Xbox Series X Unboxing - The REAL Thing

Unboxing Microsoft's latest flagship console, the Xbox Series X.

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Laykay Olasope
Laykay Olasope:
I should be watching this in two year's time when I can actually afford one for myself.
His family must’ve despised giving him Christmas presents as a kid just for him to do massive reviews on it.
Usopp Solos Every Verse
Usopp Solos Every Verse:
As a playstation fan, this packaging is sexy af
Kunalic Kunal
Kunalic Kunal:
So this is what jealousy feels like
me as dad in 2050: Oh son, the new COD black ops 12 is out!
Son: Oh nice! but my ps11 has only 21TB left! Thats not enough!
Me: ._.
Charley Gilbert
Charley Gilbert:
Funny how ps4 fans was talking about xbox controllers being big but the ps5 changed to the same size as the xbox controller and they love it.
Noah Henry
Noah Henry:
Unpopular opinion: love the fact the batteries can be removed or replaced in the controller
I just came...everywhere..
Probably the coolest package ever for a system,love how they did it.
crs 3
crs 3:
Love the simple form factor looks like a compact pc
Call of Duty : “i’ll be taking that”
jami bennett
jami bennett:
Bro he's obviously dragging this video out to reach some type of time limit. He spent about 2 minutes observing a freaking battery...c'mon man
درية الدري
درية الدري:
I looked at my hands when he said “your Grimey hands” 😂
I love the new Design. It completly disappears in my living room.
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor:
While I’m getting the ps5, this looks like it will be a brilliant console! Have fun Xbox players
Series x: most powerful xbox ever!
Lew: I should hope so its the latest Xbox
Apple: iPhone 12 is the most powerful iPhone ever!
Lew: oh wow awesome!
Seattle Capitals
Seattle Capitals:
Comments on PS5 unboxing:
*"That controller is sexy af!*

Comments on X:SX unboxing:
*"Dude tryna hit the word cap on an essay."*
ghost rider
ghost rider:
This comment section is hilarious. How y'all fighting with each other 😂
Cameron Miller
Cameron Miller:
Who else think his voice has changed over the years
Atul Nair
Atul Nair:
Lew when a update comes to air pods pro : "imma go with an 18min video"

Lew when the most hyped product for the year (Xbox) arrives : "lets go with 9min video"
Paddy Gun
Paddy Gun:
Tech reviewers having the time of their lives right now with all these releases
R Teagy
R Teagy:
lmao, he sounds so excited in this one xD
dom taylor
dom taylor:
I remember the first time gta san andreas came out i had a 360 it was stood upright, my mom walks in my room "isnt it suppose to be be like this, while it's running flips it upside down" the sound the disc made 😬😭 shes a real one and we went to the store and bought another one she was pissed though 😁 love you ma 😂
The first xbox design is still my favorite.
This entire video sounds like he’s trying to hit a word count on an essay.
Jailen Washington
Jailen Washington:
Watched on Christmas because my parents some how got the series x I’m so happy and when every I get something new I watch a video of it happy holidays
Joey Delaney
Joey Delaney:
I feel like I need to pay you for the Battery 101.
Jeremy Pratt
Jeremy Pratt:
Dude. Continuing to allow the option to use AA's is genius. I've used rechargable AA's for years now and I have to say: the best combination ever. Rechargable, like all of the other proprietary battery packs, fast replacement, comparatively cheap, and ubiquitous standard. Unstoppable my friend.
I think the battery’s are still good
Iqrha Nafeel
Iqrha Nafeel:
I love how he never gets excited about anything
Diego Estrada188
Diego Estrada188:
I’m probably getting the series x next year when more games come out
Rockstar Raheem
Rockstar Raheem:
I love when they unbox the new controllers I dunno why
It’s built like a gaming desktop. Love it or leave it!
I like how its wrapped like a Christmas present
Hubbba Dubba
Hubbba Dubba:
sometimes it surprises me how much a YouTuber will talk to make there video longer
im going to make Lew very mad with this sentence “ You messed up on unboxing buddy”
Dinain Chandupa
Dinain Chandupa:
The background music gives me goosbumps
Ruchir T.
Ruchir T.:
"Don't Embrace the meme, be the meme"
Chace Elliott
Chace Elliott:
You just made me realize my kids are going to have no idea what the Energizer Bunny is
lazy gamer
lazy gamer:
Wow that packaging looks so good
You can tell he really likes it by the pitch of his voice.
GenX Autrucity
GenX Autrucity:
The skins for this are going to look sweet!!!
Karim Leon
Karim Leon:
they really built the model like an actual computer llool, dope cant wait to get it
Kenny Edsall
Kenny Edsall:
He spent 20 seconds admiring a battery lol
Azzan David
Azzan David:
We gotta appreciate the packaging man
Sinister One
Sinister One:
Finally Microsoft realizes their dream of putting a PC in your living room . Badass gaming rig
Typical Gamer
Typical Gamer:
His child will be so happy with a ps5 and xbox series X
Saad Bin Fahad
Saad Bin Fahad:
He must’ve gotten Duracell batteries for Christmas
How does homie never run out of something to say when he just unboxing a series x
You should review their new food version they released a trailer for it three days ago 😂😂
Maxine Bauman
Maxine Bauman:
omg... to see how far we have gotten in such a small amount of time.
A person I am
A person I am:
That bent corner on the box confirmed me this was a real unboxing.
Rupesh Kanth
Rupesh Kanth:
Lew: we always needed AA battery in earlier days.
Michael: OR DID YOOOUUU.....
Guy Man
Guy Man:
His family must have hated him on Christmas morning
Ray Jr
Ray Jr:
I Can't wait to Own these and Playing NBA 2k.
Tbh I actually love using batteries I hope they never stop making controller without batteries
Nipho Twala
Nipho Twala:
Damn my homie looked bored in this unboxing. Couldn't wait for it to finish😂
when I saw the duracels, I decided to buy a ps5
Under Review
Under Review:
So now you have the Ps5 and Series X!? Gamenight at Lew's place!
Dee _Shmoney420
Dee _Shmoney420:
It's the batteries for me 😂 team SONY ALL DAMN DAY AND NIGHT
Daleth Guerra
Daleth Guerra:
They're gona come out with a Halo Xbox Series X Edition...and that will be when I buy one lmao
Aaron Dunn
Aaron Dunn:
Finally get to unbox and play mine in the next 24 hours I feel like a child in a candy 🍭 store 🏬 right now lol
Sai Saran 18R-337
Sai Saran 18R-337:
i like how they thought of environment aspect aswell during packaging . Kudos microsoft mad respect
Lucky me, I’m getting both, I don’t discriminate!
i’ve been a playstation guy all my life but tht looks sick tbh
Efe özer
Efe özer:
when i see series x im realising it has a fridge they are joked selfs🤣
Bosun Hawk
Bosun Hawk:
6:58 There it is.
Cables are nice, controller is nice, I wanna see the big boy.
I just got the Xbox series x and it’s so good
Queen Persephone
Queen Persephone:
I think it's really cool and futuristic looking. I love how it lights up green when it's on. I certainly like it better than the all white Xbox Series S.
I remember coming to this guy when the xbox one and ps4 came out and wanted to see someone unbox it. Now I'm here again.
George Thomas
George Thomas:
I’ve seen 100s of his videos and suddenly realised I forgot what his name was.
Ajbarvaerd youtube
Ajbarvaerd youtube:
thaank god apple dont make console. other wise people have to buy the controller separate and to charge that controller a charger separate
Does the Round Disc on the bottom of the series X unscrew for more venting area?
스티커가 너무 깔끔하게 제거돼는데.. 저거 용팔이들이 좋아하겠는데 ...
I am super impressed with this design.
Alexander Ferguson
Alexander Ferguson:
It took forever but I was finally able to cop one off of best buy today.
The Pixel Dude
The Pixel Dude:
Don't we love watching things we can't afford 😂😭😂
They threw everything in a rectangle and called it a day
Cant wait to upgrade to this baby. My One X is gonna be jelly
Christopher Cruz
Christopher Cruz:
When you unbox a next-gen console and waste a solid minute talking about AA batteries in the process.
Kansas Man
Kansas Man:
Im getting this for Christmas for replacing my 360
Coochie man
Coochie man:
Me: see the video
Also me: looks towards the kidney
Kidney: Don't even think about it
With that design I'm guessing they gived up on JP market, huh
wow this packaging seems so much more of an experience compared to the ps5 being held by two egg cartons
How long is the included HDMI cable?
I like that it has AA batteries. I play without batteries plugged in, and it makes my controller lighter.
Lew: opening packaging
YouTube: here you go, 2 ads
Exauce Mayunga
Exauce Mayunga:
The controller still need batteries? Come on it's 2020🤣🤣
Star Lords
Star Lords:
I’ll wait for the slim version of the ps5 or the pro if they released them at the same time
The fastest most powerful Xbox ever? I never would have known
Legend says he kept talking about the Duracell battery instantly after the video ended
Josiah Ketterman
Josiah Ketterman:
Lew opening the PS5: “ITS A FREAKING SPACESHIP!”
Lew opening the Xbox: “well it’s a box”
Dylan Bonello
Dylan Bonello:
if someone bought me an Xbox i wouldn't even be happy lol
Mortal Death
Mortal Death:
so i have a question, the power cable for this, can I use one from an old console, the Xbox One X had the same figure of 8 power cable with no external brick, would that work with this?
Tj Mower
Tj Mower:
The PlayStation box seemed cheap and the system looks bulky weird. I’ve slowly went Xbox 🤷🏻‍♂️
taurusover9000 daniels
taurusover9000 daniels:
I'm still concerned about the reasoning behind hdmi instead of display port 2.0
Fero R.
Fero R.:
Fun fact : that’s no gameplays in this video
It’s unbox channel you know 💁🏻‍♂️
Drip 🔥
Thendo Khangale
Thendo Khangale:
If I had huge sums of cash I would definitely gey myself the PS5
Drake boxing
Drake boxing:
I’m probably just going to save up for a pc because I want to play on keyboard and mouse without people calling me gay