WWE Survivor Series 2020 Official and Full Match Card

Shot in the Dark by AC/DC ~Lyrics

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WWE Edited Match Cards
WWE Edited Match Cards:
2:42 Nobody has that level of editing Lol
Official and full match card this Friday!
It's always happening. Ever since 2017, the WWE Championship always change hands before the Survivor Series.
Dr. D1360
Dr. D1360:
Love how the song always matches what’s going on in the screen😄
Kiwany Williams
Kiwany Williams:
When Roman and Drew are in the center of the ring they raise the champion over their shoulder.
Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez:
The Fiend should come out in the Reigns Vs Drew match and attack both of them and Fiend starts a feud with McIntyre for the WWE Championship
Bolivar Tejena
Bolivar Tejena:
Lo q todos queriamos ver
McIntyre vs Reigns
La Cara de Raw 🔴🆚La Cara de SmackDown🔵
Imagine if sheamus and the fiend and lesnar get involved this Sunday in drew and reigns match damn what a night four spears haha 🤣
byron morales
byron morales:
you never fail with this match cards, i love your channel and you (no homo)
Deku Big
Deku Big:
Waiting for the return of The Undertaker and they must give him a final epic fight against someone unexpected .... Greetings wwe Edited Macckt Card great job
Roy Caoile
Roy Caoile:
I was the first to watch
juandiego morales hernandez
juandiego morales hernandez:
Ganadores: team raw bobby lashley street profits sasha banks team smackdown Drew Mclntyre
Alexander Yarck
Alexander Yarck:
Sheamus traiciona a drew
Itsmeirbin 03
Itsmeirbin 03:
Buenísima cartelera, esperemos que el ppv sea así
This match card is the best one this year
Fake Aj Styles
Fake Aj Styles:
Great video really hyped up the card
Rachel Atuhire Turyahikayo
Rachel Atuhire Turyahikayo:
Pedro Cerati
Pedro Cerati:
wwe champion vs universal champion the Best Match
joseph steve sebastian
joseph steve sebastian:
Roman Reigns can finish with Drew McINTYRE
Face vs Heel
Mahomes YT
Mahomes YT:
Nuestro papucho vs el jefe tribal
Good luck wwe for survivor series cause in seven yrs I make history on the big stage what michael cole would say yessir 😂
ART chaneke
ART chaneke:
Wow epic match card and i happy fot the undertaker its my superstar favorite for all times
Ahmed Yasser
Ahmed Yasser:
My favorite channel❤❤
Qaid Latchman
Qaid Latchman:
I think you gonna have to make another match card after smackdown this Friday,cause there are still members that still need to be decided for the men's and women's side of team smackdown
Mia Wallace
Mia Wallace:
So good
ephraimh espiritu
ephraimh espiritu:
Smackdown need Lars Sullivan to be the final member of 5 man elimination tag team match for survivor series....SD need big guy to match up braun strawman
Survivor Series Best Of The Best
Luigi Ibarra
Luigi Ibarra:
Since Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship last night he'll face the Universal Championship The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns This Sunday at Survivor Series 2020
niko stefani
niko stefani:
Team SD Lat guy should be undertaker
Fabiano Guilherme
Fabiano Guilherme:
Team SmackDown women's
Bobby Lashley
The New day
Sasha banks 💙🔥😍
Team raw Men's
Roman reings 🔥💙💙💙😍💪
Donovan Stevenson
Donovan Stevenson:
Wait Peyton and Lacey r on the raw team?!
David Urtecho
David Urtecho:
Me guta tu video de wwe
F13 Fan2020
F13 Fan2020:
Imagine if the mystery partner on the smackdown side is the Undertaker and Kevin Owens announces and my mystery partner is the Undertaker a callback to 1990 his debut it would be awesome and a good final match.
0:50 natalya bayle🔵 / 2:17 the undertaker🔵
Edson Pierce
Edson Pierce:
My predictions:
Team smackdown womens
Team raw men
Bobby lashley
Sasha banks
Street profits
Roman reigns
Juan Oro-Barcenas
Juan Oro-Barcenas:
My Predictions:
Team Raw (Women)
Sami Zayn
Street Profits
Sasha Banks
Team Raw (Men)
Roman Reigns
Roy Caoile
Roy Caoile:
Andrew Pope
Andrew Pope:
Can't wait
Mr. PDaniel
Mr. PDaniel:
Its not a Bad Match Card, the problem its that we don't have any history of a War of Brands, so i dont feel excited for this year Survivor Series
Roy Caoile
Roy Caoile:
I love this channel
Ryan Soberri
Ryan Soberri:
Big E was suppose to have a qualifying match last week but it was pulled due to time restraints. So hopefully he will have a qualifying match and be the 5th member
Mafia magic
Mafia magic:
Seth last match...
Pedro Junco
Pedro Junco:
The fiend no peleará?
Mana boleh 5 vs 4
Raw stands no chance this year😔
Harley Griffiths
Harley Griffiths:
0:54, 1:08, 1:24, 1:54, 2:20, 2:55
Diego Vilte
Diego Vilte:
Esto es muy emocionante
Vikki Lindsay
Vikki Lindsay:
Drew will win
Zain Haq
Zain Haq:
drew mcintyre vs roman reigns sounds do good
Shpat Shpat
Shpat Shpat:
My results :
Smackdown (women's)
Sami Zayn
The New Day
Team Raw (men's)
Roman Reigns
Undertaker last time farewell.
So it's 3-3 I'm waiting for Surviver Series 2020.
wwe24_ 53 Tik Toks
wwe24_ 53 Tik Toks:
I think Charlotte flair will return for smackdown team
TruLyz Xomah
TruLyz Xomah:
Drew’s going to kick romans ass
thesze nuts don't cut
thesze nuts don't cut:
Winner predictions

Team raw
Bobby Lashley
The newday
Team raw

Undertaker celebrates

Raw wins 6
Sd wins 0
It ain’t official yet we don’t know who will be the two on the women smackdown team and the one man on the smackdown team
Andres Tique
Andres Tique:
Porque aparece randy orton detras de Drew???
Jordan Barrett
Jordan Barrett:
Why isn't Undertaker getting a retirement match
Roman reigs
Smackdown mens team
Bobby lashely
smackdown womans teams
The new day
Sutton Crittenden
Sutton Crittenden:
Who is the last member of team smack down
aldo alfredo hernadez rodiguez
aldo alfredo hernadez rodiguez:
mejor de lo mejor
My Survivor Series Predictions
Drew McIntyre
Bobby Lashley
The Street Profits
Sasha Banks
Team SmackDown women
Team raw Men
we bare bowser jr jrs jrs
we bare bowser jr jrs jrs:
Survivor series would've be better if they had general managers and raids but whos knows this survivor series migth surprise us
alejandro flores
alejandro flores:
Román regnis vs drew mcintre: heel drew mcintyre vs face roman reigns
Carlitos Freaking Burn It Down
Carlitos Freaking Burn It Down:
My predictions is winner for WWE Survivor Series (2020):
Team Smackdown women wins
Bobby Lashley wins
Street Profits wins
Asuka wins
Team Smackdown wins
Drew Mcintyre Wins and Main Event
Solomon Sansi
Solomon Sansi:
If Roman wins world championship randy and drew will fight him . Also bray Wyatt might get into a fight
Carlitos Freaking Burn It Down
Carlitos Freaking Burn It Down:
Finally!!🔴🔵🤘🤘🎊🎊 Music guys!! 0:03;0:09


5 ON 5 Traditional Women Elimination match:
Team Raw (Lana,Nia Jax,Shaynaz Bazler,Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce) Vs.Team Smackdown (Bianca Belair, Bayley,Ruby Riott,Liv Morgan and Natalya)

Bobby Lashley (C) Vs Sami Zayn (C)

New Day (C) VS. Street Profits (C)

Sasha Banks (C) VS. Asuka (C)

5 on 5 Traditional Tag team elimination match:
Team Raw (AJ Styles, Keith Lee,Braun Strowman, Sheamus and Matt Riddle) Vs. Team Smackdown (Seth Rollins,Otis,King Corbin,Jey Usos and Kevin Owens)

Drew Mcintyre (C) VS. Roman Reigns (C) with Paul Heyman


Ryan official channel
Ryan official channel:
Oh my god Drew McIntyre is WWE championship 😄😄😄😄😄😄!!!!!!!
Edward Cross
Edward Cross:
We are definitely getting a Brock Lesnar return at Survivor Series. He’s going to F5 Drew and Roman ending the match in a dq finish, and everyone around the world are going to be going nuts! If you really think about it, that’s their only way out of this match. Drew can’t lose, because he just won the championship, and Roman just can’t lose right now., so a Brock return, and having him end the match in a disqualification finish, is the only way out of this one, to keep both men looking strong, and something the fans will love, at the same time.
Zain Haq
Zain Haq:
the only change is drew mcintyre vs roman reigns
Sonia Troncozo
Sonia Troncozo:
The winner is smack down and new day beats profits
Brandon D
Brandon D:
the undertaker isnt retiering infrot of virtual fans not allowing it
Fake Aj Styles
Fake Aj Styles:
It's a shame the build up has been bad cause the card is stacked
Fake Aj Styles
Fake Aj Styles:
Drew should go over he needs this win more
Jacobe Hamilton
Jacobe Hamilton:
be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple😊......😊😊😊....
Roberto Reficco
Roberto Reficco:
The Street Profits
Bobby Lashley
Drew Mcintyre
Men's Team Raw
Women's Team Smackdown