Xavi Simons Solid Performance vs Villareal - First Assist

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Xavi Simons Home Debut For PSV against Villareal Assist,

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Xavi Simons Second Match For PSV

19 comentarios:

Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong:
The amount of people hating on a 19 year old is disgusting, you’re literally the type of people to know everything about him while he knows nothing about you. Weirdos.
Olav van Boxtel
Olav van Boxtel:
Look at people judging on one performance 🤡
Piero Vargas diaz
Piero Vargas diaz:
Yo confío en Xavi
Damian Gautama
Damian Gautama:
Esta malito, perdió muchas pelotas, le sigo teniendo fe, solo es la pretemporada y partidos amistosos
Moustapha Fayek
Moustapha Fayek:
C'est marrant de voir les critiques de la part de footeux amateurs ou juste de téléspectateurs du dimanche,
Ce qui disent qu'ils doit faire plus, moi je leur conseille d'abord de faire leur footing le dimanche matin, ce serait un bon début avant de commencer à parler de ce qui est bien ou non.
Idy Niasse
Idy Niasse:
Vive simons😍😍😍😍😍
Angy Ngwenya
Angy Ngwenya:
He was fine.he didn't amaze
Mason A
Mason A:
if you actually watch football, u will see a lot of mistakes in these clips, sry but this guy has a LOT of work to do
He was amazing
worthy lekiaka
worthy lekiaka:
how is this solid
Firman chirsa
Firman chirsa:
He play to fast, he not have ritme.
milos milenkovic
milos milenkovic:
😏😏😏 this is wery 😰 in this game
Dava Raditya Pratama
Dava Raditya Pratama:
Palemon Hurtado
Palemon Hurtado:
Bang average
Richy Ledezma > Simons
Too weak !!! He don’t have the level. You will see it. Too weak.
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe:
lol.... there is only one Xavi.. and this guy ain't it.
Rodrigo Fernandes
Rodrigo Fernandes:
Muito ruim kkkkk
He got work to do