Xbox Series X Painful Launch - Compilation

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The xbox that produces smoke is fake
press A to start mission
the guy: x take it or leave it
Let’s point out that the first guy wasn’t pressing A.
first clip, guy isn’t even pressing A to start mission, idk why these people want to make this console look so bad.
Yeeting Sour Cucumber
Yeeting Sour Cucumber:
You know there are a lot of dislikes if you hide the like and dislike bar.
Imagine turning off the likes and dislikes so people can’t see the dislikes
Bob Elon
Bob Elon:
Me : *try to insert disc*
XBOX : I'm full, sorry
2:55 that’s actually someone blowing their vape into the fan
Xbox Player
Xbox Player:
When your console is so mlg even it smokes
Marvel Punisher
Marvel Punisher:
Shoutout to all legends who clear the day one stock consoles so that the fixed versions can arrive
I want to thank all the beta testers who bought the Series X and PS5 on launch day. I'll be buying then when the issues are fixed.
Void Theory
Void Theory:
The first guy literally isn't pressing the proper button to start the game, and wasn't really pressing the guide button on the controller. Completely staged.
Seems this guy just download a black image in his xbox and preview it in tv
He didnt even restart it or move tye controller
Jakellson Thompson
Jakellson Thompson:
Don’t get consoles when they first come out
Alex The mta and r211,weather, fan
Alex The mta and r211,weather, fan:
2:55 when your Xbox series x smoked too weed every day.
Diamond Werto
Diamond Werto:
2:54 ready to make some steamed ham
jaden kroker
jaden kroker:
5:13 ah, the sweet beautiful sound of nature, specifically cicadas
kxng jensen
kxng jensen:
The part where smoke is coming out is people blew vape into it
some of those ppl need to clean their rooms
I feel like all these problems I've had with my ps3 and all I had to do was restart the damn thing and it wasn't a big deal lmao
Luis San Martin
Luis San Martin:
So this is what paying for being a tester looks like
1:28 casually flexes Oculus quest 2
Maybe if he used the actual controller that came with the system it would work.
The Courier
The Courier:
This will be in my recommendations in 8 years.
Mr_Baksteen _HD
Mr_Baksteen _HD:
3:00 i think he was just plugging it in and out of the outlet
Conner Rivera
Conner Rivera:
The first guy pissed me off. He started spamming X as soon as the game didnt load for 2 seconds
Halen Smith
Halen Smith:
As many smart people know, the XBOX Series X does not actually smoke. People blow vape smoke into the vents. Your XBOX will not do this so don't worry.
Austin Royce
Austin Royce:
The ones with smoke coming out are just peoppe sinply vaping into there xbox...
Keegan Foster
Keegan Foster:
Man these people are damn chill. I would be loosing it if this happened to me hahaha
Scorbie Twins
Scorbie Twins:
Every console has a painful launch that's why I recommend to wait for it for them to fix the problems don't start doing bad ratings just WAIT
5:01 it sounds like someone is typing on a pc
Clara afton
Clara afton:
5:47 it sounds like man is playing gta5
Galaxy GamerX
Galaxy GamerX:
2:44 that xbox looks lit🔥
Alfie's Funtime
Alfie's Funtime:
5:50 Lol that sound is so funny
Wait Intel I see a ps5 version, they always the best when it comes to failing 😌
Man, if that was me, I’d be calling Microsoft and playing my Karen card.
LEGO Mr. Freeze
LEGO Mr. Freeze:
In the first clip, that’s not even a Series X controller
Fendy Kurniawan
Fendy Kurniawan:
2:32 It sounds like a Cow LMAO 😂😂😂😂
5:10 Totally not smacking space bar in background
jellyfish 4
jellyfish 4:
Stop blowing vape in to your xbox
I tried to tell my friend dont get it on launch day hope hes gonna learn his lesson
2:32 I love playing on my newest Xbox Lawnmower X.
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez:
They’ve learned nothing from the red ring of death I see
Dr. Slamthefart
Dr. Slamthefart:
shoutout to everyone who's doing Crowbcat's work to remind everyone what happens when you buy a console on day one ;)
Jamsel Rayan
Jamsel Rayan:
For being impatience. wait the console being to improved.
Dave Norton
Dave Norton:
2:27 Holy I remember when my Wii made those noises, wow that’s degraded
Squiggly48 09
Squiggly48 09:
Everyone keep falling for the same method Lmaooooo just wait 3 years till they patch the system then get it
Nayl Alasari
Nayl Alasari:
its crazy how the youtubers who got it early had no problems
Microsoft: stop vaping under the console

The people who actually didnt vape under the console:👀👀
Regalplains 49
Regalplains 49:
2:54 the guy in that clip blew vape smoke in it.
Almost every new console launch is like this, remember the switch?
Aarav Prasad
Aarav Prasad:
2:50 come on you can use it as a toaster now
if theres a re-stock soon can someone DM me on a link on black friday or anything if so apperciate it much love 😀
OB Caw
OB Caw:
Since when did mini fridges cause mini volcanic eruptions
Chance Young
Chance Young:
4:29 you can hear the disk hitting the other disk
Romildo Augusto
Romildo Augusto:
2:44 Xbox Series X Snoop Dogg Edition!
Mr. Peter
Mr. Peter:
2:47 Heating the xbox series X but I was getting xbox series X and its heating so i need to turn off
Kendall A
Kendall A:
2:00 He looks like a young Billy Dee Williams. :-)
2:32 sounds like the 360 drive
Dale Bills
Dale Bills:
This is the karma that some of y'all get buying from scalpers..
Thomas Norton
Thomas Norton:
The videos with the smoke has already been debunked
Avoid Abyss
Avoid Abyss:
4:35 It looks like a refrigerator.
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin:
4:18 jesus christ xbox, he just wants to play Halo why you gotta do 'im like this
Gerald Silvers
Gerald Silvers:
Lawn Mower OS
3:11 I like how he has the same Philips TV remote as I do.
Ewerton Andrade
Ewerton Andrade:
Thats why you shouldn’t buy nothing at launch.
Micah Bell
Micah Bell:
All reasons why I never buy a console on release I always wait a month or so
Staven Geoff
Staven Geoff:

portable chimney lol
Alex The mta and r211,weather, fan
Alex The mta and r211,weather, fan:
2:45 when the Xbox series x tries to smoke weed.
2:55 me on my way to cook burger
Greg Williams
Greg Williams:
I have much respect and love for people who buy new consoles on launch. Watching them experience issues that I could’ve went through and deal with the headache I would’ve had.....stay strong
Bored Murse
Bored Murse:
Yeah, I heard the PS5 is having a great launch 😂😂😂
Eddie Conner
Eddie Conner:
Sad released in less the a month and damaged,
Robert Wierenga
Robert Wierenga:
The first guy wasn’t even pressing the buttons that the tv screen showed
So glad i Didint buy it yet gonna wait till Christmas at this rate ☹️
The first guy is a set 8 student who has just escaped a mental asylum
Suleman sefian
Suleman sefian:
the first man must of came from a ps4 this mann was clicking x
2:32 Sounds like my Xbox 360 running a disc game.
StaTiC Lucid
StaTiC Lucid:
This why I built a pc I’m not gonna buy a console that ends up sounding like a lawnmower
Michael Martirosian
Michael Martirosian:
4:59 why would you keep it in a closed cabinet were no air can escape like use your brain.
Rafal Sabisz
Rafal Sabisz:
4:46 looks and sound like a frigde
Slow Doc
Slow Doc:
3:28 this one is on the guy, he has it the wrong way either have it upwards or on its right side
Arlen Miller
Arlen Miller:
plot twist: he had the controller connected to his phone
That's why getting extended warrantees for launch consoles is a good idea
Dark Sun
Dark Sun:
Remember when the switch was going trough its own thing at launch?
Daniel Tommy
Daniel Tommy:
When you’re rich and buy the Xbox just to diss on it 🤣🤣🤣
n o
n o:
2:55 he just clicked grill mode
Adi Pamungkas
Adi Pamungkas:
Thanks for the video. Before buy new consoles, must wait 2 or 3 years after released LOL
Matthew Cotton
Matthew Cotton:
5:08 is the space bar on a mechanical keyboard though...
This is why you never get finales on launch day you wait for the bug improvement update duh
YummY YT✔️
YummY YT✔️:
4:11 can we all say that why the heck is he putting an Xbox one CD in an Xbox series X
Derrick Alas
Derrick Alas:
This is why most people wait until after launch, it's always broken
Voo Duu
Voo Duu:
I knew this sht was gonna start just as soon as the first video popped up.
Lol, my OG Xbox still kicking ass
Stephen Whiting
Stephen Whiting:
The whole reason I don't get the new tech till it's been out at least a year.
Jonathan Zellner
Jonathan Zellner:
This why I wait at least a year after any lunch date on any console 👌🏾
o0 JUiCYLUCY 0o:
Why I never buy a new generation console when they 1st come out. Happened to me twice...KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS OR PROFF OF PURCHASE.
Z Y U N E:
2:29 wheres the coffee
Johnny Boiii
Johnny Boiii:
When I saw lots of smoke on the console it reminds me of the charli console
See you all when the new xbox comes out in 7 years time