Yehya: Handyman for the Stars - Fred Willard - PART 1

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Fred Willard needs a handyman to fix a few things up, and Yehya is just the man for the job.

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Noel Abrera
Noel Abrera:
One of the greatest character actors ever . RIP Fred Willard
Damn. He was 86. Forgot how old he was. He was a young soul even in his 80's. Comedic legend!
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali:
R.I.P. Fred Willard.😢
Caty Lynch
Caty Lynch:
R.I.P. , Fred Willard.
How delightful it has been to see his "news maker" interviews with you.
Please accept, and extend my condolences, to Mr. Willard's family.
Joser Maiz
Joser Maiz:
Rip Fred Willard
RIP Fred Willard

Was a nice, funny man. Will be missed greatly by millions. Thanks for all the laughs!
Wilfred Raymond
Wilfred Raymond:
Always laughed and LOVED Fred Willard. SO sorry he's gone. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel for giving Fred the airtime and net videos. Fred will be seriously missed.
Kristi Schutt
Kristi Schutt:
Such a breath of fresh air. This one stings. Rip 🙏
Vermithrax Pejorative
Vermithrax Pejorative:
Fred Willard has been a comedy fixture for me my entire life. I was so glad to see him on Jimmy Kimmel these last years. A gentleman and legend who will never be replaced. RIP.
Walter's Heart
Walter's Heart:
Loved this man. He had the best dry delivery in show business. He also seemed like a very sweet man. RIP
brendan colliander
brendan colliander:
Fred Willard isn't dead he's in all our heart's
Deborah Shaw
Deborah Shaw:
I’m so sorry, I know he was a friend.
Christa Woods
Christa Woods:
Jimmy was the first person I thought of . Fred is an American legend
Always loved Fred Willard. RIP in Heaven.
John House
John House:
Jerry Stiller - comic legend, Little Richard - architect of Rock n Roll, but this one REALLY hits hard. I grew up with him, on TV and films for over 40 years, he will be sorely missed.
New Message
New Message:
As sad as I am, he still managed to make me laugh.
Don Moore
Don Moore:
Ah the memories of Fred on Fernwood and America Tonight. The 70's were frigging awesome, and Fred helped make them so. Later, the sleeper Best in Show showed off his sense of humor for a new generation. Rest in Peace, sir, and thank you so much for the entertainment and laughs!
Maria Amaro
Maria Amaro:
RIP, I always laughed with his appearances on Jimmy Kimmel.
RIP Fred.
The greatest deadpan actor.
RIP Fred we love you and your quirky humor. Our lives are richer for having known you. Thank You for the Laughter. 💔😢😫
Anonymous Rebel
Anonymous Rebel:
I can't tell you how many safety violations I saw...I lost count when he didn't know Fred's name! 😱
katherine A. Rodgers
katherine A. Rodgers:
Fernwood Tonight! RIP lovely, funny man. It was always fun to see him on Jimmy's show!
"Won't you come into my garden? I would love my roses to see you" Wow, Fred knew how to melt a woman's heart with words, huh?

Brilliant actor. Quick-witted. Smart. SO FUNNY.
Fozzie Bear
Fozzie Bear:
I grew up laughing at Fred Willard on TV. When his face showed up, I knew the show would be funny. I feel like I have lost one of my funniest uncles. I love and miss you, Fred. Rest in the very best neighborhood in heaven, my uncle.
I loved Fred on Fernwood tonight some 43 years ago!
Margaret E
Margaret E:
Always loved watching him. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. 💗
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts:
There’s a “part 2” to this video FYI
Lucky Ed.
Lucky Ed.:
"Hit The Bricks Dawg" 😂🤦🏻 R.I.P Fred Willard
Amy Elizabeth
Amy Elizabeth:
Aww. RIP Fred Willard, you were a genius character actor.
Darrell Powell
Darrell Powell:
Fred was such a great man and actor, sadly missed but never forgotten. RIP Fred.
Jim R
Jim R:
You're my Hero Fred Willard, the whole world is going to miss you rest in peace, GOD bless you.
RIP Fred. We'll miss you + all your hilarious characters. 😔
Comical Realm Animations
Comical Realm Animations:
Yehya should do standup
Frank Stidham
Frank Stidham:
Fred was a clever,
funny man & a really good hearted human being. He will be missed & remembered.
Wilson Crystal
Wilson Crystal:
May he Rest In Peace! 😿
White Alliance
White Alliance:
I mean fix the description bro wth! You know fred just passed away! Dont post this as if its about yaya!
Marc Rosales
Marc Rosales:
Please make a montage of all his skits at JKL. He will be greatly missed.
A C:
RIP Fred!😪
Oceanside Affirmations
Oceanside Affirmations:
Best in Show - Dog Show Commentator. Priceless. RIP Fred. We miss You already.
Jo ann Green
Jo ann Green:
I love Fred Willard he was in a Steven king movie Salem's lot the way he ran out the door in his underwear and had a heart attack because he ran into the vampire priceless the look on his face he will be missed he was a good actor and comedian
D Mac Attack
D Mac Attack:
R.I.P Legend 🥺
Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan:
Rip Fred man
John Booker's Full spectrum
John Booker's Full spectrum:
Thank you sweet Lord for Fred.
Ene Obande
Ene Obande:
oh dear, he died?...he was a lovely man, RIP.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith:
God bless him. He's been around as long as I can remember.
White Alliance
White Alliance:
0:48 wow Rip man. You was the principle from how high... Very funny movie. Very funny guy
Ilex Evergreen
Ilex Evergreen:
Love you, Fred! Waiting For Guffman, Best in Show, The Golden Girls, Jimmy Kimmel skits. What a sweet & funny man <3
Yo! WUT?
Yo! WUT?:
I’m gonna miss Fred Willard. Very funny and kind man
Mr Fantastic I am
Mr Fantastic I am:
Yehya is definitely Egyptian, and just reminds me of a distant relative on my dad's side.
RIP Fred Willard! 😢
Fred will be missed! R.I.P
i loved him in everybody loves raymond and in a lot of the movie he acted in he was so funny
RIP Fred, you are so loved, respected, and will be greatly missed.
Awwww, so sad to hear this!
Bryan Valentino
Bryan Valentino:
I don't usually do this but you always made me laugh. You gave off the aura of a funny uncle and a nice man. I was saddened when I heard the news.
Keto Magneto
Keto Magneto:
Loved him ever since Fernwood 2night.
SAR Amen
SAR Amen:
I remember him 3 year ago 🤣
Linus Manus Umulius
Linus Manus Umulius:
Grønn sal ute.... Grønn sal inne..... Hallo tvilling Mike & Mike <3
Lutha B
Lutha B:
The one, the only, the great, Fred Willard. Missing him already. RIP dear Fred!
N. Joel
N. Joel:
Hey! That looks exactly like my bucket and screws assortment! How did Yehya get it?? I'm going out to check my truck right now..brb!
Fabian Hachur
Fabian Hachur:
Bye Mr. Fred Willard. You've preceded us in the walk of life. Let's treat with respect your memory.
Darien GB
Darien GB:
RIP Wall- E 😭😭😭
Zero Two's Juicy Butt
Zero Two's Juicy Butt:
Why watch talkshows when you can just talk to yourself?
Reaper Mack
Reaper Mack:
Haven't seen a cordless drill like that since to 90s
Lol! 🤣 Sure going to miss him. R.i.P. Fred. :'(
Yehya is lovely, salt of the earth. 😊
Blueberry Soup
Blueberry Soup:
Love Ya, big guy! ... will miss you <3
Hype Highlights
Hype Highlights:
RIP Fred Willard. A true Jimmy Kimmel legend.
Yeah give him second
Chuyin Maldi
Chuyin Maldi:
Did Jimmy Kimmel go bold? His hair looks very artificial.
I always thought he was Jimmy Kimmel's dad.
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor:
Such a talent! RIP, Fred!
Does no one finds it weird that will last episode in modern family also was about his ill health and he dying... Does no one remembers it ??
Dawne McCraw
Dawne McCraw:
RIP you will be missed Fred Willard
Go Texas Rangers Al Bundy MLB
Go Texas Rangers Al Bundy MLB:
RIP Fred Willard
mohammed shahil
mohammed shahil:
You gained weight jimmy
Yeyha is a legend
Peter Darmanian
Peter Darmanian:
R.I.P. Fred.
Hamzah Saman
Hamzah Saman:
Love Yahya ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gene West
Gene West:
RIP in Fred!
Kawaiipusheenlove Xoxo
Kawaiipusheenlove Xoxo:
Rip 🙏🏾💔💔
Glen west
Glen west:
Prayers to his family. A very funny guy .
So sad indeed rest in peace
M J:
God bless Fred 👍🕺
Indrid Cold
Indrid Cold:
Jimmy Kimmel was on epsteins plane.
Aiden Lerner
Aiden Lerner:
Jimmy with a beard or without???
Charles Lee III
Charles Lee III:
Is Yehya a locksmith, too?
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson:
Fernwood 2 NIght FOREVER!
Why split the video into two parts?
Rest in paradise!😇🙏
Alexander Leal
Alexander Leal:
Rest In Peace.
Fotios Toromidis
Fotios Toromidis:
Cool Jimmy. Great Guy
Erik Jones
Erik Jones:
Thank you fred for all the smiles
Karen Ranem
Karen Ranem:
RIP Grandpa Dunphy
Jason Swift
Jason Swift:
RIP Fred Willard 😥
R.I.P Fred
Carlos Antonio Pineda San Martin
Carlos Antonio Pineda San Martin:
Ríp fred willard
Edward Blair
Edward Blair:
Just a few days ago I saw he was in the credits for the new Netflix comedic drama show "Space Force" which was especially appropriate since he stared in the 70s TV comedy show of the same name. I only know this because Jimmy Kimmel showed us the promo clip for the show on his show.
I hope they got enough footage of him for at least a few episodes, and not decide to drop his character from the new show completely.