Zac Efron SPOTTED With New Girlfriend!

Zac Efron is off the market. We haven’t seen much of our favorite High School Musical star since his Netflix documentary “Down To Earth.” Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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37 comentarios:

shortcake nyc
shortcake nyc:
He must have a thing for girls named Vanessa😂
Imagine Zac Efron falling in love with you and encourages you to quit your job and live life with him 😍😭 my dreams are crushed
Addison Henry
Addison Henry:
So someone has a thing for girls named Vanessa!😀
R K:
Zanessa 2.0
Sara Wilcker
Sara Wilcker:
How did you guys see me with him? We were trying to keep our relationship a secret. But that's okay, I don't mind if you guys know that me and Zac are dating.
iva garcia
iva garcia:
Vanessa and vanessa, coincidence anyone ? I think not
Siuzanna Vyshneva
Siuzanna Vyshneva:
That's so awesome! It's like a fairytale love story. I hope it works out for them in the long run.
stark ongcal
stark ongcal:
i think he was involved with lily collins as well...
polka_dot _harry
polka_dot _harry:
Aww they seem happy! I wish them all the best. All that matters is that zac is happy 🥰🥰
Reatile Mohoanyane
Reatile Mohoanyane:
Let the man live his love life in privicey😩this is why he moved 👀
She probably quit her job to not risk getting herself or Zach Covid 19 guys...put your pitforks away...
Evy Felipez
Evy Felipez:
i highly doubt the name coincidence crossed his mind y'all. he looks happy and she seems like shes a nice person!
Zac: I want to live a simple life...

Me: what mansion did you buy in Australia??
Eliza Hawkins
Eliza Hawkins:
Oh my gosh I literally wrote a story about zac meeting a waitress and falling in love that’s crazy.
Hafsa Me
Hafsa Me:
Great for him love 😘
Can that happen to me?! Sheesh it sucks seeing someone else live your dream
Georiga Post
Georiga Post:
Zanessa2.0? Also Zac has a thing for Vanessa's 😂
Hhhh.i F
Hhhh.i F:
This is zacs girlfriend number..ehhh sorry I lost the count
elle best
elle best:
spolier alert:
it’s me
syifa a n
syifa a n:
nooo i thought he was still with halston sage😭
Sheetal Mahajan
Sheetal Mahajan:
I m single with integrity as well ?
Vlogs with Sammy and Bob
Vlogs with Sammy and Bob:
halston sage ???? Well I guess they didn’t last
Like they spent the holidays together and more stuff went down
Lol 😂 don’t know what I think about this new girl
Kim Farias
Kim Farias:
My friends be like 🥺
Lemon Mochii
Lemon Mochii:
Zac everyone meant Vanessa hudgens not Vanessa v. 😒
a l
a l:
He def has a type
Zahra Sewehli
Zahra Sewehli:
Anna Li
Anna Li:
whos here before 200 likes
Erin Nicole
Erin Nicole:
Music For Life
Music For Life:
I think he is engaged
Griselda Reyes
Griselda Reyes:
Hellooooo !:)
Tenangel ¡
Tenangel ¡:
Nadiaa x
Nadiaa x:
at least she’s pretty
Jolisa Ramos
Jolisa Ramos:
Hmmm🤔 Her name is vanessa
shrinidhi sridhar
shrinidhi sridhar:
Silvia Carolina
Silvia Carolina:
Dont liked at all. His true love is Alexandra Daddario 💕
Casey Widjaja
Casey Widjaja:
Wake me up when the real zanessa is back (No hate to them.I want them to be happy,I want whatever's best for them.But you know what I mean)