Xbox Series X Preorders SELL OUT in MINUTES

Xbox Series X and Series S preorders have completely sold out online in the US. Xbox Series X And Series S Pre-Orders Are A Disaster With Broken Sites, Instant Sellouts. So far, it seems like the US release of Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders are actually going worse than Sony’s surprise PS5 drop.

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100+ comentarios:

8-Bit Eric
8-Bit Eric:
Did you secure your Xbox????? Gamestop had me in a line for 45 minutes
Fish the 406
Fish the 406:
I’m sitting there hitting “place order” a thousand times for it to say “oops something went wrong”. Continued to hit place order and 30 min later I get a target email confirming I got one. I feel lucky to spend $500 lol.
Evan Andonyan
Evan Andonyan:
I got one after three long hours on Best-Buy
Carlos Azpeitia
Carlos Azpeitia:
I got mine, US Tx from Microsoft. The confirmation email read: Estimated delivery: Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Shipping Method: Standard (FREE)
You can still get them on Best Buy website! I kept clicking "Pre-order" over and over for like 10 minutes until finally it brought me to the payment screen and I checked out!
I managed to get one from Amazon, I happened to be on the page when it went live and a quick check out
Ace Fondu
Ace Fondu:
I think the surprise of PS5 gave me an advantage since I was ready anyway. With MS everyone was ready and it was a bloodbath lol.
K Parke
K Parke:
I’m sorry it didn’t sell out in minutes. I got one at 11:05 am EST and for giggles decided to try 2hours later and got another one within 15 mins
Best buy had theirs avaliable 30 mins before initial pre orders, i just happened to see that and got lucky
11:15am est I had an email confirmation for my SeriesX from the MS store
Randy Lee
Randy Lee:
I did, I was one of the last ones to get it off Amazon, according to all the live streams I was watching.
And if they didn’t sell out quickly people would be saying how much of a disaster it was. New console launches are a free for all, nothing new.
Chris Henningsen
Chris Henningsen:
I got mine through Amazon they open it up and hour after everyone else went live
Took me 3 hours, but I finally got one from Best-Buy. This was my first time ever trying to Pre-Order something and it was an absolutely horrendous experience.
Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix:
Just locked in my order !!! Let’s go !!!

Best buy still has some in stock! Hurry !!
ishanka perera
ishanka perera:
Here in Canada Best Buy, both series X and S are still available after 5 hours :)
Big Leaf
Big Leaf:
I got mine from Microsoft, took me 15 minutes to get through error pages, blank review your order page, and slow times. But finally got it
my sale literally just went through from 11 am est. what the hell is going on? I guess i got my series x tho
Marciano Sarijoen
Marciano Sarijoen:
Just checked, the series S is still in stock here! 😂 😂 Seems that one is not that popular!
Michael Connolly
Michael Connolly:
I was there at 11am with 5 different retailers open and still couldn’t get my pre-order in for the Series X!!! :(
The Atheist Brony
The Atheist Brony:
Just bagged a series x through microsoft store via console.
Matt Something
Matt Something:
Tried Amazon, Target and MS at start. Eventually got mine from Amazon through my phone app no less.
Elijah Marshall
Elijah Marshall:
Got mine on Walmart it was actually pretty smooth process! Literally checked out at 11:02
Joshua Tucker
Joshua Tucker:
I tried from the very second pre-orders went live and it took me 38 minutes of refreshing hell to get my order through
Johnny B
Johnny B:
8am Microsoft store clicked preorder within 30 seconds was done. went pretty damn smooth.
i got mine 50 mins later, just had patience and got it.
Constitutional Republic
Constitutional Republic:
Best buy coming through 2 hours after it went live. Idk how it happened listening to others story's, but I got mine on lock.
You made this video way too quickly, it's already back in stock.
Jacob Anders Reviews
Jacob Anders Reviews:
I got one through Amazon... they went out of stock, then came back for just a minute and I was able to secure one. I keep double checking my account thinking my order is gonna disappear or something, lol!!😆😂😆
Mustafa Rais
Mustafa Rais:
i ended up getting a series X 2 hours after drop on a restock at bestbuy.
Zerbyy Prod
Zerbyy Prod:
i got mine almost instantly at 8am, i was really lucky tbf
Rideshare Alex
Rideshare Alex:
I preorder through Amazon right when they started doing preorder i was lucky and managed to get one since I couldn't get a ps5
bro literally on target and bestbuy preorders were still available hours after
Got mine from Walmart. Had my account logged in and the payment and shipping info was saved so all I did was place order, no typing at all. That's the secret.
Dragon spirit
Dragon spirit:
I just gave up on it waiting for Best Buy to refresh several times. Target was also a Bust never went through. And said the hell with it and went to eBay.
JeezyFizzle Gaming
JeezyFizzle Gaming:
Got mine from Microsoft. Had to refresh 3 times and then it went through. I had every site open also and they all crashed
I got mine from the Microsoft online store took an hour of loading just to get it
Pup Shadow
Pup Shadow:
I secured my preorder 3 hrs after the release time in US from bestbuy.
Kyle Huish
Kyle Huish:
I got mine about 1/2 hour after launch, most stressful thing ever lol
Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson:
Got mine went to GameStop two hours early was first one there. Shortly after everyone showed up but gamestop only had 5 series x and 2 series s
Will Murphy
Will Murphy:
I clicked checkout on Walmart 4 times and it finally submitted the order. After saying it was out of stock every time prior.
Brendon Dougherty
Brendon Dougherty:
Got my series X on amazon, as soon as it was up i kept hitting the refresh until the dog went away lol
Got mine through the Microsoft store. I lost hope for a minute or two. Walmart went sold out in like 1 minute.
Clayton Grant
Clayton Grant:
Took an hour of refreshing every site that did pre orders, but finally got one. Biggest pain I've been through getting a console.
Art Against Anxiety
Art Against Anxiety:
I showed up at my store before opening and secured it in person.
master chief
master chief:
went through walmart and got mine within 3 minutes in only two tries, the first time it said "this product is currently unavailable" and my heart stopped, but i tried again and it worked.
Best buy refreshing for 3 hours and ended up with one. Crazy!
Pop Pals United
Pop Pals United:
Glad Sony just tossed the preorders out randomly. I actually got one.
Trevor Allington
Trevor Allington:
My local gamestop told me this morning when I went in to pre order a couple games for the ps5 that they had people line up starting last night before they closed for Xbox
Mathew Youngblood
Mathew Youngblood:
I placed my order when it went live in my region at exactly 10 am and it said it was sold out already complete bullshit. Lol
Sean Hickling
Sean Hickling:
Got mine from Microsoft immediately, no issues.
Katina Smith
Katina Smith:
Yes! my daughter and I pre-order the Xbox Series X from Game Stop. They only had 7 at the location I was at. (five Xbox Series X and two Xbox Series S)
lilstoney33 48
lilstoney33 48:
Got mine 48 min later on Amazon I have never ever refreshed a website so many times lol
Jeremy Gardner
Jeremy Gardner:
Yes I went to the store that actually works.
You gave up too early. I was able to grab one in two minutes and then the second one like 3 hours later. What happen was a lot of the website restocked them as the sales went on.
Larry Dorsey
Larry Dorsey:
5 minutes checkout through Target finally order went thru.
Anonymous Jisaw
Anonymous Jisaw:
I got one I talked to Microsoft when this was going on I got lucky pre ordered on the phone
ChrisWhatsThis CWT
ChrisWhatsThis CWT:
Literally got to the final stage & stayed there for 30-45 minutes & finally went through with the transaction. I’ll never do that again 🤣🤣
Kelvin Chilel
Kelvin Chilel:
I was waiting since before 11 am and it sold out really fast in every store but I got lucky to get one from target lol :D
B coleman
B coleman:
I sat in line from 6:20 to 10:55 and someone bought my spot for $400. I’m fine picking it up a week or 2 after release.
i was lucky to order one at walmart online 3 days ago. for some reason its still preparing order for shipment. great ......
I was having trouble with all the major retailers all morning also... finally gave up after about 1 hr... tried again around 12:45 with Best Buy and had no issues.
Chris Leathco
Chris Leathco:
I wanted a series s from Amazon. After an hour, finally got a series x. Guess I upgraded.
Xavier Wallace
Xavier Wallace:
5 hours online with Best Buy and Amazon from the US to Canada, while goin to 3 different GameStop’s and Best Buy’s in person......but I definitely got my Series X 😭😭
Jacob Ulewicz
Jacob Ulewicz:
I sat in a GameStop queue for an hour and a half, and couldn’t get one. I checked Best Buy 3 hours after preorders went live and they somehow still had some in stock
The Glitch
The Glitch:
I got one after numerous attempts exactly at 8am.
David M
David M:
I will never pre-order from GameStop cause you never know when it’ll close in your area
I did barely. This was an absolute dogfight, I tried to go in person at 2 GameStop’s but people were camped out there. But luckily amazon I got there seconds after it went live
Joshua O'Connor
Joshua O'Connor:
Was able to get one secured in store at gamestop this morning. Had to stand in line for 2 hours, showed up at 8am
Manoli's MK7.5
Manoli's MK7.5:
I got my series x on the Microsoft store however it took a couple tries. Took forever to load.
I got one from amazon uk, had to keep refreshing the page
Profil3d Ss
Profil3d Ss:
I had one in my cart like 30 seconds into launch I took a screenshot and removed it cuz it’s ass ,I also already pre ordered a ps5 lol
ZERO wingman
ZERO wingman:
My dad was able to get one for him, I’m still waiting for PlayStation 5 pre orders
Damon Lowder
Damon Lowder:
Got one on Microsoft for me then one on Amazon for my son just spamed the refresh key was about to give up when it went through
I have an xbox series x. I can wait a few weeks for 30 more fps lmao.
Games and Podcasts
Games and Podcasts:
Got mine after standing in line for about 45 min.
Tim Wesley
Tim Wesley:
That’s crazy cause I got mines from the Microsoft Store and I kept getting errors but it was on them. I kept clicking on place order and managed to get my pre order
Will Golightly
Will Golightly:
Easily was able to get one through Amazon I kept spamming the refresh when the page was down.
Uriel Septim
Uriel Septim:
I was asleep and missed it. Oh well. Plenty of Xbox X Series to come around November so I'm good. 🤷‍♂️🛌💤
Marciano Sarijoen
Marciano Sarijoen:
I'm in the Netherlands, got one in the morning, did not even know that the pre-orders started! Got a series X. They still have the series S. The X is sold out now.
Eladius Merce
Eladius Merce:
I got one ordered it and just to see I managed to get two other sites to let me put it in my cart but since I’m not an ahole I removed them from cart so someone else could have them.
Best Buy has preorders available hours after the US release time.
Chase Martell
Chase Martell:
A bearly got mine on Amazon
Callum Miller
Callum Miller:
I waited in line at my eb games and it got the series x on the 22nd, and they had 19 of them
John Escamilla
John Escamilla:
I got mine two hours later on best buy!! After almost accepting defeat... lol
Jeffrey Verscheure
Jeffrey Verscheure:
I was able to pick one up for myself and my son. Best Buy still has pre orders up.
Gustaf Andersson
Gustaf Andersson:
You can still pre-order the ps5 here in Sweden even after a couple of days.
Cryotek Gaming
Cryotek Gaming:
Glad to say I'm a proud and one of the earliest owners of the Series X
I literally woke up 2 hours late and still got one from best buy
Got mine from Best Buy literally 4hrs after it dropped when it wasn’t working at 8am.
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos:
Go on best buy everyone! Go to Best buy now they're still selling some.
Try Best Buy it took me a while but I was able to get one after an hour of refreshing and adding to my cart
Mohnish Raj
Mohnish Raj:
Spent 3 hours in total on the process. Just when all seemed lost, Bestbuy went through at around 12.30pm CT. Keep trying man!
Still seems like there is availability at Best Buy. Already ordered my X
John R
John R:
Secured one after almost 3 hours of trying from best buy.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith:
All I can say is I got mine. MS store came through in the clutch for me!!
I did actually got one at target but I was there for 15 minutes refreshing till it work
VickyGabbana YT
VickyGabbana YT:
best buy really was the easiest , was my second option however . i got mines 🥰.
I was able to get one about 45 mins after on amazon
Kevin Cannon
Kevin Cannon:
I managed to squeeze through on while standing outside gamestop. Cause I was late to preorder there. Like super stressful tho no cap.