Jim Y
Jim Y:
boy, I remember the good ole days when people didn't have to take to the internet just to tell the world they got the flu.
All I'm saying is if i see carlito and/or chris masters ima flip
Siya Dlamini
Siya Dlamini:
But didn't randy Orton say that he was gonna enter last in the rumble when HHH came to raw
It wouldn’t be a royal rumble without some legend or somebody big appearing. That’s one of the things I look for in a royal rumble match.
Anne Samante
Anne Samante:
Why do i have a filling Aj will cheat and win
That smack down was bonkers...
Paul Green
Paul Green:
You still have entrances 3-30 to be shocked
Kaleb Knous
Kaleb Knous:
Call it now, Tamina will attack Natalya as she make her way to the rumble, and take her number 30 spot, WWE'S done it for the last few years now.

Would also explain why she hasn't bin announced for it as well
Maureen the free pile picker
Maureen the free pile picker:
ok but the wrestlers who came back to smack down from RAW where on the Smack down brand just a few months ago you just needed Jeff hardy and Elias And they could have put the smack down band back together
How many times was "Match" said? 33. Royal Rumble is fine. We get it.
Connie Dearborn
Connie Dearborn:
i still wish dominik mysterio was number 2
I wish they wouldn't announce anything related to the RR. The whole appeal of the event is the element of surprise...bah!
professor granpa
professor granpa:
Why announce all this? The best part of the rumble is watching the clock to see who's coming out. Another stupid Vince idea I'm guessing
I wish edge or adam cole would win
Johnny Smink
Johnny Smink:
If y'all know the ratings segments are hated, why do you keep doing them?
Emile Awan
Emile Awan:
How can u be underwhelmed by Randy Orton!
Goldberg will eliminate Orton and Edge, then go on to win the RR, challenge McIntyre at WM and win the title. It's perfect Vince McMahon and Goldberg egoism at its finest.
Uziel Gonzalez
Uziel Gonzalez:
I’m just happy Roman is champion and he won’t come out in the match
Lex Ruthless
Lex Ruthless:
There is a vacation travel ban in Toronto, Canada right now. It is very doubtful that Trish Stratus will be at the Royal Rumble.
Connor StJohn
Connor StJohn:
I know this group of wrestling fans doesn’t really like the Bray Wyatt stuff... but I’m hoping for a Fiend Jeff Hardy interaction in the rumble, if not one of them winning
Repo man will win the rumble at number 3
You know what this means...

Spencer Rouille
Spencer Rouille:
I don’t get why everyone bashes all the older wrestlers coming back these people paved the way for these newer wrestlers and are always gonna be more popular and more famous then these newbies
Jeff Hardy should win is the last thing he has not done in Wwe yet.
Killer Manzarek
Killer Manzarek:
Mia Yim testing positive means probably no Rumble for Shayna Baszler and Dakota Kai since they live together
david fitzpatrick
david fitzpatrick:
Honestly no disrespect to my fellow Canadian Natayla but I feel like WWE doesn't see her as a star and is probably going to kayfabe injure her so she can't come out at 30. Honestly if I were Nattie I would leave WWE for AEW as that women's division needs help and Natayla is a great wrestler who's in a company of better wrestlers.
Mehitabel Gill
Mehitabel Gill:
Dominic Mysterio gets a free pass into the Rumble match, but established wrestlers had to defeat A J Styles to "qualify" (which they all failed )
Amir Bukvar
Amir Bukvar:
Brock Lesnar will return,and win the royal rumble🙏
And you are not going to speculate on how moxley is even able to appear for njpw in the USA, since he has a contract clause that said he couldn't appear for any major wrestling company in the usa...
Mark E Kar
Mark E Kar:
Whatculture: Why even have a separate roster for each brand
Also Whatculture: Keep the two brands separate? I HATE the invitational!
Leah Ward
Leah Ward:
Edge won!!!
TheBig RedWave
TheBig RedWave:
Garreth went from the what culture wrestling baby boy to Paul Bunyan real quick.
Gregory Wong
Gregory Wong:
Big Return Tonight: Covid19
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali:
😂😂😂Yeah you can’t mispronounce my fellow Pakistani-American’s name in Mustafa Ali!🤣🤣🤣
I hope this is the end of Randy vs Edge. We wanted to see Edge vs people we had not seen him against before. Why even bother coming back to spend a year vs Randy. And yes that is partly due to Edge being injured but it was reported that they would be doing consecutive Wrestlemania matches anyway.
Ayavuya Mjiaco
Ayavuya Mjiaco:
Can't wait for the royal rumble
James Long
James Long:
Oh yeah those are completely random. What are the odds that those two just happened to be drawn out of a hat to be one and two?!?!?
Well, now we know Edge won't be winning the Rumble
PUBG mobile
PUBG mobile:
Randy is gonna be ironmen damm
So, Simon Miller will be number 3?
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan:
So Edge and Randy Orton are the first two entrant for Men Royal Rumble and Natalya is the 30th entrant for Women Royal Rumble match
I think that dim is going to eliminate rey
John S. Palumbo
John S. Palumbo:
Miz holding the briefcase could mean we get a Daniel Bryan winner at Royal Rumble, he wins the title from I guess Roman at WM, and gets cases in on by Miz at or any time after WM.
Billy James
Billy James:
*i SAY, lana returns AND wins tHE rumble* or at least eliminates NIA JAX and gets her RETRIBUTION
Calvin Tanner
Calvin Tanner:
Natalya is probably entrant # 30 in the Women's Royal Rumble match.
That one Patriots Fan
That one Patriots Fan:
Edge and randy number 1 and 2 is interesting
Kyle Register
Kyle Register:
Who would laugh if Lana made her return & win The women’s Royal Rumble match
Dante Huggins
Dante Huggins:
Jr Garcia
Jr Garcia:
Randy ortan deserves better spot like #25
Putu Suriawan Tell The World Truth
Putu Suriawan Tell The World Truth:
Big Surprise tonight is : Joe boden enter the rumble
Jamari Giles
Jamari Giles:
I’m ready
Nandu M Manoj
Nandu M Manoj:
So that means they don't want Randy vs edge at WrestleMania ok
Chris Akane
Chris Akane:
Why doesn't mox carry the us title on AEW. Shit if i was a wrestler id carry 6 belts if i had to and show the world my accomplishments. But also its just less weight to carry.
John S. Palumbo
John S. Palumbo:
I actually wouldn't be surprised if Booker T and/or Undertaker be surprise entrants
I predict that more Wwe Fans will switch to AEW and Impact after the let down of tonight.
Lorenzo A Ramirez
Lorenzo A Ramirez:
Oh this crap is still a thing?
Reggielacey 223
Reggielacey 223:
I mean you spoiled more then wwe. I wouldn't have known if you didn't make a video on it. I'm not complaining but still just pointing that out
Barnabe Kapena
Barnabe Kapena:
We all know Natalya isn't gonna make it to the ring this year
Dean Ambrose vs Hideo Itami 😂😂
Someone will attack Nataliya and enter the rumble
Mark my words
Kevin Barton
Kevin Barton:
Old stars coming back to put folks over in the rumble is fine but what happens all to often is they come back and take a high profile spot as a part-timer for the next few cycles while current full-timers get told "creative has nothing for you" ... I'd rather all old part timers (including the awesome ones we all like) stay home and let the current stars emerge.
This guy reminds me of Shawn Michaels
wasn’t Keith Lee also announced for the Royal Rumble?
Allana Riffle
Allana Riffle:
Trish stratus would never survive
Lenroy D'souza
Lenroy D'souza:
Will john cena be in the rumble.. road to wrestlemania...
Kyle Collier
Kyle Collier:
Mia Yim a standout?!?! Gareth, ya dumb
I hate how they reveal the entrants
samuel hento
samuel hento:
Does anyone have a free livestream to watch the royal rumble?
Phenomenal clasher
Phenomenal clasher:
I hope the fiend doesn't ruin the rumble
Leo Wato
Leo Wato:
The men’s this year is stacked!
Ken Kai
Ken Kai:
Orton and Edge? Dafuq?
Kevin Wooster
Kevin Wooster:
Nothing encapsulates Natalya more than the moment Trish slapped Elias.

-Elias doesn’t date women in their 60s? HUGE POP.
-Trish slaps Elias? HUGE POP.
-Ronda’s music hits? HUGE POP.
-Bret Hart’s Intro Riff Hits? INSTINCTIVE HUGE POP.
-Ohh it’s Natalya? DEAD SILENCE 💀
Matthew Payton
Matthew Payton:
Jaideep Singh
Jaideep Singh:
Its randy orton and edge . Dont waste your time
Broke But Functioning Garage
Broke But Functioning Garage:
well that lets me know that natty wont win....Natty gets no love from the wwe, they've turned her into a joke. Its sad because she deserves better and would be higher up the card in ANY other organization.
Dylan Farrell
Dylan Farrell:
Anyone else think natalya is gonna be injured and ronda rousey comes out no.30
Tamzid Mohsin Khan
Tamzid Mohsin Khan:
Jon Moxley vs Kenta feud will be fire
great humbled
great humbled:
Ronda rousey attacks natty lol
Monster WWE
Monster WWE:
Edge and Randy Orton