Xbox Series X Unboxing & 48 Hour Review | A Mixed Bag!

Xbox Series X Unboxing & 48 Hour Review - A Mixed Bag! The Xbox Series X and S have just launched globally! In this video, I talk through my usage after a couple of days since the unboxing in a full in-depth, walkthrough review! All the features and my impressions of the Xbox Series X after some real everyday use. In terms of specs, it has an 8x Cores @ 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz w/ SMT) Custom Zen 2 CPU and a 12 TFLOPS, 52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU. 16 GB GDDR6 Memory, 10GB @ 560 GB/s, 6GB @ 336 GB/s. The Series X internal storage is a 1 TB Custom NVME SSD. You can play games in 4K at 120fps providing you have the appropriate gaming monitor / TV like the LG CX that I have in this video. 90hz refresh rate 6.76" OLED display, a 50MP Camera, and 4K video! The controller is almost identical to the Xbox One controller but there have been a few subtle changes which many will like. There are so many exclusive gaming titles for both Xbox Series X and the also new PS5, but which is the better console? Also is the Series X worth £200 more vs the Series S?


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Afro Aura
Afro Aura:
It's strange how you dodged past customer friendly "Gamepass" that on its own is pure value for what it is
Everyone rips on the batteries 🤦🏻 surely being able to replace a plug and play kit is better than replacing a whole controller if something goes wrong?
Allan Roberts
Allan Roberts:
U don't have enough trees blocking your tv, go to garden get some more plants get the visibility down to 50%
Zenande Godongwana
Zenande Godongwana:
Why are all these tech journalists acting like this generation is only going last this for only this launch period? If you're gonna spend that $500, you better sure you're making the right call for the next 7 years. When you think about it like that, it doesn't matter who has the best launch lineup, it's now only a matter of preference.
Halo coming out in 2021 i feel like wont effect most people , seeing as most people won't be able to get the system until then .
Alaffy 11
Alaffy 11:
"The fear of small holes" , said no man ever
At 1:51 when he started handling it I was like imagine if he dropped it then I started to get some anxiety😂
Ben Wade
Ben Wade:
10:19 n'aww. Cheers, mate! 😊
Jon Trimmer
Jon Trimmer:
Worth a like just for that Pulisic goal :)
Myst_ Desendant
Myst_ Desendant:
The fear of holes near each other are those pictures of deep holes on peoples skin it gives me the creeps and makes me think if I had those they’d be filled with food
Nick Olson
Nick Olson:
Jeeeeez look at his download speed 🤔 time to make the switch to that ethernet cable you spoke of earlier in the video brotha
Ace Dutra
Ace Dutra:
Nice review
We pre-ordered it and we got it in the mail and I really like
Waiting for that Matebook D14 review. 🤞🏼✨
Business Guide
Business Guide:
As always, quality videos right here!
Was considering getting one!! 🤭😻
Why do you look like your about to cry in the thumbnail-
Danny Newman
Danny Newman:
#35 on trending! Congratulations mate. I’ve been following since the Android box days! It’s been fun seeing the progression! 👍
Your channel is very underrated. Good job on the videos 😃
Raymond B
Raymond B:
Feel like you should’ve mentioned the VRR issue with the TV you’ve recommended?
Super Nintendan
Super Nintendan:
Excellent stuff my friend
That Guy Reviews Tech
That Guy Reviews Tech:
Very nice! Looks like you got your hands on it very early on. I just picked mine up 2-3 weeks ago and it's awesome! Great video, new sub~!
Chris Stokes 82
Chris Stokes 82:
May compliment your hoodie choice 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
S. A.
S. A.:
Sweet, another video comprised of information we've had for months now
Steve Adams
Steve Adams:
The plants and console obscuring the TV is driving me insane. I can't even have something in my line of sight when gaming.
A Way Out is a good game, the experience is better friend but the ending is sad
patrick cadette
patrick cadette:
Eddie Corbin
Eddie Corbin:
Hi absyt what about things for MP3 player new technology ? Have you thought about MP3 player yet?
I find it good how they didn’t change the controller and the dashboard, I wouldn’t like nothing to change just the same old Xbox I grew up playing but with better specs
butti fdft
butti fdft:
Jeeeeez look at his download speed 🤔 time to make the switch to that ethernet cable you spoke of earlier in the video brotha
Daniel Wolstenholme
Daniel Wolstenholme:
Great vid and delivery, shame for all talk of exclusives no mention of gamepass. Will check out more of your content!
Wish I could get hold of one 😪 I managed to get ps5 pre order. Great vid 👌
Ed Smit
Ed Smit:
they have recharge packs for series x controllers they been out for 7 years
Great vid. So far i enjoy my series x i enjoy the quick load and i own more then 100 games and i haven't finished half of them yet so im glad i can still continue to play my old games to finish them on the series x. Im not into exclusives games as much so thats not what made me choose the xbox over playstation but hey just get what seems interesting to u. Ur gonna have fun either way.
Ethan H-R
Ethan H-R:
Will you be able to get your downloaded games from xbox one to xbox-series-x?
Martin Smith
Martin Smith:
Using AA batteries is a great option. That way, you're not obligated to buy patented chargepacks
Richard Ratner
Richard Ratner:
Thanks Adam. Always great reviews 👍 kind regards Richard U.K
Jermaine B
Jermaine B:
i like that i can switch between battery packs i see no reason to do built in ones because say you break or the charge port stop working its a wrap for the controller
aravind swami
aravind swami:
Waiting for an M series chipset on one of these.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
right call for the next 7 years. When you think about it like that, it doesn't matter who has the best launch lineup, it's now only a matter of preference.
Love this thing. Looks perfect sitting on my desk beside my PC monitors and all the other black equipment. The controller is actually noticeably different. The whole thing is mat black now and therefore provides more friction. Feels better. Share button is also great and super convenient. I have a huge back log of games to finish so being able to play those games enhanced is really great. I will probably get Enlisted tonight for some 100+ man WW2 battles on giant historical maps. Looks fantastic. I was actually looking forward to that game more than anything on either system. The dashboard responsiveness is instant now and feels great. It's super quiet so far, cool, and the power really shows even though we don't have exclusives yet. All I care about though is that I know they are coming in due time. That's all that matters.
This is dope!
Paul Hill
Paul Hill:
Great review.👍
Plugged mines last night. I use my elite controller v2. So haven't opened the controller yet. My only complaint is...m the games. The launch games are not exciting. I hope black ops cold war changes that with their story mode. I tried Enlisted and Bright Memory since they called my attention as newer games.. they both are okay. I can't bash Enlisted since it's a preview game. Bit Bright Memory needs work as far as controls go. I had to turn Vsync on for Bright Memory.

The thing I noticed the most is the SPEED. Loading times are drastically lowered. And it's fast and quiet. It's way more quiet than my xbox one x.
The Bee
The Bee:
Hi.Is it native 4k at 60hz or upscaled?
Tis a real shame there is no light atop the xbox fan.
Epic Video!!!!
The Strawberry
The Strawberry:
Would rechargeable battery pack still work on that?
mr bigglesworth
mr bigglesworth:
if your're able to pair the elite 2 with the series x thats a whole other level of experience
Can’t wait to get this
Lee Makin
Lee Makin:
Having the choice of batteries is better then having a controller without the choices. I am sure Microsoft or some aftermarket supplier will sell a battery pack if required. I prefer to use rechargeable batteries as they last longer..
Gary Moon
Gary Moon:
It goes up to nearly 5gb at second ssd speed with velocity architecture which will be used in games soon no doubt.
Hayden Croix
Hayden Croix:
Getting famous off of comments day 2, so I can live the dream, live life to the fullest🚀
S. Bach
S. Bach:
Thanks. I will get the xbox series x now. The controller is the clear winner with batteries
Matt Something
Matt Something:
How is Kodi on the XSX. Is is supported?

Kodi in XOX is unlocked from console streaming which works over cellular data through the Xbox mobile app.

This allows me to stream Kodi on my XOX to my phone over cellular data.

FYI I have a iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Eliaxxz !!!
Eliaxxz !!!:
People talk about batteries as if PS5 controller ran with Magic. Guess what, it has batteries too, you just cannot swap them out easily when it inevitable wears out with time.
roshun eppenger
roshun eppenger:
The controller is already great! It didn't need to change much.
Cameron Machi
Cameron Machi:
I will admit that I love the new controller for how it's retained the same form factor but is just... better.. because I already liked the Xbox One controller. When I bought the Xbox One controller, there were things that I didn't like that were also not solved by the PS4 controller; specifically the build quality and the use of microusb. The build quality is noticeably better on the Series controller and the use of usbC is expected at this point but also loved.
Zach Pearson
Zach Pearson:
I’ve heard that the Xbox series x releases at Best Buy on November 22nd? Is this true?
Zombiekiller xj
Zombiekiller xj:
Getting the series x for Christmas and cant wait lol
Sony fanboy 😉 Keep up the great work bro.
Sliq ッ
Sliq ッ:
I like how they’ve kept batteries because when I had a PS4 I’d have to use a wire all the time when it’s out of charge and I could switch battery packs or nothing - Xbox allows you to either switch between battery packs or use batteries
Could just use a external hardrive that uses usb 3.1 I have the 8tb Microsoft seagate that I’ll be using with mine
Tony Dunn
Tony Dunn:
Controller is ace anyway. Glad they didn’t change that but would have liked a new dashboard exclusive to series x/s
Amin Molla
Amin Molla:
Most reliable reviewer. You are awesome.
Sophia Sorrells
Sophia Sorrells:
I have the Same chair as you lol 😂
Not quite sure why you called it a mixed bag?

Correct me if I'm wrong but the only "negatives" you mentioned that constituted your definition of mixed bag were the potential disappointment for some users in the same designed controller, the use of AA batteries in said controller and the existing graphical user interface?
Wagner Rocha
Wagner Rocha:
Having the option of batteries, recharge packs and wired is the best thing.. choices!
Can you make a video about console Vs. PC because I’m still deciding between them.
Ethan Bunch
Ethan Bunch:
Things that I feel he skipped on about the controller. Keep in mind its still a great hands on look at the Series X! I had bought an Xbox One controller recently for my pc gaming cause carrying a keyboard and mouse setup was just terrible and annoying. I loved my controller and was planning to keep it UNTIL my local Gamestop pointed out that since my warranty was still valid I could change it out for the new Series X controller and BOY OH BOY it was worth it. Yes mostly its the same but the whole thing has a much more premium and solid feel notably the triggers and the battery door. The triggers have been reshaped and textured to really feel more like a trigger. I didn't like the design of the Xbox One triggers they curved away too much but these with the design and texture feel amazing. Also the tactile feel of pressing the buttons is alot better and the only way I can truly describe it is a very premium feeling controller. The triggers and thumbsticks have a much less hollow sound and this just makes it much more enjoyable to use for me at least.
Kimmy B
Kimmy B:
will playstation be able to get an update to dolby atmos and hdr. i heard when you pause ps5 games they take you back to the load screen. which is ok but does it still remember were your up to
You forget to talk about "Game Pass" because this is one of the point for choosing the Xbox instead of PS5 ... I have Xbox one X waiting for change with series X and happy with my choice. Waiting because not available now in UK 🤣
Brayden Pender
Brayden Pender:
So anyone have the series x already?
I just wanted to know if it was worth it or if I should wait until all the bugs and issues are fixed first?
I’ve heard a lot of good reviews but with some problems like game’s crashing randomly and wanted to know if that was something major
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ⭕️
AA batteries are way better bro. Just get a few rechargables and you never actually have to plug in or dock the controller.
Nicolas Iannone
Nicolas Iannone:
Honestly, for me it’s all about where my friends will be playing. That’s the console I’ll get. Here’s to hoping for a universal cross-play future
Tim Timsen
Tim Timsen:
To come a long story short 😂
I think the green “light” on the top should actually be a light that you can adjust the brightness for.
Christian Löfqvist
Christian Löfqvist:
10:20 - You forgot to mention the option of buying it through 24 monthly payments bundled with Game Pass at a very attractive total cost!
The Last Century
The Last Century:
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I got mine yesterday and the fan keeps spinning even when it’s off.
No thought gone in to the controller at all. Could've done something with the battery. I bet it's still got the pins that bend when inserting a rechargable block.
Fbody Omar
Fbody Omar:
I sold my PS5 for 600 bucks got me the The X Series, love it way better especially playing Forza Horizon !
Bob Adragna
Bob Adragna:
enjoyed your review. I prefer the box design over Sony's, which although unique, will look dated after a few yesrs.
Nothing wrong with batteries. The rechargeable internal batteries die out and is a pain to replace. I have 3 PS4 controllers whose internal batteries died out within 2 months without even overcharging it and taking very good care of it. I'm fine with batteries.
steve duncan
steve duncan:
Tried getting the series X yesterday . Was in a que for two hours with Game UK and when it neared my turn the damned thing had sold out .
So it will be a while before I get to actually test the console.
The controller being the exact same is perfect. If they changed the controller ever I'd be mad.
$750 in Australia, is it worth it 👀
Static Elect.
Static Elect.:
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Please everyone, if this message is spiritually received... share to let others know...

Please allow this message to be spiritually received... share to let others know...

To believers and non believers, "THE FINAL JUDGEMENT," is at hand, know that what you choose and accept for your spirit (including your actions in the carnal), will be your eternal fate... You must be very cautious how you choose to live from here on out!
Please there are no lukewarm heavenly bodies in Heaven!!!
Choose now, in your heart and spirit, righteousness or evil?!!

Please everyone, if this message is spiritually received... share to let others know...
Does it support Ultrawide? (21:9)?
I preferred double a batteries when I only had one controller. I remember playing a game of fortnite back in the day and my controller turned off and I had to stop playing because I had to recharge.
Johnson videos
Johnson videos:
Can you use a wireless keyboard and mouse yet or is Microsoft still in 2003?
It's only 5% smaller if you compare volume, no influencer seems to acknowledge this, that's why there are still gaming journalists..
Michael Kelvin
Michael Kelvin:
I love the double A batteries. So easy to change and super reliable. I respect your opinion though.
So if you want the recharge controller you need to buy it separately
Russell Hall
Russell Hall:
Now I know what to tell my play station friends.
I won both, PlayStation consoles snd Xbox consoles. I still prefer batteries. You can make your choice of rechargeable batteries and keep recharging it, or to quickly replace them when needed while with ps4-ps5 either requires you to connect a usb cable to it and continue playing or to put it down and wait. For me the batteries are more convenient.
The Drone Guy
The Drone Guy:
I love it
I’ve never had a PlayStation and have always been an Xbox player but after seeing the new controller physics on 8-bit Ryan’s showcase of the PS5 I can say I’m do impressed and am switching to PS5, I will just use my Xbox one s
Jacquie Moffat
Jacquie Moffat:
I have one question with the backwards compatibility does that include gamepass games? Please respond