Everyone knows Yerry Mina and Richarlison love celebrating goals with a few dance moves - so we decided to send them to Much Woolton's Everton School Supporters' Club to teach the pupils! See if the kids can follow Richarlison's famous pigeon dance (Dança do Pombo) or if they can keep up with Yerry's Colombian salsa steps! Who do you think is the better dancer? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ comentarios:

Josh Stephens
Josh Stephens:
Mina enjoyed himself more than the kids aha 😂💙
Ricardo Jimenez
Ricardo Jimenez:
Yerry y la liendra cracks 😂
Cuong Truong
Cuong Truong:
It's impossible to not like Yerry Mina.
Paula Sotelo JB
Paula Sotelo JB:
Hizo El Paso del “pirulino” 😂🇨🇴
Grande Yerry
Yerry and Richy seem like they've got good heads on their shoulders, lucky to have them at our club
Junior De La Cruz Hilario
Junior De La Cruz Hilario:
A jerry se le siente una humildad única grande Colombia Saludos desde Perú
dudes tv
dudes tv:
Yerry Mina is so funny
Paulo Santos
Paulo Santos:
Muito bom! Dois craques, dentro e fora de campo. América Latina dominando o mundo!
Juan Camilo Salcedo
Juan Camilo Salcedo:
Yerry tiró "Pedro el Escamoso" lo amo!
South America got sauce😂😂😂🔥
Nelson Andres Aristizabal Vergara
Nelson Andres Aristizabal Vergara:
Min: 2:54 EL PASE DEL PIRULINO 😂😂😂 grande Yerri Mina todavía recuerdo el gol de cabeza en minuto de reposición a Inglaterra en el mundial de Rusia 2018
Dave Walker
Dave Walker:
Yerry is such a character!!!
Sam Law
Sam Law:
Man it must be hard not to love Yerry lol
Rhys Jones
Rhys Jones:
Mina is too funny. 😭😭😭
Hope Mina scores more
So we can see him celebrates
King Sound
King Sound:
Min. 2:50 El Panita internacionalizando el "Pirulino" desde tiempos inmemoriales!! 👂🏿🖐🏿💥💥
creator cuatro
creator cuatro:
Jjajajajja ese yerry Mina es un loquillo
liam sung
liam sung:
I love yerry mina
Jorge Buitrago
Jorge Buitrago:
2:50 pirulino se pego una borrachera :v
Arsenal: Attackinkg.
Everton defence: 0:00
Zero Point
Zero Point:
This defiantly puts a smile on my face😂⚽️🔵
Oliver Woodcock
Oliver Woodcock:
The girl in the yellow at the front with Yerry absolutely smashes it, go on lol 🙌👍
Duvan Hernández
Duvan Hernández:
Un personaje ese minaaa jejeje...
Scouse Submariner 1878
Scouse Submariner 1878:
Love the way Yerry throws himself into everything !!
Gareth Millington
Gareth Millington:
It’s a good job it wasn’t Delph and Siggy doing this, Delph would probably get injured and Siggy would be hiding in the corner hoping not to be seen 😉😂
Nick E.F.C Mort
Nick E.F.C Mort:
Wow Big Yerry can actually move ya know?!!..He a good dancer!..So Big Yerry if u wasn't a footballer lol
Oh my god! This is amazing.
1:47 sacala del angulo trueno,escucha esa entrada perfecta
i am me
i am me:
Of course when i leave the school is when they come-
Mark Jones
Mark Jones:
Awesome moves by Mina👍👍👍👍👍👍
Donald Duck
Donald Duck:
Greatest ‘peoples’ club in the world. This is why!
Juan Carlos Munoz
Juan Carlos Munoz:
I liked. Is funny I see the guys smile and dance with our dance latín. All for the happiness of children school
Daniel Melendez
Daniel Melendez:
Mina the best ❤️ adorable how he it’s playing with the angels 😍
Nick E.F.C Mort
Nick E.F.C Mort:
Ha ha Richarlison cracks me up LMAO!!!..The enjoyment on his face lol!..Can see he appreciates it ,means a lot to him!!!...Quality!!!💙
Thendo Raphalalani
Thendo Raphalalani:
Honestly such a precious video
Matthew Jeffs
Matthew Jeffs:
AAhahahahahah hilarious gotta love it!!! Mina is in his element, great man.
Everton de Carvalho
Everton de Carvalho:
Hahaha awesome!! Hello from Brazil!
Mark Fraser
Mark Fraser:
Wonderful community involvement, outstanding! Well done lads.
Graham Lloydy
Graham Lloydy:
Great to see the fellas doing that with the kids brilliant bravo both of you 💙
Julio César Betin Arce
Julio César Betin Arce:
Pirulino Yerry Mina 😅🇨🇴🤟
steve ferninho
steve ferninho:
Good on them. They seemed to have a good time making the kids’ day with big smiles on their faces.
MAX Juniour
MAX Juniour:
thts grt stafff
big up Mina n Richarlison 😂
Wilmer Adrian Morales Rodriguez
Wilmer Adrian Morales Rodriguez:
Yerri Mina Crack 💛💙❤️ 🏆
Lack of Luck & PaZ
Lack of Luck & PaZ:
I hope everton' fans enjoy a bit of yerry mina' spirt.
dababy Entertainment
dababy Entertainment:
Yerry is tha most coolest soccer player I'v ever seen!✨🎇
That was brilliant.
What a great pair of lads.
This just cracks me up. Keep the celebrations handy boys!
romelu lukaku
romelu lukaku:
Yerry mina is God
Jeremie Kapako
Jeremie Kapako:
This man deadass twerked I front of 5yr old kids 😂
Maria Camila Parra Arevalo
Maria Camila Parra Arevalo:
Hahaha Yerry Mina represents to all the Colombians, so happy and love to dance!
Dave Walker
Dave Walker:
Richy seems to have a fun and extremely serious switch!! Takes his football very seriously but is able to be fun with the kids. Love it!!!!
Jhonnatan Zapata
Jhonnatan Zapata:
Bien Mina , siempre con su buen humor !👏🏽👏🏽🇨🇴
informátic soft
informátic soft:
Grande mina
Proud to be a fan of this team 💙
Amazing this 😂
Dave Walker
Dave Walker:
carlos peñaloza
carlos peñaloza:
Calidoso Yerry💪💪
Zero Point
Zero Point:
I’ve never seen better dancers love you blues come on
Best football club in the world 💙
Lewis Crane
Lewis Crane:
I love Richy too much man
Vanesa Cruz
Vanesa Cruz:
their chemistry is fantastic, make them do a best friend test
Come on! Yerry lets do it in Barranquilla too.
The lads 💙
Djsjtj 1
Djsjtj 1:
My old school up the toffees
Hayley Lee
Hayley Lee:
Boss this 👌🏻💙 love ritchie & yezza 😁
José Javier Capera
José Javier Capera:
Excellent, the peace from integration of music and dance.
Mina is so cute
ee mobile
ee mobile:
Yerry mina what a funny guy type of player in dressing room
Kieran Haze
Kieran Haze:
Wish I was as happy as King Yerald
The Thanos Gaming
The Thanos Gaming:
Richarlison feels more pressure while dancing than playing football 😂
MP5K 03
MP5K 03:
😂 best video ever I love Mina
Marcel Gräve de Oliveira
Marcel Gräve de Oliveira:
Só de olhar pro pombo já dá vontade de rir! Dois baita jogadores! Parabéns
Tommy Sanchéz
Tommy Sanchéz:
This make My day... Grande Yerri
Travis Smith
Travis Smith:
This guy😂
Fernando Quiroz
Fernando Quiroz:
Luis Guilherme
Luis Guilherme:
Pombo voando alto kkkkkk
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor:
Love it 😂🔵💙
Bolaji Aiyegboyin
Bolaji Aiyegboyin:
Mina loves dance class than football.not an insult but a compliment.
Gustavo Lima
Gustavo Lima:
Sou fã !!!! 🇧🇷❤❤
Paulinho Gomes
Paulinho Gomes:
Esses caras e essas crianças são feras 👏👏👏🤙🇧🇷
I love Yerry Mina!
Daniel Gordon
Daniel Gordon:
Absolutely Fantastic 👍👍👍
ricardo silva
ricardo silva:
Muito massa!
Harouna Diallo
Harouna Diallo:
Amazing 😉
didier andres
didier andres:
Mina =Happy :)
Edenilson Santos
Edenilson Santos:
Juan Alfredo Castillo Lezcano
Juan Alfredo Castillo Lezcano:
Grande Mina, salUdos desde PerU
Grande Yerri Orgullo Caucano✌
yury zirckov
yury zirckov:
Richarlyson com uma cara de ma vontade da porra
Johnny Rios
Johnny Rios:
La liendra ya haciendo videos con Yerry Mina, ejemplo de superación. RESPECT ✊
Rodrigues Araújo
Rodrigues Araújo:
Os cara foram engraçado mas a montagem do vídeo foi muito ruim
JECA 1990
JECA 1990:
Mina 😂🤣🤣🤣
Lol I used to go to that school
Fredy G Grisales
Fredy G Grisales:
ซาพิว ไวอู
ซาพิว ไวอู:
Nelson Osorio
Nelson Osorio:
Ese Yerry está Melo saludos papi
John Platania
John Platania:
simon fisher
simon fisher:
I love this yay this is the best can’t believe its my school doing it this tho ᴡᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏ ♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎
Hakim Hakim
Hakim Hakim: