Xbox Series X Pre-orders are ALSO a Mess! - Angry Rant!

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Are you kidding me? Xbox Series X Preorders are ALSO a mess! Here has been my experience for the past few hours since this morning!

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It Came From A Box
It Came From A Box:
This is the game. It's been the same since online pre-orders were a thing!
*E K B O K N O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O*
He looks like the kid who never got his christmas present.
I think this is a sign guys. Enough time has passed now for everyone to recognise that pre-ordering isn't the best way to go.

Sneaker heads: “1st time ?”
I was curious what Xbox pre orders would be like and people told me Xbox orders would be smooth .
Nathaniel Gross
Nathaniel Gross:
Xbox after PS5 preorder disaster: “Don’t worry we’ll let you know well in advance about Preorders so everyone will be able to get one”

Also Xbox: *Sold Out Everywhere*
I've never seen Angry Joe this calm during a rant before.
Michael Grant
Michael Grant:
I love how we act like this is surprising. This hysteria over preorders is simply a way to drum up demand.
Mighty Marsh
Mighty Marsh:
I'll never understand why people are so shocked/upset when console pre-orders sell out instantly. It's not like this doesn't happen every single time a new next-gen console comes out. Oh, wait it does......
Happens every Saturday with shoes and bots lol. I’m not even phased 😂
Why is everyone so stressed. There's well over a month to go until it releases. Whether you secure a preorder now or in 1,2,3 weeks time it makes no difference. They will inevitably release shit loads more and if you want one on release day you'll get one
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson:
Of course they're sold out everywhere, there is some demand for this and the scalpers are going to town on it.
Mariusz Klein
Mariusz Klein:
"computer says, nooooo...."
Cristopher Zamora
Cristopher Zamora:
This isn't The Angry Joe Show, this is The Sad Joe Show.
matthew ferguson
matthew ferguson:
AJ is losing Preorder: The Game.
Joe: Take my 500 dollars

Microsoft: I don't really feel like it, try asking me later.
히힛 난 성공했눈뎅 ㅎ
Cmdr Flint
Cmdr Flint:
Lol, funnily enough I was thinking the exact opposite, how smooth it all went, preordered a series X about an hour ago (essentially a day and a half after preorders went live), no issues whatsoever. Why the hell does everyone rush to order the second they become available, you're inevitably going to be dealing with virtual queues and site crashes, just leave it a day or two, you'll be a lot less stressed!
Everyone Today: I had my phone, my tablet, my pc all pulled up and was refreshing every 5 seconds for an hour.
Also Everyone Today: Not sure why the systems kept going down. Thats bullshit.
I was expecting more shouting!! This is now the angry old joe show
Expedited Mongoose
Expedited Mongoose:
Joe looks like he just got back from an all-night bender in the thumbnail.
Mint Brisk
Mint Brisk:
Joe just be patient. You’ll get it eventually
Patrick Dabson
Patrick Dabson:
I don't get how y'all didn't see this coming. Is anyone surprised?
Zack Wyatt
Zack Wyatt:
That's not angry joe

By his voice that's depressed joe
I waited outside a local GameStop for 5hrs so I wouldn't go through this. Don't know where this false confidence in online pre-orders comes from.
seems the issue is primarly in us, had no issues in sweden, but getting the preorder on time is not a guarantee for sure.
Cody Lowry
Cody Lowry:
My dad tried to pre-order when it was 8am pt everything was sold out, almost got one at Walmart but was sold out in seconds..
Scalpers REALLY haven't made it easy, especially this year
Demon' Eddrogade
Demon' Eddrogade:
When you fail in an exam but your best friend does too.
Locust Drone
Locust Drone:
No point pre-ordering a console when it barely has any games at launch
Balogh Mihály
Balogh Mihály:
I mean we all knew this will happen. No surprise honestly.
I never realized how much luck I had when PlayStation actually had a Ps5 saved for me the Digital Edition was sold out but they had a regular one available for me. I had 2 days to pay for it and secure it but the problem is I didn’t get my paycheck till next week and my parents refused to get it so I let it go after some days of being pissed about it, now I wish I told them it was an early Christmas present from them to me
This has always been a major problem, and its on the retailer's website management.
Panda Arts
Panda Arts:
*Little does Joe know, he actually ordered 14 Xbox's.*
Digital Lobster
Digital Lobster:
strange even today 1 day later still in stock on amazon germany.
It’s hilarious that everything right and wrong happens at the same time to multiple companies.
Commandant Shepardano
Commandant Shepardano:
I'm so glad that I'm not foaming at the mouth wanting to get these consoles on day one. Just gonna patiently wait for a black PS5 and enjoy the experience of awesome new games. In due time.
Christopher Vega
Christopher Vega:
You should’ve known the hype of this is crazy and camped, I even knew this was going to be click bait on every online store. I camped and paid my pre order in full for my Xbox and PlayStation.
touchdowns of epicness
touchdowns of epicness:
See y’all in 7 years for the next time this happens
Lolz, this new generation is gonna be a blast to watch.
Michael Harper
Michael Harper:
I got mine at best buy like a hour after the "live" time it looked like it was late to update and must have dodged the bots becuse it was up for a hour I wished I knew you had a stream going I would have shout out
Dániel Nagy
Dániel Nagy:
Dude, when will u talk about the Marvel avengers game? Im waiting a long time ago, and I have nothing..
Watching this makes me so glad I work at a tech store. If I want one I'll just order it.
What I think is funny is that everyone is “broke” because of this pandemic, yet these consoles are still selling out in two seconds 😂😂😂
Wade the Slade Wilson
Wade the Slade Wilson:
8am on the East Coast right now and still can't add to cart at Amazon, Target or Gamestop.
Nick Conant
Nick Conant:
You’re making this out to be something it’s not. I was on when pre-orders went live. Best Buy & Amazon were late to put pre-orders up & I just randomly went to check Target & everything was working fine. I waited till Amazon or Best Buy put up pre-orders & once they went up I had zero problems. Microsoft let everyone know when pre-orders were going up, your computer says 2:11pm, you have no one to blame but yourself for being hours late
I remember back when the wii was sold out everywhere you I went to Best Buy and they gave a piece of paper Like a ticket to reserve a copy. So when they finally open their stores all you have to do is presenting with this piece of paper and they’ll sell you the console I prefer walk in preorders over this shit hole system
This happens every year, what's the fucking surprise, wait 4 years and it happens again with a whole slew of videos saying MEGA FAIL HUUURR DURRR. Its gaming, the big boys won't ever give a damn. They money is there from the sheep's.
Vishal Rajan
Vishal Rajan:
The time we try to throw half a grand at a company and we’re not allowed 😂
Ddamien17 17
Ddamien17 17:
Your first mistake was using Target, Amazon. Go to the source AJ.
Taylor Justice
Taylor Justice:
You know joe is upset when he is so mad he's not yelling. 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
LOL since when is highly anticipated items being sold out online instantly a new or shocking thing?
I could only imagine the smell in that room
Wispcuck 50k
Wispcuck 50k:
Xbox: We're starting preorders today.
Bots and Scalpers: Say no more.
Gref Steel
Gref Steel:
Imagine pre ordering a console and waiting almost 2 months for it to finally arrive, as opposed to just going to the store on or even after launch day
Roy Car
Roy Car:
Mystery. I was able to get two without much of an issue. (one is a gift). The PS5 was an absolute rejection so I won't be getting one this year :( It's all good. My PS4 will suffice for a while anyway..
Native Rez Media
Native Rez Media:
It happens... Freaking be patient and wait. Eventually they'll be in stock. You have millions of people sitting around at home with money they've saved ready to buy crap what did you expect would happen. And as far as the scalping, that's life, it's called capitalism, laissez Faire style. If people buy over marked up crap, sellers will continue to mark it up. I'm good with my PC until shit stabilizes.
Hatam Khan
Hatam Khan:
You know it's an angry angry Joe when the video starts and Joe's silent hahahah
I mean what do you expect with maybe a few thousand pre-orders available and 7+million people trying to get one...bots or no bots; you likely were not going to get one. Nothing was a mess, just a bunch of petulant children pouting because they were unlucky. Patience or cave and spend a couple hundred extra from one of the people who bought up 2+ units.

Even if everything ran as smooth as people want it to....most people were still likely to not get one....
Rookee Alding
Rookee Alding:
Nintendo: I have no dog in this fight.... ( was the one that started limited availability crap.)
Fatal Creeper
Fatal Creeper:
Be grateful that you can even afford it
KT Sterlin
KT Sterlin:
The theatre in my city has a pretty good queue system. You sign up between 6-9 the day before orders, then the day of orders they send you an email and you get 2 hours to pick your seat. Clearly, not everyone got a place, but you don’t waste your time stalking the website. If they can figure it out for Hamilton, these sites can figure it out.
I mean... they did warn us about this, this is one serious first world problem
Volvo T6 R design awd
Volvo T6 R design awd:
in fairness joe what did you expect this was always going to happen...bots , scalpers are the norm now!!! atleast with ps5 release ppl that took to the retailers early got a chance.. with a timed pre order with xbone bots were always going to roll the general public..
Rocker 1104
Rocker 1104:
I stayed up after working my graveyard shift, waited through 15 minutes of crashes and said eff it. I'm at the point that if I get a Series X or PS5 this year then thats cool, if not there's (hopefully) next year.
Seriously guys, why do you have to have it so soon :-D just wsit 6 months, there will be performance comparisons, more games to play and updates and fixes. I feel like the whole internet is crazy about it. I can u derstand JOE, but everybody else... Just wait :-)
i was lucky, i get up, drink a coffee, turn off my ad blocker, waiting 5 minutes (beacause of the massive site traffic at 9:00 o clock), use the searchbar, open that XSX site, put that thing in the basket and payed, done. 9:08am.

I had more, much more trouble with xbox scorpio and i dont get 1 on release day. amazon blocking search result for the scorpio selling site, removed that scorpio site 5 times offline and open a new scorpio selling url 5 times. so cant refreshing that product site and search again but i told, that search engine was blocked scorpio results. then i use an external crawler to find the latest product url but it was everytime sold out.
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas:
This is actually hilarious when you think about it. Console pre orders broke the internet 😂
Roy Karros
Roy Karros:
I'm loving the fact you got into warhammer, also Squats live
Skjolborg Britt Rains
Skjolborg Britt Rains:
Should i turn my work alarm to AJ screaming " FFFFFFFOOOOOOOOOOCK! "
I remember the Switch, Wii and 360 having the same issues. Pre-Orders for a hot product with limited supply is always going to sell out super quick and given the fact that the world is currently experiencing a pandemic in which more people are spending time at home, this really isn’t surprising.
Timothy Himself
Timothy Himself:
Scalpers already scooped them up and are price gouging on ebay.
I’m probably just going to do what I did with PS4 and wait a few months after release to pick one up. There will be more games and I won’t have to deal with any of this haha. The frustration doesn’t seem worth it.
Vincent Chalmel
Vincent Chalmel:
I like this new "early rant" format. Less yelling, can watch it while making breakfast for the kids.


are we old ? We are old, aren't we?
Managed to get mine from Gamestop this morning after waiting about 40 mins in the queue after go live and I live in the same area going by the location you had up on your page.
Steven Cazales
Steven Cazales:
I waited for five hours in front of gamestop and was 2nd in line. The gamestop only had 7 x's. Why didnt you go in person?
David Drwencke
David Drwencke:
While I did get one, almost my accident, I spent an hour an fifteen minutes on the websites refreshing and placing things in the cart. The MSFT website wouldn’t redirect to the right site, then when it finally did the MFST store was sold out, Target would place it in the cart then error out when I tried to pay. Sam’s club let me get to the point of entering payment info and then told me it was sold out, Amazon let me add to cart and proceed to pay and it then errored out saying it was sold out. Best Buy went live “late” and I was originally getting errors about it being sold out or unavailable I eventually got one in my cart. It was needlessly frustrating, I had phone, iPad, laptop going and it was a horrifying waste of time when I can VIVIDLY remember preordering Xbox One and PS4 on Amazon in a matter of moments without stress or needlessly hunting websites and refreshing constantly.
Dis Dood
Dis Dood:
“Due to high demand, the item cannot be added to your cart”
Dustin Farley
Dustin Farley:
I got mine on Amazon because I'm a prime member and had my info to order ready to go immediately after and got my order off just in time, 10 seconds later it was over
Lost Eden
Lost Eden:
Other Joe is staring at a blank white screen in the background haha !
Say it with me y'all: Never Pre-Order
Mohammad Asem
Mohammad Asem:
The First important future consoles to work on improving pre orders. forget about performance and design. Worry about that later
I feel like it's not sony or Microsofts fault. I feel like this more falls on the places selling them
Ken Gold
Ken Gold:
I cant believe these companies still haven’t mastered the art of taking money 💰 ...
king of fries : the king will rise to the top
king of fries : the king will rise to the top:
I got my Series S about 2 minutes after pre sales started. Im one of the lucky ones I guess.
guys can you explain to me how do bots preorder large quanitities when a deposit must be made?
james turner
james turner:
I finally got my ps5 just before they sold out again ! Joe use the stockinformer websites let's you know what retailers have it first !
Yash Bains
Yash Bains:
Where all the other broke bros who aren’t pre-ordering either console and just think this is funny af?
EX President Donald J Trump
EX President Donald J Trump:
so.... what did everyone really expect? you didn't think that this was actually going to go smoothly did you?

2020 is awesome. welcome to the present.
G.E.G Aviation Photography
G.E.G Aviation Photography:
EB Games, few months ago asked for my details when the Xbox series X gets released I was 216 person to do it, and when pre order happens I will have one automatic added to my account well that didn't happen did it. I didn't think to try and pre order one since I was told they will already do it well after 372 people that did it got theres but not the earlier ppl F*%K BS
Omg Joe your shirt sums up the year perfectly.
I just the email from Amazon saying I’m not going to get it on launch day but they will try there best possible for me to receive the console as quickly as possible aye if I don’t get launch day imma be mad but at least I got lucky and secured it
lalo 1245567899413aqwp197
lalo 1245567899413aqwp197:
I feel relaxed and at ease,since I'm poor and couldn't pre-order.
Huh. I managed to get mine preordered with zero fuss in the UK. These queuing systems are terrible though.
The Mild Mannered Gamer
The Mild Mannered Gamer:
There was nothing angry about that, more frustration and resignation. A lot of people unfortunately felt that way yesterday.
edward thomas moon
edward thomas moon:
I feel Joe let all his rage out on Sony and now he is just tired of this shit! 2021 you better have some amazing games for us! Fire Dump 2020!
master chief
master chief:
I got so lucky, got mine on Walmart after my second try
these stores never heard of google's human verification lol.
Nikolay Timofeev
Nikolay Timofeev:
And we still have pre-orders on the console!))