YouTuber Myka Stauffer Admits to 'RE-HOMING' Adopted Son From China

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YouTuber, Myka Stauffer revealed that she and her husband James re-homed their autistic adopted son from China with a new family after making content with him on their social media channels for years.
But in recent months, Huxley had gone missing from their social media posts, causing fans to wonder what happened. Myka and James finally opened up to their fans about the hard decision they had to make to rehome Huxley in their most recent YouTube video.

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100+ comentarios:

Sarah Leone
Sarah Leone:

If it was her birth son who was autistic they would not have “re-homed” him
The crying was so fake, it the kid was biological they would not have given him away
Gabby cruz
Gabby cruz:
She did not love him this woman used the boy
They are despicable with their crocodile tears! They are trying to convince everyone that THEY are the victims in this decision. They’re absolutely disgusting🤦🏼‍♀️
They absolutely did know. You can look back at her own vlogs. They specifically asked to adopt a special needs child, filled out forms checking off every single specific disability they would be "okay" with. And discussed his medical records and CT scans with 9 different specialists. This was all before the adoption. She claims that doctors tried to persuade her to not adopt him, and she told them no, saying "my child is not returnable". Them claiming they didn't know is utter bullshit.
Carolyn Chikomo
Carolyn Chikomo:
I'm absolutely disgusted especially considering she went out her way to find a special needs child to adopt.
tae mai
tae mai:
She had an interview on “What Adapting My Autistic Son Has Taught Me”? Well, what did she learn? To give up a child who calls you mommy?
I honestly disagree with what they did. If he was their biological child, they would have continued seeking treatment and support with his autism. But since they saw him as an outsider, it was easier for them to give him up to another family. You say you have unconditional love to whoever you adopt but then when suddenly there are struggles to overcome, it's easier to just give him away rather than to fight for a better life together. Some people are hypocritical and seem to give up easily with adopted children than biological ones.
Hype There
Hype There:
I appreciate fake crying and tears hope their channel and IG will be banned..
Michelle Lucado
Michelle Lucado:
My son is autistic and I couldn't imagine giving him away because he was difficult. A 2 year olds behavior can be difficult, autism is challenging. To watch my son work through challenges and is now 27, high-functioning, drives, works and now has a child. There are peaks and valleys in every life situations, it's how life's situations are handled is what matters. I understand they think Huxley is being helped by giving him away, but, I believe with all my heart, they took the easy way out!!
Lauren Allmeyer
Lauren Allmeyer:
Poor baby. Imagine when he gets older and being told that he was given up by his original family because he was too difficult to deal with. So sad, I hope he is with a family that doesn’t treat him like a toy that can be returned.
Oh how I pray his "new mommy" starts a YouTube channel.
who just gives away their child? idgaf if he’s adopted, he felt part of that family. makes me sick.
Minh Phung
Minh Phung:
He made them money; they became influencers because of him; neither of them work full time; they get to stay home while wearing $6000 bracelets and Louis Vuitton. They decided to have another biological child and maybe more but can’t handle him. I’m glad he is gone; these people don’t deserve him; watching them it was obvious they didn’t love him the same, but I hoped that they would try; I hope he is with the people who truely love him now
Sunny T
Sunny T:
They literally just used him for money
Anna Dang
Anna Dang:
Ashley Figueroa
Ashley Figueroa:
Meanwhile this family went to Bali shortly after returning the poor child to “grieve.” Her followers are somehow still defending their actions 😒
Colleen Creates
Colleen Creates:
Their crying was so fake. I think they are disgusting. I hope the other children dont become disabled or sick. They will rehome them also
Penny Johnson
Penny Johnson:
Their tears are FAKE and FORCED! They used that precious child as a money making tool for their channel :(
Melina C
Melina C:
Imagine adopting a child knowing they have special needs and then giving him away because it’s too much. Didn’t think humans could stoop any lower but I was proved wrong. My heart goes out to him because of the trauma he could be experiencing right now
When professionals told them he needed more, I’m sure they meant more help and not giving him away. They chose the easy way and what’s ironic is that he seemed to have adjusted well, bonded especially with Jim and was even doing crafts, smiling and dancing on the videos etc
chris k
chris k:
the victim here is huxley. who got his interest? who represent his voice? where is he for real?...if they have the odacity to document his adoption journey, make it a complete one. make the video of him going to a legit 'forever family' us that he is not being pass around like baton...he is not a baton!!...he is a child, nonverbal autistic kid. he has been manipulated, unloved, neglected, mistreated and abandoned. my heart and prayer goes out for him...i am an autism mommy...
avisha kumar
avisha kumar:
Ok but won't this seperation effect him on top of everything he's already going through.🥺🥺
“Forever family” is what you say when dogs get adopted out ... right 🤔
jay blanke
jay blanke:
Performative crying is so easy to spot that I’m constantly surprised when these kind of sociopaths think they can get away with it. Mind boggling
Fulana de Tal
Fulana de Tal:
The only reason they cried is because they're losing subs...
iidirectioner_ swiftieii forever
iidirectioner_ swiftieii forever:
I actually feel bad for the baby boy , not the family cause this little boy have obviously been loving his family since he was a baby and suddenly his family sent him to another place . Just think what trauma the boy will be suffering without his other siblings and the parents who he called his mom and dad . I just hope the boy be happy forever 💙💙💙
Howard Kahn
Howard Kahn:
Re-homed. What a sweet way to let people know you abandoned your child.
Yo Lo
Yo Lo:
He said that “we truly love him” but if that was true you wouldn’t just let him go. The little boy wants to be happy and that family didn’t give him that
beverly dejesus
beverly dejesus:
They need to get off social media and quit this “family channel” not okay
Charles Monroe
Charles Monroe:
This is awful, they abandoned him during his most important developmental stage. Pure neglect, going on vacations without their son. This hurts my heart man.
Dad: We truly love him (not as much as the many cars I'm gonna be busy detailing).
My brother is autistic and NOT ONCE did my parents consider giving him away. He needs love, not “medical treatments”, this is disgusting.
Not Red Robyn
Not Red Robyn:
I’ve watched several of their Instagram videos. I’m glad he is with someone else, she was not a good mother for him. Poor Hux didn’t deserve a life where he was just a social media accessory.
Alex W
Alex W:
This is sick.
I'm glad they had an opportunity for catharsis and to "cry" for their public; What about Huxley's tears? - I imagine there were many considering he must now feel like a timeshare commodity.

Youtube should immediately demonetise these people.
I wonder if she drop him off at a homeless shelter.
I can’t imagine be him, I would be so sad 😞
They went on vacation right when they got rid of him, that's how disgusting they are. They threw him out like trash, and used all the money they made from Huxley, and went on vacation.
Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson:
Never heard of her before this... and I'm glad.
• audrey •
• audrey •:
you cant just bring a kid all the way from china to start a new life and suddenly "rehome" him and make him go through it again
They wanted to be seen as a "white saviour" adopting a child but when going gets tough they need to get rid of him because having a child with any form of disabilities doesn't fit with their social media life
Jessica B
Jessica B:
This isn't a puppy he's a human being.
Blank Dragyn
Blank Dragyn:
Shes just being hypocritical when you watch her videos about getting ready to get him in 2017/18
Esohe Ob.
Esohe Ob.:
Okay "re-home" is a better word for "re-turn"
Glenn Johnson
Glenn Johnson:
This boils down to:

"This money making device is no longer making money. I have to think about the business before lives, therefore I have taken the hard decision to decommission the defective device."
Bad Mom
Bad Mom:
“Rehome?????”....WTF?!?!?’ They just made up that term & fake tears?!!!
So if this poor kid was biologically theirs would they have given him too another family too? 🤨 Hope this gorgeous boy has the best childhood and a stable Family 💖💖💖
If your truly love (not loved as he said) you wouldn’t have given him up.
Victoria Mathew
Victoria Mathew:
When you have a kid even adopted you can’t just give them back!!!
M M:
they had him for YEARS. It’s not as if they had him for a few weeks and changed their minds. He’s been in their family for years. Poor kid
Ariana Ulibarri
Ariana Ulibarri:
This down right upsetting Huxley needs justice! Myka you knew what you were signing up for when adopted a child with special needs you have to understand children with these disabilities see the world differently and do not operate the same as other people. I’m sorry but I also I have never heard of medical professionals recommending that you give up your child for adoption I could only see that happening if your broke homeless mom that can’t take care of her children cause you can’t afford and we all know you certainly not that position at all. She obviously doesn’t want to go out her way and make the effort. Myka’s video about giving him away with her husband also absolutely makes me down right sick the both of them look like they are fake crying for the video. For the people who disagree with me just know I am older sister of little 5 year old brother who has autism who has therapy 5 days out of 7 a week so I know all about sacrifice for child like Huxley he probably he cry’s and trows tantrums when they are misunderstood and can’t communicate with other people and their families like they way they want to so that’s why she gave him up she didn’t want to make the sacrifices to help her son to live a better life with her family and she also doesn’t want to deal with the tantrums she says in her video
Zoe Mull
Zoe Mull:
I’m just confused. If he’s legally theirs hows that legal? Isn’t that neglect or something? How can they do that?
José Bispo
José Bispo:
you don't do that with a dog, imagine with a child., sadness!
bald idol
bald idol:
“do i feel like i’m a failure as a mom? yes.” cause you ARE.. why would you “ rehome”child? you say it like the poor boy is a goddamn animal
Her Yang
Her Yang:
If “Cancel Culture” gonna cancel something this family is it...
ali mali
ali mali:
The beginning of this video when he kisses her and wants attention and she just kisses her other child breaks my heart. The bias is obvious here. You can see it
Tula Sabes
Tula Sabes:
He already has a “new mom” poor little guy 💔
Alice Bermuda
Alice Bermuda:
Wow I'm actually crying. My son is almost two. I just imagine this little boy feels so hurt and confused right now. Horrible thing to do. They knew what to expect with him. This is just so disgusting. So many families struggle with their kids with similar things too. You dont just send them off and give up. I'm so upset for this boy. I wish him the best.
They had this kid for THREE YEARS!
I wouldn't have the heart to give away a DOG after raising it for three years! I cannot imagine "re-homing" a child I had raised for that long! And it's not like these people were impoverished and desperate and had no choice. They are clearly privileged enough to have options (and, even if money was an issue, I'm sure they could have organized a successful GoFundMe to help with the little boy's care).

They would have NEVER done this to any of their little blonde biological children.
And speaking of their other kids, I can't imagine how traumatic and confusing it is to see your parents get rid of your sibling one day as if he's a defective toaster. Just....good lord....
but if their own child were autistic they wouldnt give the child away...
Aubrey Salazar
Aubrey Salazar:
No idea who these people are. But now I do, and now concludes their 15 minutes, they're loathsome.
Cynthia Huang
Cynthia Huang:
It’s is just me or I can already see her getting ready to film. Saying to her husband”you have to act emotional for this video , drop a few tears if you need”
Lucifer's assistant Genevieve.
Lucifer's assistant Genevieve.:
After she gets the money from sponsors she drops him like a toy. 🤢
Estephany Flamenco
Estephany Flamenco:
Imagine the fact that they decided to “rehome” him and now imagine the things he probably endured while being in their home. Considering the fact that they said they only showed the nicer things and that included him having fingers duct taped and saying he would be kept in the closet. As everyone else in the comments stated if it was her actually biological child she wouldn’t have the audacity to return it like it’s some defective object; she would’ve actually treated it like a child who doesn’t know better and who needs her help. But considering the fact that she did it for clout I’m not surprised she wants to post a video just to act like she’s upset when maybe in reality she’s actually happy since it seems like it was such a burden for her. She should’ve considered that when she was told it was a severe condition which would need a lot of patience and attention, which she stated in a video prior to adoption. Obviously she just did it for herself not for the kid.
Harper Grace
Harper Grace:
There’s a video of her complaining about how much his therapy was while wearing a 6,000 bracelet she wanted him to have the cheapest possible disgusting
Yessenia Tadeo
Yessenia Tadeo:
I hope he’s in good hands with a REAL loving FAMILY . I’m glad they gave him up tbh because apparently they didn’t love him enough someone else will . He just didn’t deserve this he already goes thru a lot with his condition. This “family “ makes me sick !
Milycen Islam
Milycen Islam:
That’s the problem with these YT FAMS they all give a sense of perfection that is so unrealistic
This is so sad. I imagine how hard it must be for the little boy. Imagine going through at least 3 different homes. I hope he's in a better home for him now
Katy Hulme
Katy Hulme:
There are so many upsettings things about this. but I don’t think they would ever do this to there biological child and it’s heart breaking that they prioritise there biological children. Huxley is probably struggling more without what he thought was his family because of his attachment issues. this just breaks my heart. you can’t return a child, it’s a child!
Ms Chingy
Ms Chingy:
My son is autistic and honestly I knew NOTHING about it. Did some research, readjusted how I was doing things and made it work around my sons needs. Still have challenges but no regrets! What gets me is her returning him back like he’s a broken product. Take responsibility, he didn’t find you, YOU found him!!! Bless this little boy 🥺🥺
Stephanie Hollier
Stephanie Hollier:
As a mom of a child on the spectrum, this is just heartbreaking and extremely disgusting.
kiNdnesS spRinkles
kiNdnesS spRinkles:
It's all about them. Never once did they mention his feelings
Maritza sanchez
Maritza sanchez:
This video made me upset to know that people out there still don’t understand autism. My son is autistic, my brother in law is autistic, majority of my family is autistic. It’s a challenge but I love teaching them new things. You have to learn how to talk to them and care for them differently. But it’s not hard if you try to instead of forcing change on them. Child with autism are the sweetest if you have the patience and dedication to be there for them 10000 percent. I hate people who say otherwise. They aren’t too much to hand. You are the one who doesn’t want to run that extra mile for them. So wipe those fake tears and go cry a river to another person. I’m so disgusted by the world we live in now.
BubbleTea Brin
BubbleTea Brin:
Rehome? This is a child. Not a puppy. If you wanted to adopt me kid, you adopt it forever.
lly g
lly g:
Ok so they are talking about him like he’s a dog
Triplet Landis
Triplet Landis:
On one of her videos she talked about her “Special needs adopted child”. Just the title is wrong. Guys, the child always goes first.
Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens:
They won’t rebound in life or their channels after this situation because we the people won’t let them. I suspect that somehow he would have died by some terrible accident by their claim if you was still with them. Take a look at that Florida lady that drowned her own 11 years old boy with autism and then blamed it on two black guys trying to rob her for drugs. I’m happy he’s in a better and I hope he’s treated with real love.
Just Jose!
Just Jose!:
This is just upsetting.🥺
He seems so happy with them and doing that will just make his disabilities worse, this happens in some cases when the people he love go😭😤 This is heartbreaking.💔 I wish I could adopt him.💕😭
Janebutnotplain Jane
Janebutnotplain Jane:
They made so much money off him and now their returning him like an object. This is just heartbreaking 🥺😭
ASM R U OK? 513
ASM R U OK? 513:
Since when do we see "rehoming" children as acceptable???? Thats for ppl who have their children removed from their care... you can't just "rehome" a child like a dog
Selena Vasquez
Selena Vasquez:
So sad. My daughter is 6 and autistic. I can’t imagine ever giving her up. She needs me more then a non autistic child could ever need me. She’s my whole heart. She’s a blessing. The love she gives me is so much more meaningful then any love I’ve ever experienced.
Britney Carson
Britney Carson:
This truly makes my heart ache, as someone who wants to adopt in the future I cannot believe the example these “humans” are showing to others. They should never be able to adopt again. You’re suppose to love them as your own, not disown them.
It’s hard to be compassionate toward people when they do something so seemingly horrible , and it is sad what that little boy has to go through . I’m sure now though , these Stauffer people are going to be bullied relentlessly and it will affect all of their remaining children in a negative way . What a mess . Prayers to all involved . Let’s not judge people if we haven’t walked a mile in their shoes .
K L:
The audacity and privilege! How awful and despicable! They returned this child like it was an unwanted purchase. What if it was their biological child? Would have given up their child for adoption? How selfish?!
I have never heard of a medical professional telling parents to give their child away. That part I’m really having trouble believing.
peachy blab
peachy blab:
people love adopting foreign kids and bragging about them but return them when something does not go their way.
so “re-homed” is the new “abandon”?
cuz i’m sorry but that’s all i can see.
Dana Dugan
Dana Dugan:
Using the word re-home sounds like their child was a pet. This is so disgusting.
Amorette Mcgee
Amorette Mcgee:
I'm a mom of a autistic son and this is disgusting!!!! I have had to learn with no tools and I was a 18 year old mom when I had him. I never had a moment where I thought of getting rid of him even knowing I would probably have to take care of him the rest of my life! That sweet boy didnt ask you to adopt him! You took a sacred oath to protect and love him. Turing your back on him shame on you. I now have 3 kids and they are the best of me
lly g
lly g:
Can you imagine how heartbroken the people from China that let her adopt and how guilty they must feel??
Joanne McKann
Joanne McKann:
I’m sure the kid is better off, she seems so vacuous and shallow.
He is doing well with his “new” mommy??? Is this a child they are referring to?
Becca Halm
Becca Halm:
I just hate that they say there are more needs than they expected when they said they were open to any level of special need during the adoption process.
Miss Betrolln
Miss Betrolln:
I understand that having a child with special needs in a family of 7 can be really hard but it's odd bc they have shit tons of money and could most certainly afford help... I have mixed feelings.
Kelly Lux
Kelly Lux:
There’s so justification for this. Would they have gotten rid of their birth / biological children if they were autistic?
Lola Dunn
Lola Dunn:
Them: we truly loved him *waterworks*
Me: I think you mean "we truly loved the money he brought in" *waterworks*
Sharmin Jahan
Sharmin Jahan:
So you didn't think about the child how he's gonna feel . He's a little kid . Stop being oh so emotional on camera
Piper Halliwell
Piper Halliwell:
Not everyone gets the “perfect” Christmas card family they expect. That’s life and you can’t give your children back when life gets difficult. What if you gave birth to a child with autism? Are you going to “rehome” them too? You not only traumatized Huxley you also traumatized your other 4 children. They are going to grow up think if I do bad will I also be sent away too.
Not only did they not want to deal with his needs but they also didn’t want to pay for his needs!