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Today I'm unboxing the brand new Microsoft XBOX Series X! This Xbox Series X console had a release date of November 10th 2020 and a retail price of $499. Check out my full Xbox Series X Unboxing and first look to learn more!

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100+ comentarios:

Seth Fowler
Seth Fowler:
this guy..
Michael L
Michael L:
"I want them both and I want them both equally."
I felt that 😔
Johnny T
Johnny T:
Woke up to a message from the store: Your Xbox Series X has arrived, please bring your pre-order receipt. Arrived there only 2 units and one was mine 😏
youtube unboxers: WOW A POWER CABLE
Max M
Max M:
Seems like all your vids start with “It’s finally here!” Lmaoooo
Andre Leander
Andre Leander:
challenge: Drink a shot every time he says "it is what is is".
Emaad Awazem
Emaad Awazem:
8:50 my man, there’s only one hdmi input, there’s no hdmi output. Just wanted to point out ur mistake, I don’t want anyone getting confused
The Horse Stable Channel
The Horse Stable Channel:
8:16 Hello from Seattle easter egg!
Alexthegoat -
Alexthegoat -:
Im excited for the Ps5. Also hope I win the ps5 give away since my parents cant afford it i really want to win this give away.
It’s sold out everywhere😭
The jacket your wearing looks amazing! Wonder where i could get one, also if you choose me i would personally go for the xbox series x!
K Rex
K Rex:
I would love to have an xbox series x everywhere sold out almost instantly.
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez:
I would really absolutely love either console i love gaming and all of this online school gaming is my happy place🥲
Thunderii8888 Javer
Thunderii8888 Javer:
Its the first time i saw this channel. I was surprised when i saw you werent a big youtuber. Like the edits are nice and simple
Using my series x while watching this, and so far I love it so much!!!! 😄😁🥳
Ghazi Legacy
Ghazi Legacy:
I definitely would want the series X if I was chosen.. love your content ✊🏾
Chris Berry
Chris Berry:
I thought that by the quality of this vid, you'd have a lot more subscribers. You're gonna blow up, man
Trap Jesus The Gamer
Trap Jesus The Gamer:
Hey seeeethh I would love to get this giveaway man content is awesome bro keep going 🔥🔥🔥
Sartorius Kryzzt
Sartorius Kryzzt:
3:50 to start opening
rotom 1980
rotom 1980:
Amazing vid, would love to see your channel grow
Aiden Sutton
Aiden Sutton:
Stiil, thanks for the chance to win a new console! ❤
Jason J
Jason J:
I unboxed mine today it’s a great console it’s high quality and It’s totally worth the price
Mason Marshall
Mason Marshall:
1:07 would love an Xbox man 🙏 bless up
A giveaway?! Dude I’d love the series x!
Denzel Sierra
Denzel Sierra:
How he winked at the cam when he was talking about Microsoft Brand sponsorship cracked me up....... If you pick me for the Giveaway I would love Xbox series X 👍
I'm sooo excited for the ps5. Can't wait to get one. 😍
Dang, Lets go X mini fridge. The superior way to keep your kicks cool.
Simon D
Simon D:
Great vid Seth as always!
If I won the giveaway, I would definitely go with Xbox.
Nathan De crusz
Nathan De crusz:
Man I'm jealous, I wont get mine for another two weeks😢😢
jeison hernandez
jeison hernandez:
Hey I would love to win a mini series frigde I really need one plzz pick me 😭
Nicholas S
Nicholas S:
Would love a PS5, I missed out due to bots :(

Jessie Lara
Jessie Lara:
Let’s go sethhh. I love all your content!!
I’d like the ps5 giveaway!
Beast Mode
Beast Mode:
I would love the Xbox series x Seth! Great content man really enjoyed this video
Ayman Mustafa
Ayman Mustafa:
Your vibes are unmatched, my man. Great video!
Evan Knox
Evan Knox:
I have been on Xbox since the 360 and love the Xbox. Thanks for making a great unboxing video! This makes me so excited!
Ruben Perales
Ruben Perales:
Xbox Series X!!!! 🔥🔥
Great Content as always ‼️‼️
TBG Trill
TBG Trill:
Das coo but I'm peepin da Tokyo 5's in the back though🔥
D’artagnan The Great
D’artagnan The Great:
I would love the Xbox Series X ❤️
Chris Roethlisberger
Chris Roethlisberger:
Seth, I love that your are doing a giveaway during these hard times! I would be stoked to get a PS5 digital edition!
Charlie Bravo
Charlie Bravo:
Would love to have an Xbox Series X. Subbed and Thanks for the videos.
Reallybadgamer_ 3
Reallybadgamer_ 3:
Nice video Seth, looking forward to watching the PS5 video!
Reggie Dunlop
Reggie Dunlop:
Awesome!! so jealous! Someday i might own one, hope you have lots of fun with the new box! Xbox fan here, can't wait to play Halo on this!
Ralph Lopez
Ralph Lopez:
Xbox Series X!! Great video man! This truly looks amazing!!
Honesti Crochran
Honesti Crochran:
That’s so 🔥, giveaway the series X!!!
Chasse _
Chasse _:
Awesome stuff, id love to try the ps5!
Great review! Would love to have the Xbox X - still using the old classic Xbox. Man how technology has evolved!
Jessie Lara
Jessie Lara:
If you chose me for the giveaway I wouldn’t mind either console!!
Travis Jensen
Travis Jensen:
I really hope I can win. Either one would be great! This is the first video I've seen of yours keep up the good work!
Will you do a giveaway ❤️
Witty Monk3y
Witty Monk3y:
Great video, Thanks, I would be happy with either console. 🤞
Jason Nortwich
Jason Nortwich:
Just found this channel. I like your video editing and presentation style. Subbed and Liked (and hit the bell).
Dope pickup! This is looking to be the best generation of gaming from both sides yet! 🔥

And I wouldn’t mind either lol
Nicholas Nicholas
Nicholas Nicholas:
Hey Seth, are you a ravens fan? I see the helmet in the back.
Good video!
Zakariyya Mohamad
Zakariyya Mohamad:
Done, did it everything
Really love the ps5
I'd like the series X and you have some great content man!
Would love a series X! Excited for Halo Infinite!
Awesome! Would love to win an Xbox series X brotha. Thanks for the chance!
Mr. Duble-U
Mr. Duble-U:
Seth’s videos are so good. love ya seth! 😎🤩
Ryan Mitch
Ryan Mitch:
Love the vid! I want the series X but its sold out😫
cool man i would like the ps5 thanks bro it looks so nice on my desk love u man
The MenAC3
The MenAC3:
Really fast with the vid after release, great job as always 👍 I wouldn’t mind either console, I hope to win
Mathew Guillen
Mathew Guillen:
Getting a ps5 would change my life, still on ps3. Family comes first. This video got me so hyped for the new consoles!!
Britni Alvarez
Britni Alvarez:
Great video love how real you keep it. I would love a Xbox series x really got into gaming again recently and it would be such a big move to get.
Nicholas Thiessen
Nicholas Thiessen:
Would love a ps5 btw good job on videos keep it up😀
Norman Butler IV
Norman Butler IV:
This is beautiful, thank you for unboxing ! You got a sub
NoHxpe DB
NoHxpe DB:
I prefer the Xbox series X, I’ve stuck with xbox for ever and my friends are switching with out me so I can’t play some games with them until I get one.
Iced out Zay
Iced out Zay:
Can I please get the Xbox series x.please,I’ve been struggling🙏🏿.I’ve been very sad lately.but anyways I love your content 🙏🏿
Duncan Macphee
Duncan Macphee:
Looking forward to the PS5 review
Aryeh Shirazi
Aryeh Shirazi:
Next to the iPad Air (the new one)
Love the content man keep up the good work
I wouldn't mind either console either if u picked me ;)
FMO Nemesis
FMO Nemesis:
Ivan Rios
Ivan Rios:
Xbox series x! Love your content I just subscribed!
I loved the video seth! Excited for the next gen consoles! I would be happy to have either but all my friends are getting the series x so I'd rather have that one😁
Alpha _26
Alpha _26:
Ps5 review coming soon?
Jo Va
Jo Va:
I’ve always been for play station but with this new Xbox I would definitely prefer the Xbox series x!!
Hey! I would like the Xbox Series X, Hopefully I will win this giveaway.
Aiden Sutton
Aiden Sutton:
Great content, and for the giveaway if you do give me one i like the ps5
gaming with nick
gaming with nick:
Love the content, would love the Xbox series X
Ethan Barros
Ethan Barros:
I’d really appreciate the xbox series x from the giveaway! Keep putting out that insane content!
Jose Olvera
Jose Olvera:
Would love a new Xbox series x bro love the vid!!
Ivan Gonzalez
Ivan Gonzalez:
Either one Seth I’m new to the channel! Imma follow on Instagram don’t have Twitter but will follow ! 👍🏻
Sebastian Figueroa
Sebastian Figueroa:
Thanks for the informal video and I’m excited about the Xbox series X ! It would be a dream to win this. Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity to win!!
First? I love you man!
I love this console!! Your vids are great
Signs Of The Times
Signs Of The Times:
New subscriber here! Excellent content👌
kevin rodriguez
kevin rodriguez:
series x for my lil brother christmas ❤️
KKC Zombie
KKC Zombie:
I'd love a PS5. Awosome vid keep it up!
I want to take part in the giveaway for the Xbox Series X!
I was so exited to get one but I soon realized I wouldn’t be able to afford one :(
Edit: I’m subbed btw, thx for the detailed opening
Dave the Friar Collector
Dave the Friar Collector:
Congratulations man, nice work! I’d take a PS5 just so I can play MLB the Show!
Came across ur content about a month back and have been hooked since. If I won the giveaway I wouldn't mind either console
Love your content💕
Buhh definitely the new Xbox💯
Logan Geig
Logan Geig:
Bro I’ve never had a Xbox and you have always made me want a Xbox! Love ur content!
Jarrett airsoft
Jarrett airsoft:
I can’t afford this and all my friends got it and this would be amazing if I got an Xbox series x🥺
I’d love to win a Xbox series x!!!
Tyler Nelson
Tyler Nelson:
I’d love an Xbox series X! I’ve been wanting to get back into playing Xbox lately but just havnt had the money to get one sadly . Great video man!
Gotta get that series X! It looks soooo good!
can we get a ps5 review :)?
Lucas Alcantara
Lucas Alcantara:
Praying I get a PlayStation, really hard to get a preorder in. Love the content!