Xbox Series X Setup and Impressions After 1 Week!

Here is a look at the new Xbox Series X setup process along with my further impressions of this flagship console from Microsoft! See some gaming, quick resume, and more! Subscribe for more:
Xbox Series X Unboxing:
Thanks to Microsoft for providing this review unit.

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That console is a beast. Just wish it had a shiny new exclusive launch title to show off the power :(
i wish it had a new user interface, kinda makes it seem like an xbox one
Yao Mcclure
Yao Mcclure:
Very professional video, not a lot of drama or silly unnecessary skits.
Really impressive! My Series X is arriving tomorrow. Can’t wait to play Valhalla! Subbed btw🙃
Drew C.
Drew C.:
Hey Tim, nice to see vids from you after a few days off. Hoping you get better soon and your gf too. Just keep fighting and everything will be okay. 👍🏻
Jayed AL Sabit
Jayed AL Sabit:
We need your review! U're way too good, I can't bear it!
Beni Meglei
Beni Meglei:
Dude you are awesome. This is exactly the kind of video I was looking for. Show me don’t tell me. ✌🏻👌🏻
Talha Tariq
Talha Tariq:
Thanks for this amazing in-depth look!!!
Abdullah Ben-Nikhi
Abdullah Ben-Nikhi:
Hoping that you feel better today..get well soon buddy
Arpan Chatterjee
Arpan Chatterjee:
Can you do one about the series S?
MalcoPolo Art
MalcoPolo Art:
You know.... since they didn't change the Ui i wasn't too excited for anything other than performance
Kevin Anthony
Kevin Anthony:
I literally haven't seen a loading screen for a game since I got it, it just keeps it in memory and quick resume even after I shut off the console, it's actually mind-blowing!
Long Live Jahseh D. Onfroy
Long Live Jahseh D. Onfroy:
I’m so glad my birthday after Christmas ❤️
Sci-fi Freak
Sci-fi Freak:
The startup makes me feel happy :)
Isaiah Frmda4
Isaiah Frmda4:
The start up 🤤
Porter Beatty
Porter Beatty:
That's about as thorough a review you can get. Really well done. Console looks rad too.
That's about as thorough a review you can get. Really well done. Console looks rad too.
Anadrol Fifty
Anadrol Fifty:
Damn Tim I haven't watched your channel since the IPhone 7 plus and 8 plus videos. Lol you have a beard now.
Hello There
Hello There:
Hey could you explain further on the “start fresh” option. What would that mean?
Chase Grote
Chase Grote:
Pick mine up on Thursday! Didn't think I'd get one till next year
The Coochie Man
The Coochie Man:
Dude the start up is amazing
Motorcycle Matthew
Motorcycle Matthew:
Just got mine in from the Taco Bell/Xbox sweepstakes. Definitely don't miss the huge power bank that was required on my Xbox One. Plug into wall and go! The controller shareshot is awesome, no more double tapping the Xbox button on the controller, that'll be a bit of getting used to.
Spurs Dynasty73
Spurs Dynasty73:
Great time to be a gamer !! Between this and PS5 is going to be a hard decision ...just might to get both 😆
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei:
I will be enjoying it this time tommorow!
Lonnie L. Brown
Lonnie L. Brown:
I'm digging everything you putting down and enjoying it. Does your OLED TV have a 2.1 HDMI input? And what type of OLED TV do you have if you don't mind me asking?
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3:
This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥🔥
6ttg M1ke
6ttg M1ke:
Got mines yesterday Nd I’m in love
Jimbo Jones
Jimbo Jones:
Looking good with the beard 👍
Keith Holland
Keith Holland:
I like that Bears Tidbit...yeah its that bad. Nice review
David Wasley
David Wasley:
Nice simple straight to the point video! Love how fast it goes from shutting down to restarting the whole console. Can't wait to get one!
FlipMovies Studios
FlipMovies Studios:
"There's a little black box, yeah
Somewhere in the ocean
Holding all the truth about us
There's a little black box
A record of emotion
Everything that ever was"
IB45 45
IB45 45:
Cyber punk 2077 Is going to look so beautiful
I see you got the GX !!
I'm hyped!! Can't wait for my series X to arrive!! Got one @ Costco. 🙌
I need to get myself one thanks for this
Alfredo Lopez Flores
Alfredo Lopez Flores:
Well done! Thanks for your honest feedback.
I do not have internet right now. can i play video games on this?
I would love to see how good the new Microsoft Flight Simulator runs on this
Duncan Duncan
Duncan Duncan:
The games you show off are sick , really want to rush to shop for this beast!
Kick Starter
Kick Starter:
great content
The Deason
The Deason:
I have a ps4 but I am making the switch to the series x, hopefully Xbox is right for me
I wonder how ps5 is going to compete w this beast!
Could you cover the 4k Blu-ray player and media streaming capabilities (i.e video from PC to the Xbox over the network) in your review please?
That start up thooo
kuldeep singh
kuldeep singh:
Well done! Thanks for your honest feedback
ROY PETRIE Youtuber:
A Great Review!!!
It looks handsome..Tim I mean 😆
The elated pharmacist internationally decorate because button selectively attract underneath a thoughtful snowboarding. impartial, quiet acoustic
I have to wait until Christmas hopefully it’s not sold out😞
What is that tv you got there? Looks nice.
I just got an Xbox for Christmas! Merry Christmas
Edwin Canete
Edwin Canete:
Yo bro what tv u got??
bo matt
bo matt:
It looks beautiful. I can’t wait to get one.
Rowan Nabors
Rowan Nabors:
One question, if you already have an Xbox account are you able to just log in to your account and download all your games
Drake Springer
Drake Springer:
What TV do you have that hooked up to?
The Lost One G
The Lost One G:
Looks awesome but imma hold off until we get some new games for it!
I will be enjoying it this time tommorow!
Евгений Калинин
Евгений Калинин:
Можно по русски субтитры?
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue:
Tim: could you please go over the apps that can be installed on this system please or is it just the same as the previous consoles? Thanks.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy:
Did I miss it, is the console loud while playing?
A Wooten
A Wooten:
If you can or when it comes out Amazon is making Luna can you make a first impression with that would mean the world to me
King Retezatu
King Retezatu:
Hey do you know what cameras for streaming are good with it?
The one and only Slick Rick
The one and only Slick Rick:
Give me this right now!!!! I am getting this for sure!!!!
MiniTekkerz 21
MiniTekkerz 21:
Sorry Tim what tv are you using?
Can you tell me if the DVD play is an app or built-in like it should be ? Also, do you have to install discs again this year? Do you have to stream movies you bought on xbox or can you download them for later like you could with 360?
Is it still output HDR when you set up 4K+120P?
Truman Norris
Truman Norris:
I really want to know more about windows mode for me it’s a total deal breaker if I get it or not
Im mainly curious about the bumpers on the controller, do they break the second you press one like "current" gen controllers?

Also, does this Series X limit your bandwidth like the Xbox One? I have Fiber and even when downloading updates/games it would cap me a 300mbps
Ugh its hard to secure one 😥. Wanted to get one today but, all sold out, even on amazon
Dave bifolchi
Dave bifolchi:
Got one Friday..hooked u to Att fiber 930/875..installed everything nice and quick..only issue is with controller messes up on startup won't turn on xbox..have to do a hard reset.
Shimeka Arnette
Shimeka Arnette:
Are me not gonna talk about how the home screen look exactly like a Xbox one and the settings too🤨
Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini
Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini:
Awesome!!! Great video!!! 💚
Diogenes Reyes
Diogenes Reyes:
What tv are you using to game with the xbox x?
trunks ko
trunks ko:
i like the look it's looking solide
Man, it looks so good!
When I get it, I’ll be playing Rocket League!
taine hamon
taine hamon:
I might have to wait months for an ps5 since I missed the preorder day. Ngl I might convert to a Xbox player today. Thoughts ?
sannio komi
sannio komi:
Hey could you explain further on the “start fresh” option. What would that mean?
ITO Morales
ITO Morales:
What type of TV 📺 do you have??
Guesswhat ?
Guesswhat ?:
If you don’t have a tv that supports 4K 120 FPS, when you stream does it show up as 120 FPS 4K on the stream from a viewers POV?
Graph Guy
Graph Guy:
The tail wagging the dog.
Great hardware and no games to use it.
chae cannon
chae cannon:
Because of Xbox getting rid of the optical audio port on the Series X do you know if the USB over audio wireless headsets now work on the Series X like the Corsair Virtuoso that would work on the Xbox one just not wirelessly ?
Mohammed Khalil
Mohammed Khalil:
Did you digital games transfer? And can you put disc games you bought for the Xbox one?
Emilio Atilano
Emilio Atilano:
Sick! Won an Xbox from Taco Bell and I’ve been grinding Cold War
Tom Matthias
Tom Matthias:
It’s literally sold out everywhere in the uk
Is The Quick Resume Available for the series s
Why didn't you connect a headset??? I hear that's the major issue with those who connect through the optical port.....
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez:
I really really want to get one. Hope it can happe before the year ends. Added on xbox live too.
Paco Boss
Paco Boss:
When you first set up the console with the mobile app, does the ethernet cable absolutely need to be plugged in for it to work? 🤔
Royal Smile :D
Royal Smile :D:
think im going to wait, got a gaming pc does more guess ill play on it for now. but i am getting the new controller lol.
Clive Allen
Clive Allen:
I have downloaded a poker game called Poker Club for my PC and it does not work due to
my pc been to old, can I transfer this download to the xbox series x ?
Edwin Canete
Edwin Canete:
Great video😈🐉💮
Sébastien Luyckx
Sébastien Luyckx:
Hesitating to get a qled 90t or a cx... burn in risk is the main issue and the lack of brightness on the cx
Nathaniel Jones
Nathaniel Jones:
Seeing him set up on a phone without a notch really made me jealous.
franky D
franky D:
Well this is my next thing to save up for
ShayMinator 07
ShayMinator 07:
wow 😍🔥
So how do I get all my game savings from my xbox one to the xbox series x ? Will they go over automatically when I sign in with my xbox account on the series x ?
Sydney Sampson
Sydney Sampson:
I’m shocked that they released this with barely any launch titles what on earth were they thinking I’ll happily wait as I do t even know what game I would buy to play it 🤔
Nicholas Paganelli
Nicholas Paganelli:
I’m thinking about getting it sometime in 2021 when they are in stock more and so far looks great and the only disadvantage is that PlayStation still has better exclusives. Hopefully Xbox wins this year. I’m debating between this and the ps5 and what has made me rethink my decision if the quick resume, faster loading, way better backwards compatibility, more portable, and better graphics. I got a series x controller and can’t open until Christmas but is it better than the Xbox one controller? Bc some of the buttons to mine aren’t working right all of a sudden
PeeGee Thirteen
PeeGee Thirteen:
Quick Resume feature looks dope
Adin Chandra
Adin Chandra:
I think November 10th is a Event Day of XBOX Series X, Man