Zac Efron Compares Abs to His Wax Figure

The artists at Madame Tussauds recently made a new wax figure of Zac Efron, and Ellen surprised him by bringing it to the show – where the Hollywood hunk showed off his real abs to see if the wax figure was truly realistic!


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B V:
Imagine if a female celebrity lifted her shirt a little bit and a bunch of dudes started screaming like WOHOO, YEAAAHH!!!
Jayden Quach
Jayden Quach:
He turned Ellen straight for a second
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas:
Always cool when men get sexualised and no one cares
zac: *lifts shirt*

me: *lifts shirt*
brother: you fatty.
Olivia Zopich
Olivia Zopich:
zac: “that’s unrealistic like i’m telling you”

also zac: *pulls up shirt and has more abs than the wax figure*
Savage_ VorceYT
Savage_ VorceYT:
2:21 Zac Efron the type of guy to clap for his own motivational speech
Kimberly Beth
Kimberly Beth:
“Be your size.”

I have always loved Zac Efron 🖤
Nikolas Karakasis
Nikolas Karakasis:
now imagine if ellen was a guy and zac efron was a girl. then they would have a court date
I’m not trying to be like those equality activist but if a guy went up and pulled a girls shirt up like Ellen did to zac efron he would be fired
ellen: *reaches hand out for a kiss*
zach efron: *dosent kiss hand*
ellen: *hurt inside*
Zac **shows his abs**
Girls **screaming**
Me **Show my "abs"**
Girls **get out of the room**
“I don’t wanna glamorize this”
*Ellen glamorizes it even more by lifting his shirt up
looks like he had the 300 movie spray paint on his abs to add definition.
Daniel Petit
Daniel Petit:
Massive props to Zac for openly saying that men shouldn't feel the need to look like that in real life!!! We need more celebrity men who are aware of the current state of men's mental health
Zac: Be your size
Everyone: claps
zac: claps awkwardly
Daniel Felipe Raad Rincón
Daniel Felipe Raad Rincón:
Literally nobody:
Ellen: *Lifts Zac’s shirt revealling perfect abs* “this is so easy”
Giovanna Cognito
Giovanna Cognito:
Zac: pulls up shirt

Every girl in the audience: passes out
J u i c e
J u i c e:
Well I have a six pack too, I just hide it to be modest

January Baby
January Baby:
Wow a guy actually letting other guys know that their body doesn't have to be perfect, never happens
William Brun
William Brun:
Zac Efron: *pulls up shirt for 00000,1 second

All the girls: OMG! ABS!
Don’t Sub
Don’t Sub:
Imagine if a male host lifted a females shirt to check stomach how would that make u guys feel
AntonioPS Games
AntonioPS Games:
I got almost everything I dreamed in my childhood: Money, sports cars, traveling the world, being fluent in Japanese, having a great love. However, the only thing I didn't get was a defined abdomen
. Respect
Jeff Garrett
Jeff Garrett:
“Yeah and like the arm vein” *proceeds to flex 😂
Melanie Ops
Melanie Ops:
Zack : *gives a speech about body positivity and how looks arent everything*
Ellen : yeah.... *lifts up his shirt again*
The amount of women in that audience is astonishing.
Shafiq Habbib
Shafiq Habbib:
When you realize that his statue is taller than him😅
Keith Urban
Keith Urban:
Could you imagine if a male show host lifted a females top to show her body...
2:20 Got me dead 😂😂 Like he starts clapping his own speech 😂
Kayla Holland
Kayla Holland:
The wax figure looks more like Zac Efron than the real Zac Efron.
Ultra Ente
Ultra Ente:
Zac Efron: claps for His self
From one dude to another dude.. Zac Efron is the best looking guy on the planet.
Imagine a male talkshow host raising the shirt of a female Hollywood star. LOL
Eva Kowatch
Eva Kowatch:
Imma be honest, Ellen got pretty touchy during this vid
*Zac is more sculpted than the sculpture...* 👀
Patrick Henderson
Patrick Henderson:
Zac: _”I don’t wanna glamourise this”_

Ellen: pulls up Zacs shirt

Isn’t there something creepy about that?
Rodrigo Melo
Rodrigo Melo:
That actually cool, everybody talks about impossible standards for woman, he’s actually the first guy saying something like that.
"It's a little bigger than me"
The dude is more ripped than his statue
Toys and Games
Toys and Games:
Zac Enron is so cute and handsome I have a crush on him and I’m only thirteen
Aleezay Masood
Aleezay Masood:
the fact that he talked abt how this isn’t necessarily the ideal way to look for guys just doubled my love for him. we need more body and health positivity like this in the male community
Shafiq Habbib
Shafiq Habbib:
Zac: lifts his shirt.
Ellen: i think am straight now.
Luke Sari
Luke Sari:
Claps hands at himself 2:20
Zac:”That’s unrealistic i am telling you”
(Like rlly i tought it was paper for a second)
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner:
has anyone notice everyone applauses for literally everything Ellen says.

edit: omg thank you all! I didn't think I would get this many likes!
Look at him preaching to the men. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Icy Check
Icy Check:
Zac: everyone, be your size
Crowd: yeaaaa.
Ellen: lifts his shirt up:
I do appreciate that he makes a nod to men's mental health at the end of this clip. Thank you Zac!
Be Your Size

600 Pouders: *Slowly Gains Confidence*
lucas kane mayor
lucas kane mayor:
I think I saw one of the audience say “so hot”
Creative Commons Studio
Creative Commons Studio:
The real zac's abs are more solid that his wax figure
Ellen: “we brought it here!”

Zac: “oh. Really?”
Atif Miah
Atif Miah:
1:50 hey ladies chill out most of you got husbands 😂
Georgia Bristow
Georgia Bristow:
Zac lifts his shirt up and everyone screams I would be doing the same 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez:
Guys: Man I want that💪🏾

Girls: Ohhh I want that😍
Jaelynne B
Jaelynne B:
Zac Efron: *tries to talk about body positivity*

Ellen: wants better ratings, *lifts his shirt up again*
Juan Contreras
Juan Contreras:
I went from straight to bi when he lifted up his shirt
Pack Of Slav
Pack Of Slav:
YOO it remind's me when spongebob cleaned up the stage and everyone was exciting it is like when Zacc shows is abs XD
2:22 this man is clapping for himself like I said something good
Elias Craighead Fishing
Elias Craighead Fishing:
I can’t look at zac Efron the same after the Ted Bundy movie on Netflix
Muhammed Rahman
Muhammed Rahman:
I loved it when zak said, "men don't need to idolise a fake wax sculpture" 👍👍
weeb confirmed
weeb confirmed:
*zac : shows abs*
*girls : dies*
fat chicken
fat chicken:
zac is literally so nice and humble omg
Queen Camille
Queen Camille:
Wax figure looks more like Zac while Zac almost looked like Zayn.. that’s alot of Z😂
Luis Felipe Hirose
Luis Felipe Hirose:
I'm paid to be perfect, but you don't have to be.
- Zac, 2019
Imagine being the guy who made Ellen’s first figure and being mad fun of by them on tv and being like ‘😐’
i actually think in this moment his body was perfect. there was a time when he was super buff, almost too buff, but right here, he looks awesome, he seems so chilled out, super friendly, love the guy so much!!!
I wish I could lift up his shirt like that
Thomas Munson
Thomas Munson:
Is it just me or do his actual abs look fake
10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge
10000 Subscribers With 0 Videos Challenge:
Zac: Guys that’s unrealistic

Also Zac: Very defined 6 or 8 pack abs
In this time
Zac looks like the type of guy to get uncomfortable or angry if you compliment him on his abs but he knows . He knows.
If anyone has watched the greatest showman you’ll realize how different he looks
Alfred Røn Strand
Alfred Røn Strand:
2:27 imagine if a male host had done that to a female guest. Would've been a complete shitshow
Danielle Tripp
Danielle Tripp:
"As much as I love Madame Tussauds, I dont think I could ever go in there" seriously a man after my own heart. I can't stand wax figures lol
Aamna Kamran
Aamna Kamran:
His actual abs are actually better that his wax figure one 😂
Urine Is yellow
Urine Is yellow:
Is it oddly impressive

How his abs are way more toned then his wax figure
Anders BS
Anders BS:
Just imagine the reactions if the genders where twisted around in this video.
1:52 ellen was trynna get under there 😂 she was reaching alot.
The fact that he encourages people to be happy with their own size makes me want to marry him tomorrow
His wax works abs look more realistic than his actual real life abs ahahah
Famieré _of_87
Famieré _of_87:
Woah! That wax figure looks like Zac Efron in his Baywatch character.
Much respect for what he said. I like his work and he seem to be a nice person, that statement just made him grow even more in my eyes!
Paulina Maile
Paulina Maile:
Ellen low key just sexually harassed him but I feel like we are all just like, “I’ll allow it”
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy:
1:53 she turned straight for a sec 😂
Glorius Parulian
Glorius Parulian:
“Be your size” - Zac E.
katie louise
katie louise:
I love how Zac telling guys not to be like that to be their size what a great role model he is :)
Alexanders VeryOwn
Alexanders VeryOwn:

Ah yes, classic Ellen.
I would've pushed back her hand. Double standards.
Grian K
Grian K:
Crowd when there’s incredible wax figure:
*clap clap* wooooh !

Crowd when Zac Efron takes his shirt off:
Love-Laugh-Live -annoy your friends
Love-Laugh-Live -annoy your friends:
I thought that the statue was gonna come alive and scare the heck out of me
Varun KB
Varun KB:
Ellen being straight for 2 minutes🙃😬
Lola Redmond
Lola Redmond:
Imagine hugging Zac Efron
He saying don’t try to be as cute as me cause it ain’t gonna happen 😂😂😂
Nehir Yörük
Nehir Yörük:
0:32 this smile
Gabriel Cisneros
Gabriel Cisneros:
I bit my lip when he lifted his shirt like omg
Ak Penguin
Ak Penguin:
Imagine a male host lifting shirt to check racks. Double standards much.
Faust Enam
Faust Enam:
Time out...i feel like theres a double standard going on in this video.
Chris Miller
Chris Miller:
Every girls got wet after Zac lifts up his sweater
Ali Naj
Ali Naj:
2% of ppl: here for Ellen
98% of ppl: here for zacs abs
Ava Taylor
Ava Taylor:
Zacs abs lookin like those big LEGO blocks I stacked when I was younger
Azim Kader
Azim Kader:
Zac saying it's unrealistic to be like that, be your size...
If a Male host lifted the shirt of a female guest there would be outrage