Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

Zac Efron and Lily Collins take a friendship test. Lily and Zac star in "Extremely Wicked, Incredibly Evil," now streaming on Netflix.

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Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

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I can't breathe because I'm drowning in the ocean of Zac Efron's eyes.
Raquel L
Raquel L:
lily collins has to be one of the most beautiful women that has ever existed
Jasmina Harambasic
Jasmina Harambasic:
I feel like I shouldn’t even be watching this, like I’m intruding on a personal moment
faith christina
faith christina:
zac: “haha we look so much like a couple here” lily: “a couple of BESTIES”
Ayah Hass
Ayah Hass:
He's definitely into her, but now she's engaged I feel so bad. They are literally soul mates.
Alex Solo
Alex Solo:
I've never wanted Zac to be w anyone but Vanessa Hudgens until I saw this video....
faith christina
faith christina:
he LITERALLY said she's all he wants in life. why am I crying
Help Me Reach 10K Subs Before 2022
Help Me Reach 10K Subs Before 2022:
I think these two are afraid of losing a friendship over a relationship.
I love how we all came to be body language experts all so sudden.
Mariana Ruiz
Mariana Ruiz:
i feel so bad for him. Like he’s practically saying pls i love you let’s be together and she’s like lol sooo cookies
There’s more chemistry in this than a science lab.
mons jodi
mons jodi:
i wanna see Zac do this with someone else just to compare
Shelly Sarah Goldstein
Shelly Sarah Goldstein:
Honestly I didn't know Zac Efron was such a nice sweet guy. I actually see him in a different light. If he was a hot boyfriend material then now he is a hot + sweet husband material
6:35 i should kiss her,I should kiss her,alright maybe not.😂
Melissa De La Torre
Melissa De La Torre:
He didn't even read his notes when complementing her myy goddddd
Zenith Kissana
Zenith Kissana:
“Glamour trying to get Zac Efron and Lily Collins to date for 10 minutes straight”
He literally said "i love you because..." "All my family loves you" "that's all I really wanted in life"
Uh Oh
Uh Oh:
4:59, he literally he said, “I love you because”
chen deluis
chen deluis:
Random thought: Imagine what their babies gonna look like.
he has so much chemistry with everyone he films with. He must be really easy going AND quite the charmer.
Grace Burke
Grace Burke:
Ik Zac apparently has a gf now, but I swear these two are soulmates.
He is literally acting like a guy who's by his crush and she's just chilling looool
Fay Coleman
Fay Coleman:
I thought y'all were reading into it... Nope he's definitely into her. He makes any excuse to touch her and look at her. He's definitely into her.
Leilani Johnson
Leilani Johnson:
Universe: "Give me one reason they should be together."
Me: "This video"
Miles Julis
Miles Julis:
I felt like a 3rd weel and I wasn’t even in there
Vin tage
Vin tage:
I can’t. the chemistry is too strong that it actually hurt my heart
Berna Mante
Berna Mante:
Just like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet's friendship.. could pass as a couple but are better off as friends.. 😍😍😍
Sissy Del Aguila Perea
Sissy Del Aguila Perea:
He falls in love with every woman he works with
Mahmoud Zaqout
Mahmoud Zaqout:
My chemistry teacher posted this for the bonding chapter. I'm majoring in Chem now.
Kiley Hall
Kiley Hall:
he’s literally in love with her and she’s just like... i know
This two should have babies just for the sake of beauty
you guys...look at the way he’s always standing BEHIND her, at an angle. He’s framing his body toward her, showing that he’s more interested in her than the cameras or crew. It’s subtle, but super true.
Grace Egan
Grace Egan:
I feel like I invaded a private moment by watching this
I know she's engaged now but for real Zac Efron is so in love in this video
Did... I just watch them fall in love?
Michelle Lovette
Michelle Lovette:
The intimacy of them starring into each other’s eyes makes me feel like I should shut the door and give them some privacy
Carlos Lasprilla
Carlos Lasprilla:
6:37 he went for it
Chloe Murphy
Chloe Murphy:
Whos here after she got engaged??
niranjana menon
niranjana menon:
She looks like elena gilbert in this interview her laugh her smile everything about her in this interview reminds me of Elena...(only this interview)
Selen Akalan
Selen Akalan:
He low-key told her she's all he's looking for in life.
Cameron Kimsey
Cameron Kimsey:
When I first saw her beautiful face and straight hair, I thought that she could be Elena Gilbert’s daughter.
He has THAT look when he looks at her
Jamemarie Caber
Jamemarie Caber:
who's here after lily's engagement announcement? not with zac tho.
Lily Flower
Lily Flower:
Him saying “you’re Instagram is cool” gives me the same vibes as Shane saying “you fight good” to Mulan
I'm not saying that they should date... but that's *exactly* what I'm saying
"All of my family loves you" *HINT HINT* SHE'S THE ONE ZAC !!
Stefana Ciocodan
Stefana Ciocodan:
Zac is continuously looking at her lips..
Smol BeanzBeanzBeanz
Smol BeanzBeanzBeanz:
anyone else think his hair was better brown? just me? o-ok..
Keeley Hill
Keeley Hill:
wait ok but like does anyone else notice how he keeps turning his whole body to fully face her and he even looked at her lips a few times
That awkward moment when glamour invites you for a “friendship test” but is actually trying to get u married
2:03 looks like he’s looking at her lips and she notices and she starts talking bc it’s awkward.
Reagan Chukwu
Reagan Chukwu:
when lily was saying compliments she forgot to say he's hot
whos here after watching Emily in Paris?
Rahee Gor
Rahee Gor:
Guys, can't we just appreciate their beautiful friendship. There doesn't always have to be something going on.
"Love, rosie" in a real life.
Arianna Leung
Arianna Leung:
Lily is all dressed up for this with makeup and in such a beautiful outfit

then Zac looks like he threw on the first thing he saw in his closet and left the house
J Pérez
J Pérez:
Idk why Zac Efron has bad luck with women, lily Collins, Alendra Dadario, etc
Ss Z
Ss Z:
Never knew seeing these two winked at each other could make my life better
Final Thoughts : *Zac Efron & Lily Collins get married and live happily ever after with 2 gorgeous kids*
Sarah Ratliff
Sarah Ratliff:
Zac looked like he was going in for a kiss there a few times.
jane anistan
jane anistan:
whats the point of obsessing over this when now shes engaged to someone else...:( I really did ship them together though
"That's all I really want in life...I just want somebody who likes cookies and maybe wants to watch movies..." He basically just asked her to marry him.
faith christina
faith christina:
"thank you for the couple's therapy- I mean-we're not dating-"
Elle Baby
Elle Baby:
they'll play this video at their wedding i swear
Sarah Wilder
Sarah Wilder:
I wouldn't last 2 seconds doing that staring challenge... Zac's eyes are too blindingly blue and perfect, i'd shyly look away.
This is really intimate, I feel like he loves her so much, and she can't let herself do that.
Georgia Franklin
Georgia Franklin:
I’m not saying there in love but...That’s exactly what i’m saying
renesme love
renesme love:
He's so shy around her , he looks at her the way I want my soulmate to look at me ! , He said he loves her ❤️, he's just so into her...
I mean it's her life but girl he's Zac Efron 🤣😂
Pei Ling
Pei Ling:
Lily : *smiles and laughs*
Zac : You have a beautiful smile.

2 secs later :

Zac : And my most favourite thing about you is your obsession with baking.

Literally few mins later :

Zac : All i want in life is someone who loves to bake and watch movies.

Lily , take him.
Sophie Devaux
Sophie Devaux:
The title of this video should be Zac Efron falling in love with Lily Collins for 11 minutes straight...
This is what everyone says about close ones, gf, bf, etc until things get f***ed and all those compliments turn into something else.
Makayla Elliott
Makayla Elliott:
3:10 oh my gosh it is cuz every family picture I always blink Zac understands me
Angelica Ros
Angelica Ros:
I wish that they end up being together because they look so cool and cute as a couple but— 💁‍♀
blue oranges
blue oranges:
And that kids is how I fell in love with your mother.

Edit: omg I feel famous
Zac Efron literally falls in love with all his costars. It's so cute.
play date
play date:
Holy freakin dish
he is literally looking at her lips!
Why does Lily look like those dolls you had as a kid that you would do hairstyles on in the thumbnail?
Marcos Ramirez
Marcos Ramirez:
I have to say that, when I look at Lily, all I see is my sister, I mean, she looks so much like my sister. About Zac, I feel like he is the type of guy that seems to be a nice person, actually I am not an expert about Zac Efron's life, so I can't say I am 100% sure about it, but at least for me, he seems to be a great person.
nibraz tazrian
nibraz tazrian:
zac and lily falling in love with each other for 7 minutes straight.
the back ground music is what makes it cuter
Gabriel Marinescu
Gabriel Marinescu:
"Friendship test"
How on earth is Zac Efron 32 years old?!? Feels like High School Musical came out yesterday...
Flavia luz
Flavia luz:
They could be a couple, she’s gorgeous and he’s ok but they’re cute
Maria English
Maria English:
Zac and Lily falling in love for 7 minutes and 18 seconds
God, I wish I could say "you and Taylor Swift are the only ones that when I come to your house something is cooking." like CANT RELATE LOL
Tomi Fadiora
Tomi Fadiora:
The chemistry is so intense I feel uncomfortable being here 😂😂
Lucy Kamber
Lucy Kamber:
Zac Efron is so nice and sweet that he looks like he is in love with everyone.
Does she ever age? I can say the same about Lilly James Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway. Why my princesses haven't met their princes yet???? I need more them and less Kardashians Jenners and Hadids.
friendship test? ok glamour this is definitely them falling in love.
alya a
alya a:
So this is "Love, Rosie" in real life. Not Lily and Sam but Lily and Zac
Judy John
Judy John:
She looks like Elena Gilbert in s8 tvd
Kostas Milo
Kostas Milo:
This show literally is made to make "friends" fall in love
Toto Me
Toto Me:
If I stare at my friend, I wouldn't be looking at them with heart eyes like Zack and would just deadass start laughing until we both collapse on the floor...still laughing at each other.
Catherine Nathasya
Catherine Nathasya:
Never wanted zac to marry anyone but vanessa hudgens up until now
Rembrandt Oredina
Rembrandt Oredina:
This thing is like “find your other half” but celebrities lmaoo
i remember being so annoyed of this video popping up in my recommendation cuz i didn't know who lily collins was and wasn't a big zac efron fan but when i watched to the bone, i started watching some of her interviews and now i got here and i keep coming back lmao❤️
I was waiting for Zac reading “would you marry me?”
Manvir Dhillon
Manvir Dhillon:
can we talk about how hard zach was blushing when lily was complimenting him like it was sooo cute!
n nguyen
n nguyen:
The amount of people zac Efron has chemistry with is just— it’s a lot

But this one

There’s something about this one...

(Lmao and scene)
"you're very good with Instagram" - zac foreshadowing Emily in Paris