Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Model Unboxing

Microsoft sent over some models of the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S for unboxing. These are not able to be turned on but are exact physical matches for the eventual retail units.

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy:
Karl Rock
Karl Rock:
Series S looks good for me. 1440P gaming is sweet, don't really care bout 4K gaming.
BIG dracooo
BIG dracooo:
yo that series S so portable , imagine travelling alot and u can take it anywhere
Red Foreman
Red Foreman:
The series X is like a Game Cube but taller
Tav Ferry
Tav Ferry:
S is looking like a good affordable option for parents buying for their kids.
G G:
Don’t care what any one says... this is a W for Microsoft
Windows10 on these thing! It's gonna sell like hotcake! Imagine Xbox s win10 edition! 1080p 144hz Dream on budget
I always wanted a portable heater. But that's an expensive model. 🙂
Gabriel Gandalf
Gabriel Gandalf:
I'm going to buy the Series S, 2k Resolution and 120 fps look's great to me.
Dracoth Begone
Dracoth Begone:
*Turns out XBOX is smaller and PS5 is bigger than what everyone expected.*
Tanner Bakewell
Tanner Bakewell:
I’ve never heard cuboid. Rectangular prism gang wya.
“It’s about one controller wide”
**Welcome to America’s metric system**
Shin Malphur
Shin Malphur:
I’ve lived without 4k my whole life, I’ll be ok without it. I’m going to but the series S for the price and size
Super Cool Kittens 2
Super Cool Kittens 2:
Me: brings out my DS in school
My teacher: did you get enough to share with the whole class?
Me: bring out series s and 25 controllers
Scott Lawson
Scott Lawson:
The Series S is a deceptively genius piece of marketing really, in essence it is an updated Xbox One X guaranteeing next gen games, built and sold to a very tight budget that is hugely attractive to steal away PlayStation/Nintendo customers, but at the same time, by omitting a disc drive, plays into Microsofts own future plans of console-less gaming by appealing to 'on the fence' PC gamers who would rather spend the $299 upgrading their graphics card. If it had the disc drive and cost $60-70 more it would be a complete product and would steal sales away from their own Series X but by offering less at better perceived value, Microsoft can sweep up those with low disposable income, and any sale is one Sony wont get, all whilst tieing console and PC gamers to the same subscription and future next gen plans of Microsoft, away from console gaming, and away from Sony.
"Storage expansion" lets be honest we've gone back to memory cards..
I still laugh at people complaining about the designs...I mean it's literally in the name x...BOX.
Jesus Barrios
Jesus Barrios:
Xbox is going out guns blazing gen, there trying to clutch
Looks like we've got a speaker and a minifridge
Tyson Brazier
Tyson Brazier:
I personally want the X, with the simple fact of disc and better backwards compatibility. I can't wait for it
2:18 that's what she said.
you can make the first custom paint on new xbox XD
Jayesh Sharma
Jayesh Sharma:
I was looking for this for years now it has come , very much excited to buy this awesome tiny game consoles...❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😀👍
EZ Studios
EZ Studios:
The Series S is now know as ‘The Cereal Box’
The series S has me intrigued. I really want a PC but can’t afford it rn. However the S being so cheap, may pull me in for a couple years before I jump to pc
I've never hear the word "cuboid" in my entire life
Series X 😍🔥
mr. bags
mr. bags:
1:58 That's what she said
Resilient Band
Resilient Band:
the design honestly looks good, reminds me of a small little pc almost
YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety
YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety:
I was hoping the green on the top was actually a light.
MalikMamo Malik
MalikMamo Malik:
5:58 white looking sus
Area of Interest
Area of Interest:
Series S is actually inspired by Washing machine 🔥🔥
David Mitchell
David Mitchell:
Your wide angle lens doesn’t help. The consoles look bigger than you.
Dylan Hickey
Dylan Hickey:
where I live the series s console and the storage expansion card adds up to the same price as a series x. I'd much rather have 4K gaming at the same price point. Sure I don't have a 4K TV but it can downscale to 780p so I can game on an inexpensive TV.
pantyDROPPERS xo
pantyDROPPERS xo:
Who’s been watching unbox therapy since he made the review about the wooden and glass keyboards
Owais Dahri
Owais Dahri:
When you realize after watching him after 2 years that your favorite YouTuber is getting old😔
The Series X basically looks like a desktop pc, not a bad thing to me.
the fact that the xbox is so cheap this time around makes think i’ll be getting one with my ps5
Antiics x
Antiics x:
Just ordered the Series S very happy with my choice :)
PJ Ste. Marie
PJ Ste. Marie:
as a married man that plays video games in the living room. I enjoy this design.I don't hate the ps5 but my wife saw what the ps5 looked like and she said "That ugly thing isn't coming in the house" .
J2 digital
J2 digital:
Next up on Linus Tech Tips: Fitting an Xbox Series X into the Series S case!
Me: I'm never buying another xbox, smh.
Microsoft: Hey, uhh we have a model that's $300 and has the power of an $800 PC.
Me: You have my full attention.
The one thing people are overlooking is the fact that you will need a monitor to play these to take advantage of the specs.
Marvin Ramirez
Marvin Ramirez:
I thought I purchased something when the sound effect went off
Spam YouNumbSkull
Spam YouNumbSkull:
I want to see an xbox combined with the ps4 software that can be used through cloud like stadia
Corey Bond
Corey Bond:
With the S model being so small, it brings back portability.
I miss taking my console to friends 😕
"Americans will measure with anything but the metric system"
2 controllers wide, 1 controller deep

Edit: All chill out please, it's just a meme. Im not saying all americans are ignorant cause of this (im sorry to say that Canada is in America and when someone says America he not intended to say only the USA but there are other countries in the continent of America u know?). Anyway u dont need to roast a random guy who wroted this cause he was bored sitting on the WC. Anyway I ever laugh to memes about my country (im italian) even if they are full of stereotypes because that's just memes. Thanks for reading my explanation and sorry for my bad grammar, im self taught. Have a nice day
Sorin Mihai
Sorin Mihai:
Imma buy the little one 😍 its so small and i can take it even at school if i want , im a playstation player and i was a playstation player ever since ps3 came out , my first cinsole , i love playstation but this time , xbox will win and most of the playstation players like me, will buy xbox. Idk whats going on w ps5 but i can tell you ,whatever they are preparing , it wont beat xbox this time.
The s model looks like a stove 😂😂😂😂🤣💀
Who has bought the new xbox, and who can tell me when they will have goods , the speed of buying is really fast,thanks
Bradley Scharnhorst
Bradley Scharnhorst:
What if we could change the sound of they startup chime that'd be kool
USA: Foot
Rest of World: Meter
Lew: *Controller*
Eduardo Costa
Eduardo Costa:
O visual do Series S parece de um Xbox Pirata,mas eu gostei da proposta do console
Gino Foogle
Gino Foogle:
Getting the series S and also a can of white spray paint to get rid of the boombox staring me in the face..
Rich B
Rich B:
I really appreciate you doing this video! Super helpful and really exciting now that I managed to preorder myself one this morning. Also managed to preorder one for a friend too. Just realising how lucky I was after watching some videos on people's experiences trying to get one. Sorry to everyone who missed out. I feel for ya. 😔
I lost it when he placed the controller on top of the Xbox Series S! It's practically a portable device!
Playstation: We have built in speakers

Xbox Series S: Our console is a speaker
The Garage
The Garage:
7:37 anyone else’s Siri get activated 😂😂
Thony _
Thony _:
I want the S, but I need that disc drive to play my Xbox and Xbox 360 games lol.
Michael Björk
Michael Björk:
RIP headphone users in the beginning!
Series S looks like my underseat subwoofer in my car :D
Can I get 50k subs with videos?
Can I get 50k subs with videos?:
Company: releases anything

Unbox theory: I’ll take your entire stock
A B:
Series S is the best choice ps 4 pro and the one s almost looked the same and it was upscaled too. The one s had 1,4 teraflops. The ps4 pro 4,2. now the Series s got 4 and the ps 5 got 10,28. I dont mentioned the x because its the most powerful nextgen console clearly.
Evan Alper
Evan Alper:
The Xbox Series S almost reminds me of a boom box or portable speaker.
0:01 it’s so tiny I love it
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
The s model looks like a stove 😂😂😂😂🤣💀
- Wait, I'm watching this video because it's trending
- Always has been
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia:
I’m going for the series X
Great video, I am definitely getting the series X version as soon as they are back in stock to preorder. Just a heads up that PS 4 is not a standard or typical model as it is the much larger Pro version which is at least 1.5 x larger than the standard or regular PS 4. I had both so I know.
Andros Forever
Andros Forever:
wish they made a 1440p ps5 version to go with my high refresh rate 1440p monitor :)
Craig Nutt
Craig Nutt:
5:50 robot mode activated 😂
Enoch Horning
Enoch Horning:
1 TB of storage! Yay! I can finally download 2 copies of Modern Warfare.
Henry Showtime2206
Henry Showtime2206:
Relative : it is portable speaker
Me :😂
Static Boot
Static Boot:
Me not sure what to get X or S?

After the video

yea I’m getting the Xbox series s
Muito foda!
Lil Purpy Squirt
Lil Purpy Squirt:
Bro What is Considered a Normal Console anymore Like what type of Transition is 360 to Tall Rectangular Box 😭
Calling it now, Xbox Series S will outsell Xbox Series X, especially with that sweet $299 price for 1440P 60/120fps gaming.
Pasha Soro
Pasha Soro:
Why did the screen keep flashing everytime it showed a video of the Xbox...?
The series s just looks like a 3d printed raspberry pi case
Burhan Hussain
Burhan Hussain:
You can, t hold xbox series in one hand you sure man it, a more heavy make this viral boys
Andrew Magana
Andrew Magana:
When you doing the ps5 console and ps5 digital video sub to your channel 💯🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Derek Henry
Derek Henry:
For the first time in my adult life I’m getting both! As a kid I always had to choose a side. Now finally gonna own all four platforms. That RTX 3070 for pc is a steal too! What a time to be a gamer!
I'm more of a PlayStation person... but damn I'm jealous of the Xbox design 😍
Landon Hercules
Landon Hercules:
I'll always buy the best version. Hell no I ain't getting the series s....
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog:
the series s reminds me of a bulky wii
Whats the song at 0:01

EDIT: It's Eclipse by Out of Flux
Jyoti Kumari
Jyoti Kumari:
Xbox: "There will be no load times"
GTA loading screens: *Allow us to introduce ourselves*
Bethesda é da Microsoft kkkkkkk.
Series S makes sense to me. I don't care about 4k gaming, give me 1080p and I'm happy.
Phelix Productions
Phelix Productions:
Wait if the product is called xbox, why is the logo a X in a sphere?
Thug Life
Thug Life:
Bateu em vendas o ps5 já tá pra trás kkkk
Shut up and take my money
My wallet: what money ?
My bank account: yeah what money ?
A lot of dummies don’t realize they won’t get 1440p and 120 FPS if their TV don’t support it🤦🏼‍♂️
Tristan Hill
Tristan Hill:
Should these work on a tv as long as it has HDMI? I plan to upgrade my tv eventually but would rather get the systems first.
bubi •_•
bubi •_•:
5:50 white looking kinda sus
Raúl González
Raúl González:
1:58 That's what she said 🙃
PS5: Im considered a wifi router.
Xbox Series X: oh yeah? Im considered a mini fridge.
Xbox Series S: chill guys, *im a speaker*
Basant Yadav
Basant Yadav:
Do you really need a console when cloud gaming is making it big already? 🤔
Gaa Fai Lok
Gaa Fai Lok:
I heard the Xbox x series can use Microsoft office to do work, is that true!
Ceyda Ksbr
Ceyda Ksbr:
9:38 apple pay sound?