Xiaomi Mi 10 ULTRA - OMG.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Official Look & Unboxing Video. Full Specs 120W Charging, 120X Zoom, 50W Wireless charging & More. World's First Transparent TV is announced as well & More news. Xiaomi has shocked the world indeed.

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100+ comentarios:

Mi 10 Ultra: 760$
Samsung at 1000$: Hold my plastic.

These are very confusing times. 😂
The Everything G
The Everything G:
When ultra literally means ultra
Area of Interest
Area of Interest:
And In India we get Note20 Ultra with Exynos990 and only 256gb at $1400 🤦‍♂️
Abid Arshad Khan Hamza Amir Asadullah khan Asif
Abid Arshad Khan Hamza Amir Asadullah khan Asif:
Mi 10 ultra: 120w fast changing
Apple: No charger buy separately.
Delali Kwaw
Delali Kwaw:
Dear Samsung. This is an ultra phone with an ultra price. Especially in a pandemic. Wake up!!!
When other Smartphone companies hold back so they can milk a phone series year after year with small improvements... Xiaomi goes all out.😏
Abid Arshad Khan Hamza Amir Asadullah khan Asif
Abid Arshad Khan Hamza Amir Asadullah khan Asif:
2020 : 120w charging
2025 : No need to charge
Marsjey Hymn Casipit
Marsjey Hymn Casipit:
This Phone has insane specs:
120Hz Oled Display, 120X Zoom, 120W Fast Charging + 50W Wireless charging +10W reverse charging, what else 120% Battery Life?🤣 Good Pricing also. I've never seen such phone specs! Nicely Done by Xiaomi!
amanda chan
amanda chan:
Lmao why is everyone hating on this phone, xiao mi never claims all the technology was invented by them lol
Tomás Sabino
Tomás Sabino:
I don’t care what people say. For that price and those specs, I’ll leave Apple and buy this one
Bijoy Chandra Roy
Bijoy Chandra Roy:
iPhone makes a Phone
*Samsung makes it better*
Samsung mskes a Ultra phone
*Xiaomi makes it better*
I. Moon9
I. Moon9:
Meanwhile Samsung S20 ultra "I'm feeling embarrassed" after seeing the real ultra. 👍 😁
Based Boomer
Based Boomer:
I never thought of spending more than $600 on a phone but this... This is just amazing!
Imagine getting hearted by a person who got to be in the one plus NORD intro!!
Pip Hacker
Pip Hacker:
Best phone of world so far by Xiaomi ...im highly excited ♥️
CR _Boss
CR _Boss:
more interested in k30 ultra with notchless 120hz amoled in $300 - $400 price range.. incredible!!!
It's cool until the 120x photos were taken by a professional camera and the real world test will be the oil paint just like the s20 ultra
Gaming Cambo
Gaming Cambo:
Charger i'm 120watt fast charge
Battery : ahh shxt here we go again
aryaman Salaria
aryaman Salaria:
I guess samsung and lg will then create the industry leading transparent display! And this is just because of the competition
I usually don't like mi products but after seeing this phone I'm impressed
#Hash Techs
#Hash Techs:
Phone with such specs and this price...😱 Looks impossible bro 😍
Pavan Choenni
Pavan Choenni:
I love how there are alot of competitors to push all the other companies to do better
Julian HADDAD:
Xiaomi is officially the most innovative company.
Farhaanmohammed Hafees
Farhaanmohammed Hafees:
I am getting pissed off. Xiomi phones DXO mark scores are released in an instant while a samsung takes more than a month!!!
J Dutt
J Dutt:
Imagine , Xaomi hardware + Google Software. 😍
Harry Wexler Jr. MBA
Harry Wexler Jr. MBA:
Love this company, they're so daring. Wish we had a company like them in U.S.
F C S Music
F C S Music:
black colour is out of look is AWESOME 🥰
I want to get this one in Europe. I don't know if it comes out and when. In Netherlands we do have a lot of xiaomi phones.
jessie bunso
jessie bunso:
What the heck $700...
Awesome good job xiaomi.
Henry Giovani
Henry Giovani:
Parousia Phycho
Parousia Phycho:
Trump: We will ban the sale of Xiaomi phones in the US because they are made in China XD
Xiaomi will never cheat us with their pricing. I have faith
jimmy öström
jimmy öström:
I'm so excited about this phone.. I think it will be totally crazy, I would love to see a full review and a detailed camera test..
Chin Kao Song
Chin Kao Song:
Did everyone know apple sell type c cable for $129? 😅
Imzan Imthiyaz
Imzan Imthiyaz:
Xiaomi - we have transparent TV with 120Hz

Apple - we have a notch with 60Hz in 2020
LG ThinQ74
LG ThinQ74:
LG has made Transparent TV before though
Julian HADDAD:
Xiaomi doesn’t want money.
It only wants what’s best for the user.
Apple and Samsung are no longer king.
Darth Raider
Darth Raider:
Xiaomi taking Huawei’s spot in the innovation game
nice, in like 2 years when my phone breaks and this is like $250 I'll grab it
Sean Paul Dico
Sean Paul Dico:
Damn i thought this phone would cost 1000+$
Civin Babu
Civin Babu:
Note 20 ultra exynos version review and testing plz
And how to get a snapdragon one in India
Plz tell me bruh !!!!
morning star
morning star:
LG already has a transparent TV
I've never once looked at my TV and thought, I wish I could see through it
Kevin Payne
Kevin Payne:
Damn! I just brought the MI note 10 lite now this happens 😭
Kashif 'Kashifryo' Saeed
Kashif 'Kashifryo' Saeed:
Damn !! i always had a faith in Xiaomi . This will be my next phone, insha'Allah
Definitely going to be my next phone if I can get it in the USA! PLEASE! My current phone is the OnePlus 7 pro. This would be the perfect upgrade!
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh:
50 W wireless charging. DUDE🔥🔥🔥🔥
NoMan Qazı
NoMan Qazı:
120W Charging 🔥🔥
It just takes 25 to 35 mins
The thickness look too thick!
Isaiah ii
Isaiah ii:
If I could get this in the US and it would work on Verizon I would cancel my Note 20 Ultra order!
Gk Simon
Gk Simon:
I just saw this on Facebook and suddenly my notifications pop up. This is super spec king
Samuel Lai
Samuel Lai:
The 120w fast charging is gonna wreck that battery in weeks lmfao
jay punzalan
jay punzalan:
Xiaomi on every high end smartphone: Letme show you how its done
Is it watchable from both sides? (on the other side just mirrored)
Roberto Bernardez
Roberto Bernardez:
I love to see the review of this phone.🤩
Abdullah Nadeem
Abdullah Nadeem:
Ultra instinct 2.0🔥🔥
Siddhanth Kuber
Siddhanth Kuber:
if samsung drops one of these surely i will go for no matter the cost...

i may be prejudiced'
Mario Charles
Mario Charles:
They are coming back and strong!
Sky PC
Sky PC:
this phone is so amazing with these features
Wissam Baraka
Wissam Baraka:
That's a flagship phone, just waiting for it to get released so I can buy one, it got everything you need in a phone with a good price
Adrian Dayrit
Adrian Dayrit:
Still waiting for the time you can just watch your battery percentage go up patiently. Lmao
Park King Lot 파크 킹 로트
Park King Lot 파크 킹 로트:
Got to hold my temptation till dec. there is a lot more to come😎
On fire 🔥️🔥️🔥
I want this, unless samsung is going to blow my mind with the Galaxy S21
Tamz Hamz
Tamz Hamz:
wow, i might jut leave the iphone! lets wait and see what it is really like when the reviews come out
[ஶ]A[\]ES[-] II
[ஶ]A[\]ES[-] II:
Dope TV. Hope I can buy this tv one day🤞🏻
sherri moquin
sherri moquin:
To be honest i would actually want to have one of those transparent tvs
Water 2 Wine
Water 2 Wine:
I’m honestly pretty shocked. Holy 💩
i love israel
i love israel:
i still used my brandnew iphone 5w charger hahaha 10years old innovation
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth:
finallya phone with features that matches the ''ULTRA'' name, Xiaomi are stepping up 🔥🔥
Charles Shi
Charles Shi:
Peej Bautista
Peej Bautista:
XIAOMI LOVER!!!!! XIAOMI FOREVER!!!!! GOD BLESS XIAOMI FOREVER!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dimitris Jk
Dimitris Jk:
Where the hell we'll be arrive with this tech...?! 😂 Insane
That's a mini camcorder with smartphone featured and I loved it ☺ 😊 😁 😂
Yahya Anwar
Yahya Anwar:
Now thats Ultra 🔥
Francesco Mollo
Francesco Mollo:
Mi 10: Yey I have a lot of spec look at me..
UX: Care about me first
Brian CoolGuy
Brian CoolGuy:
If it has IP rating, then im going to sell my s20 ultra and replace it with the real ULTRA
Laskai Tamás
Laskai Tamás:
Ooay. Its time to switch from my S10.
it's Adil
it's Adil:
Is it really exit😍🔥
Jakin Lee
Jakin Lee:
uh the note 10 can charge in 30 min.... whats the point of having a 150w charger if its literally a few min dif lmfao
Xiaomi is the new Huawei!
Mathew George
Mathew George:
Xiaomi, you have my respect. Been a samsung fanboi for nearly a decade since the release of the original note. But samsung is not promising in the recent times...
Umair Khadim
Umair Khadim:
Xiami isn't the first to launch that LCD!
LG has also transparent tv's
Chirode Vlad
Chirode Vlad:
WOW this phone can be my next phone! And all the stuff what the China and that part of world offer it's crazy. I think now the Samsung must be really really good to say I want a Samsung flagship. Great job Xiaomi!!! America only make a delay and they can't really keep up, I think they need a better strategy and work all together , will be better for everyone!
Noe Perez
Noe Perez:
brand loyalty is over for me with Samsung after having the audacity to price the ultra that why. looking into one plus for my next phone
Shams Saeed
Shams Saeed:
Notification gang
Vivian D'Souza
Vivian D'Souza:
If I'm ever gonna buy a flagship.. ik what im gonna buy now
Concepts King
Concepts King:
Please do a smartphone giveaway, I really need a new phone
Johnny Watson
Johnny Watson:
2020: 23 minutes to full charge;
2030: phone explodes when stroked.
Wow this is really a beast in the Camera & charging sector.
Kishan Das
Kishan Das:
What about bloatware: ©leanmaster😂😂😂
Julian HADDAD:
1:18 what about vivo x50 pro plus?
Mashu Maro
Mashu Maro:
When you say it only coz $760, I was like "What!?"
rence friday24
rence friday24:
Insane camera set up! Whew
IG: rencefriday
Black Cancer
Black Cancer:
This monster is certainly PACKED 🔥
Mr.Bhagawan ji
Mr.Bhagawan ji:
This is amazing phone come to india sir plz tell me
JohnRey Pines
JohnRey Pines:
It defines its name. Well played Xiaomi, well played.
Yaw Poku
Yaw Poku:
That means no QHD plus display 🙃