Xbox Series X Hands On, Gameplay & Controller!

Xbox Series X hands on reaction: specs, gameplay, controller and more!
Want more? My podcast on the details of the Series X ?
Can the Series X really beat the PS5? ?
The TRUTH about the Xbox Series X ?
Xbox Series X gameplay! ?

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Still waiting for our turn to hold it...
People: "We need more new console leaks!"
Microsoft: "Say no more!"
Dan Sheppard
Dan Sheppard:
Glad to see microsoft embracing AMD. I have been an AMD supporter for a long time, and its is great to see them finally begin to dominate the market with their incredible hardware.
The lad Who IS MAD
The lad Who IS MAD:
When Xbox finally looks like a box
The Desert Fox
The Desert Fox:
You can switch from game to game with almost no loading screen.

GTA Online: Hold on there big boy.
Bob Baker
Bob Baker:
VERY cool. A lot of great features. And it sounds like there is more storage, better graphics and the fact that it has a better cooling system is really good. Looks great!!!
Next gen consoles: we will bring revolutionary loading speeds

GTA 6: 🧐
Rachel Jnn
Rachel Jnn:
The one thing I found cool, is the SSD they made for the expansion slot. I am liking that. Other than that a Gaming PC is still much better and if you have one you might as well skip the console. Thank you for showing us the inside.
Retro Gamers Build
Retro Gamers Build:
Great video once again Austin. Seriously helped us get an idea of what next GEN looks like
Anti_simp _Jackson
Anti_simp _Jackson:
This vid is almost a year old wow time goes by fast
Bruno Henrique
Bruno Henrique:
I admire your work, you show the Xbox inside and the consumer is satisfied with it. Sony had to do the same with the ps5.
Muhammad Raiyan
Muhammad Raiyan:
I never expected consoles to be so open now. It used to be so secretive
Ernesto Pediangco
Ernesto Pediangco:
Super impressive content and... all my former X box games will play and even be enhanced. Backwards compatibility is for me, a big point for deciding to purchase this X box vs either Playstation or a gaming class pc. The modular components lay out and final form is a super intelligent design . The PC gaming cost is so very expensive, it makes great sense to invest into a gaming console of this quality and all the X Box live offerings. I can now gift my previous gaming consoles to a kid who can not afford one and offer it up as a B day or Xmas gift.
michael wheeler
michael wheeler:
That back expansion port for another ssd is nice gonna be easier to home brew the system in a sense like that tho and I hope it happens quickly
I hope MicroSoft make a version of the new Xbox line with a specialised version of windows 10. Would be nice to be able to pick up what is essentially a gaming rig in a shop that plays modern games and also doesn't require setup. Complete game-changer.
Aidan Sedelnick
Aidan Sedelnick:
So compact, so small, so... uniquely designed
Imagine loading up gta in less than 10 mins😌
Ouarghi Nordine
Ouarghi Nordine:
Like a pro. Very nice to see all the details. Thanks Microsoft 👍 thanks Austin
Chad Linkhart
Chad Linkhart:
Waiting to see what the price is going to be and when I'm going to be able to get one and how much better it's going to be than my Xbox One X I'm sure it's because it's more computer compatible than anything and I'd love to see how it would work on my Oculus if that's even a option
Hi I wanna ask something a little different, how come the Series X Devkits are smaller than the release console? Usually Devkits are much larger or a similar size to the final prototype, I thought the Xbox Series X had to be that big due to cooling and the size of the components? Could the SX components have fitted into an Xbox One X shell in a different form factor?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
Just pre-ordered this bish, can't wait to experience the power!
I must say the console looks really well designed inside out with high quality components. Bravo to the designers at Microsoft. Will be interesting to see what Sony brings
Darth TR0YER
Darth TR0YER:
When the console exclusives come out in 2021 christmas i cant wait to see the full performance of the graphics and speed. PS4 may have won this gen but xbox series x is winning next no doubt about it.
Haniel Idrees
Haniel Idrees:
Wow im so excited for the PS5 and XBOX series X . I will definitely get both with an additional 1440p 144hz monitor to go with it
safe x
safe x:
the cooling on the series x looks perfect when compared to the PS5's

>bigger vertical fan that covers ALL components
>heat sink separated to its own portion of the case vertically beneath the main fan
>heat sink larger and more efficient than the ps5's (see ps5-1)
>console case is designed to maximize natural heat movements
>case can be opened and repaired


>cant be laid horizontally and achieve the same cooling, also relies on heat pipes transfer excess cpu heat vertically
>heat sinks everywhere
>smaller internal fan blows air out through cooling openings (just like the ps4 line)
>sony tells you not to open the case

the ps5 is setup like an Alienware computer from 2010..
Eric R
Eric R:
Those load times are really fast. I can’t imagine how fast the PS5 will be with its NVME SSD. The Xbox Series X has a much slower SSD but still seems plenty fast.
Our kids will never experience how waiting for loading games on old pc felt like.
jeanne pierre dorrington
jeanne pierre dorrington:
I personally see a great floor in this new Xbox design reason being they should have made the chassis out of plastic instead of aluminium aluminium keeps heat whereas in plastic does not plastic chassis would have obviously have worked just as good as the aluminium chassis put everything together and still use the the GPU heat sink has the radiator for the Xbox at least this way the Xbox series will have a fighting chance against the PS5 I give her the Xbox a few months to maybe your year or two running compatibility from overheating they are gonna have the same floor as what they had with the Xbox 360 call hardware design Bart I hope for Xbox it is a fantastic gaming console I can't choose between both consoles so I don't use non I rather have both and play on both because my honest opinion all gaming consoles are very good but my theory could be wrong with the aluminium chassis but I can just predict that this might happen
RTX 3090 + top of the line Zen 3 which is coming out soon and I'm pretty sure Xbox Series X has been outdone already... At a very different price point of course, but then again.. I'm not sure you'd actually need that much hardware to beat it.
Tom Björn
Tom Björn:
That design though... How could they miss the opportunity to make a really cool, futuristic.... X!
CoTz RaG3
CoTz RaG3:
I love the way it looks idk why but I just really like it
Robbie McFlurry
Robbie McFlurry:
I actually think it's smart that they're showing so much this early. It sure makes me more excited to get one.
Larray is a baddie.
Larray is a baddie.:
Can't wait for this to release! So excited to experience the power it has to offer! Oh and don't attack PlayStation boys this is just a personal preference and I do think ps5 is going to be a great console as well
Tim Williams
Tim Williams:
When will someone be able to answer the question will the series X offer full functionality with fanatec wheels or will it be limited like the Xbox one? Sort of important to sim racers.
Spartas Edge
Spartas Edge:
Anyone else want one of those giant Series X controllers 😁
Max Payne
Max Payne:
thank you Microsoft, this system is a masterpiece......everything about much fun
Let's show off the graphical power of this machine:

2007: Boots up Crysis

2020: Boots up Minecraft
rewatching this 2 months before release and we still never had anything like this for the PS5. Sadly we don't have the price yet either
What a cool looking console. Microsoft did it again.
Is Minecraft really the best game to demo raytracing, when the game's many mechanics rely on integer lighting values per cube? For example, if you build a very tall wall around an area (no roof), the area will not spawn monsters during daytime, because light values are measured by being exposed to the sky straight up, however with raytracing the area will appear DARK throughout almost the entire day, except for the middle of the day when the sky is straight overhead and can shine over the wall. Same for plantation growth, the plants will appear to be in darkness for most of the day, but will have the appropriate light values to grow. Alternatively, you could have a closed chamber with a window letting an angled sunlight through and illuminate your chamber, but still have the room spawn monsters, even directly in the light patch.
Seems to counter the mechanics themselves. Minecraft should be played with blocky lighting (not even smooth), as that makes the most sense for the gameplay.
Mateusz Pawłowskii
Mateusz Pawłowskii:
Imagine gta5 loading in less then one year ,i will buy it
I never imagined minecraft would be used as a tech demo.
Leah Lambert
Leah Lambert:
Tbh I love the design of the xbox series x
After a year and a month I finally got my hands on one
as a PlayStation player, i look forward to seeing what comes next for Xbox
Imagine Sony and Xbox work together as one big company and take over the console industry as a whole
Will the controllers still have drift after a few months or is that exclusive to those who spend $180 on the elite series 2?
Jupiter ashtar
Jupiter ashtar:
Xbox developers: This new console can open any game without or very little load time,
Rockstar developers: I'm About To End This Man's Whole Career,
Matt LeDrew
Matt LeDrew:
I preordered the Series X and cant wait to get it. I don't understand why its relevant that you can quickly switch between games. Why would you want to play 5 games in close succession? I can see switching from single player (cyberpunk) to multiplayer (coldwar) but I if I ever fire up Ori...I'll be sorely disappointed in myself and the machine
Dark Star
Dark Star:
awesome hardware design
By looking at the fan design, the air goes inside from the top and EXHAUSTS from the bottom. It's easy for the fan to introduce cool air from the top than from the bottom bcz of the size of vents & all the components blocking airflow inside.
300w PSU? Wow, really shows how little power is needed for the components. Meanwhile a 3080 recommended PSU is 750w which may or may not be enough depending on the CPU and how high its overclocked. 😳
I love these new consoles, both Xbox and PlayStation next gen consoles look amazing I can’t wait to get them.
Dude Idk
Dude Idk:
This video literally covered everything that every media outlet and youtuber are covering now. We honestly didn’t get any new info about the Series X.
I’m pretty happy with my Xbox One X. I’ll probably wait for an upgraded version of the Series X or when it is required for an epic game.
Nick Fiorello
Nick Fiorello:
So today is November 10th. I got my Xbox Series X this morning. Only thing I am questioning is that the optical port on the back is not on the retail model. I wonder why they got rid of it? Other than that it is going great!
Chloe Halton
Chloe Halton:
Informative and helpful video as always I will be picking up a the new xbox when it comes out
Huge respect to Microsoft for this
Oliver Z81
Oliver Z81:
All testers were only allowed to test the downward compatibility of the resume game and current gen games.
Everything else is under an embargo.
They are not allowed to report on it otherwise they are unemployed.
The nice tester will have put his opinion into perspective very quickly after microsoft's lawyers had a nice and very informative conversation for him.
The fact is that the device is very compact and has not been tested by someone under full load ... Or may or may publish something about it.
The policy of Microsoft is not very transparent as most xbox fans would like it to be.
Fettkotz & Bromas
Fettkotz & Bromas:
Love how this has more views than the official reveal
Billy Marcaida
Billy Marcaida:
Who's here after the PS5 teardown video?
Roger Swift
Roger Swift:
I can't wait to buy one !
This dude: look how good this game looks on 4k...
Me watching this video on 720p: wow it does look amazing...
jonathan gladstone
jonathan gladstone:
I do have 2 questions. You said its bacwards compatible with the controllers but can you use the elite/pro Microsoft controllers on a xbox series x? Also with a air intake that big im sure it would get blocked quickly from lots of gaming will there be some kind of internal or custom filter for the intake especially if its to be stood up??
I don't know but to me it looks like those huge ventilation holes on the top will allow getting a lot of dust inside so the fan may fail soon or start making noise.
im hyped that xbox players and play players (wich am i), will enjoy the new generation, both consoles look INSANE
Ray Harvey
Ray Harvey:
Some Youtubers have questioned why that massive unsightly plate can't be detached from the bottom when you place the console on it's side...especially because it seems to be blocking 80% of the air intake holes on the bottom.
Tres Gutierrez
Tres Gutierrez:
Austin: This thing is so powerful!
Austin: So here's minecraft
Jeremie Pierre
Jeremie Pierre:
time flies by so quickly, the latest gen consoles are already 2 years old
Earwax Chungus
Earwax Chungus:
Yay!!! When it comes out next month I’m getting it
Xbox, Xbox 360/Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X.

This is the timeline of best consoles in terms of performance, exclusives and software.
Love the design it looks like a box a Xbox it's basically self explanatory. SERIES X 🙅🏾
Berlinfrance MCconnon
Berlinfrance MCconnon:
It's really good to see Microsoft being so open about their console and boy, it is more than I expected.
I gotta congratulate all these guys who put this beast together...
Canor Jaxx
Canor Jaxx:
Did not know that this video exist...i made my choice today😍 I have a it not better to lay down the xbox series x because of the dust coming from above? Or isn't it a problem?
Hazim Qassim
Hazim Qassim:
Finally Xbox actually looked like an actual box
Isa Malik
Isa Malik:
I was first gonna get the ps5 however after 100 all nighters I couldn't find it so I then managed to find a series x and it is soo worth it 🙌 😌
kemet Mau
kemet Mau:
Still here even after owning one 😊
camran casavettes
camran casavettes:
now that is exactly what I wanted to see from Microsoft this year, and the fact that they have been working on this beast for 4 years insane
Sayofi AN
Sayofi AN:
For real though Austin must love his legos, like do you see how much he enjoyed putting together the Xbox Series X as if it’s some legos?(it was kinda satisfying tho)
Brian Levandowski
Brian Levandowski:
So one thing that wasn't mentioned, so laying it down to fit in a shelf... does that effect the Heat exhaust at all blowing it out side ways since heat rises sounds like it would be better standing like a desktop.
Not to mention gravity force on the fan being sideways.
What were the additional settings that wouldn't run on PC or Xbox One X?
Trucker E
Trucker E:
Be nice to take the bottom circle plate off for.more air flow when its laid on its side
Crazyman Mcrazy
Crazyman Mcrazy:
I can’t believe that we’re preordering that console now it’s crazy
Dukeboss Trash
Dukeboss Trash:
They should make a series XS it runs 4k 60fps on most games but some on 1440p 120fps and its smaller
Any insight into the Kinect update for Xbox series X?
True Boxing Kings
True Boxing Kings:
What PC build would be comparable to this Series X? Thanks
Musaddiq Ali
Musaddiq Ali:
ESA: Sorry, no E3 this year.
Microsoft: Okay, then let's just call some well-known YouTubers ASAP.
Sony: 🤔
Robs World of gaming
Robs World of gaming:
I wonder if he’ll make a video talking bout wtf happen to Xbox and how the most powerful system don’t have any games to show
Good to see they never actually added RayTracing to next Gen consoles for minecraft🤦‍♂️
Vinny Bruce
Vinny Bruce:
Can't wait to get one
Wish a game engine company would make a tech demo exclusive to Xbox Series X like a real OG demo with spinning boxes and windows and stuff.
John Pajestka
John Pajestka:
Crazy that Microsoft is just showing us everything with Series X. They have ALOT of confidence in this console.
James R Warzyniak
James R Warzyniak:
Not really impressed. The PS3 & XBOX 360 we saw great graphical improvements. The 8th gen of consoles we saw updated hardware but the lack of good games is huuuuge. Now its still focusing on hardware when thats not what makes games good. I say wait for a year or two before buying a new console. It seems like the past 3 years we have had amazing games come out. I expect that with these new systems as well. What’s the point of having all that power if you’re not gonna make good games🤷🏼
Jaden Garvin
Jaden Garvin:
Question: for all the PCs do you make do you give them away or do you keep them or take them back apart put them in the box and give them back
Vijay Roy
Vijay Roy:
i don't understand why people fight over console... engineers of both companies sony and microsoft has done so much hardwork, discussion, thought process in order to create these consoles..🙏
João Ricardo Del Giudice de Aragão
João Ricardo Del Giudice de Aragão:
Do we have to buy a dust filter for the xbox series x? Thanks!
This is greatest type of advertising for a next gen console. I love when companies show the tech and hardware behind a product. I definitely believe that MS has done it right this time around. Now all they have to do is announce RayTracing for Sea of Thieves and I will be sold!
Gizmo Mogwai
Gizmo Mogwai:
The weirdest thing with the upcoming Gen is that 95% of the talks are purely technical, like "super powerful console, fast ssd, run in 4k, 60hz....". Previous gen were mostly all about the games, not about numbers. 😑
This is a great video :) Thanks!
Random ice lol LoL
Random ice lol LoL:
I can’t wait to comes out it’s so close I’m so freaking excited
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen:
5 months later and im still waiting on gameplay....8 days till pre-orders start. Oh wait, he showed mine craft. Oh im definitely getting a series x now. The world's most powerful console runs mine craft with ray tracing.