Zac Efron Ups the Ante While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Zac Efron is an actor you know from films like The Greatest Showman, Neighbors, and Ted Bundy: Extremely Wicked. He also has a YouTube channel with a million-plus subscribers, as well as a brand new series on the way—it's called "Killing Zac Efron" and it's set to hit Quibi this summer. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Zac takes on the wings of death with Sean Evans, channeling Shia LaBeouf as he pops bottles of hot sauce along the way. From throwback basketball tricks to paparazzi advice from Leonardo DiCaprio, this episode has it all!

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First We Feast
First We Feast:
Any guesses for next week's season finale? It's a BIG ONE!
"Zac Efron, the actor you may know from *doesn't list High School Musical* "
Being Scared
Being Scared:
This is such an outstanding-made show. I literally would not want anything changed.
I think Zac just got sick of being sexualized by everyone, and honestly, he seems SO HAPPY and genuine! I'm so glad for him <3
MsSaltyGiggles 2.0
MsSaltyGiggles 2.0:
The thing I like about Hot Ones is that they don’t interview over controversial drama bullshit. You actually get to know the actors, actresses, and artists on a personal genuine level. It’s only the best. I love hot ones, because it opens doors other interviewers keep shut. This is the type of interviewing more celebrities need. They are just people at the end of the day, and we need more of their down to earth humanity. Thank you Hot Ones for being awesome! 🔥
It’s Elisha xo
It’s Elisha xo:
I feel like Sean was scared to bring up high school musical but zac mentioned it like 2 times so obviously he’s not ashamed of it
German Marquez
German Marquez:
Zac is like the rare humble frat guy who is cool with absolutely everyone.
Sarah L
Sarah L:
“How did you know that? Did I tell you that?”
“This is the first time we met.” 😂😂
Sean: "Careful around your eyes."

Zac: no u
“Lingerer” comment was perfectly timed after the Seth Rogen comments. Pineapple Express anyone? Hehe though it was James Franco that said it, Seth came in with the “lingering” response 😏😁
Daisy Delgado
Daisy Delgado:
The fact he spoke with his mouth still chewing gave me a sense of comfortability to see how chill he is
Not Troy
Not Troy:
Has any interviewer ever been told “that’s a great question” as often as Sean? He’s literally the best host on any media.
Natasha Childers
Natasha Childers:
I've always hated when people try to say that Zac Efron is a douche or anything like that based off of just seeing him in movies. In any interview or even his more recent shows like Down to Earth, he is such an amazing and humble guy. It's crazy how he straight up has said he wants to do good with the attention and following he has because I think with how many women and men absolutely adore him, it ultimately WILL make an impact on many of them. So props to him and shame on anyone who thinks he is just like some of the CHARACTERS he has PLAYED.
Sania Hasan
Sania Hasan:
I mean, Zac Efron is hotter than all of those sauces combined though
I really had no opinion on him, and really accidentally watched this one, he's really down to earth, Zac you seem like a good guy, so count me as a fan... Do I have to watch musicals though?
Enrique abb
Enrique abb:
I cant believe one of the most desired man in the planet by women (and men too prolly) is such a cool and chilll guy man, props to his humbleness 🤙🤙
The man was cleaning the wings, no tiny nibbles. My respect level for him has risen tremendously.
Horacio Sanabria
Horacio Sanabria:
I really like Zac Because he is one of the most real actors I’ve ever seen, he is a genuine guy.
Nef Granados • 33 years ago
Nef Granados • 33 years ago:
I cant be the only one that wants Eminem on this show. He’d probably freestyle-Roast the wings
Sébastien Carron
Sébastien Carron:
I hated Zac a loooooong time for no real reason.
This guy grows on you. He’s a really cool dude. I must admit it.
Lanna's Missing Link
Lanna's Missing Link:
Wow you can tell he wasn't expecting the deep questions! When Seán mentioned Victoria Secret models, Zach laughed. And then when the question was finished he looked super shocked, you can tell he was expecting a vapid question about the models
Paige Dakin
Paige Dakin:
Man, I actually feel so bad for celebrities who deal with the obnoxious paparazzi. It's so invasive, and gets dangerous! I really think boundaries need to be set
Alicia G
Alicia G:
I love how Zac was really diggin into those wings lol. Enjoyed this one. He seems really down to earth.
Sim Simas
Sim Simas:
He is just a regular dude, it is refreshing to see someone not act like a narcissist even though they are very famous. I wanna be his friend.
Slivko Station
Slivko Station:
Rock "the Dwayne" Johnson would be sick in this show. Probably finale worthy, we got Kevin Hart so its just to complete the duo haha.
Lane Alder
Lane Alder:
Didn’t drink the whole time, added extra on every wing, and ate every wing whole. Not even fazed. I think we have a winner lol
I just fell in love with him again. How is he this humble? He's got the charisma of Chris Hemsworth and the beauty of a Hollister model ❤
h a m
h a m:
Sean: **puts last dab on wing**

Zac: *Do it again*
The whole segment about Zac and Leo is really heartwarming. It really is a mentor/mentee situation, and Leo really is that amazing human. Top stuff Sean!
“How did you know? Did I tell you that?” “It’s the first time we’ve met” 😂
Zac: “get outside. That’s a prescription.”
World: 👀
Sandile Dube
Sandile Dube:
Everybody first knew Zac from High School Musical.
I like how he immediately asked if he could pour some sauce onto the wings lol once he knew Shia did it that sealed the deal
The fact that he keeps eating even tho he’s at the middle of telling a story.😂
FAN ✨😂💖
David Tessy
David Tessy:
At 3:28 I thought he was gonna hit us with “we’re breaking free”
Jakson Dodds
Jakson Dodds:
Zac: “get outside, that’s a prescription”

Me: **cries in quarantine**
Trever Aldaya
Trever Aldaya:
For some reason I used think Zac Efron was a huge douche. But he’s a really cool and humble guy. I would hella wanna meet this guy
Parker Sokol
Parker Sokol:
Wow love this interview he doesn’t feel like a celebrity, just a guy eating some wings w a new friend
Pauline Ponders
Pauline Ponders:
He looks so happy, glad he isn’t straining himself with fitness too much anymore
It's funny how he still shakes the last one 🤣 the way he does
Gi Gi
Gi Gi:
Zac didn’t even drink anything the whole time, AND dusted off every wing like a champ
Boni Chodes
Boni Chodes:
Q: Why does everyone have a “how did you remember that?” moment?

A: because this show is just that good.
Quantum 01
Quantum 01:
Zac was so chill. One of the best interviews on here. I hate how people say “ he’s gotten fat” “ he’s fat” like bruh is that the first thing you noticed? Like I hate scrawny skinnny boys who just body shame anyone. Let the man live. Seems kinda gay to me.
12. Skeletonman
12. Skeletonman:
- "careful around your eyes"

- Zac: "You careful around YOUR eyes !!"
He does that all the time in his movies 😂😂😂
Strawberry Cutie
Strawberry Cutie:
Although I am one of the people that are in love with Zac. He is so much more. Not just looks. He’s sooo gentle, and kind-hearted. He’s the best 🥺
Gabriella F
Gabriella F:
For being a Disney kid, even for being an actor, he seems like a really wonderful person.
Andy Ferguson
Andy Ferguson:
I have to give him props. He’s the first guest I’ve seen that didn’t drink anything. Dabbing them all and that was a large last dab.
Wes Christenson
Wes Christenson:
"My nose be runnin'"
Ramzi Nasser
Ramzi Nasser:
R we not finna talk about how good that Seth voice was 😂😂
18:45 That Seth Rogen impression though...
Tyler Lashway
Tyler Lashway:
This dude isn’t fair, man. Seriously, everyone thinks he’s attractive, and now that I see his personality while he slowly gets “opened up” by the heat, I can tell that he’s a genuine person. Not many people ask Sean himself so many questions, like he wanted to know him just as much as Sean wanted to know Zac. Seems like a good guy
Kayla Rivera
Kayla Rivera:
Idk why but I feel like Zac and Shia Labeouf should be in a movie together
kevin clark
kevin clark:
If there’s anything I noticed about Hot Ones, they actually celebrities that are just like normal people with some cool ass stories
Im super impressed that he ate all the meat of the wing, while adding more hot sauce on it
Kat Anne
Kat Anne:
Zac is just a complete GEM of a human.
He has to be the nicest guest that has ever been in this show, that was a nice breath of fresh air.
S A:
Who knew zac was such down to earth, humble person completely different than what media portrays him.
Krecia Mae
Krecia Mae:
The entire time all i can think of honestly was “does he still have food in his mouth? is he not swallowing it?”
"Is that how many Scovilles is in me?!"
Kole Marie
Kole Marie:
He’s not just handsome but he’s so humble and intelligent!
Redikal J
Redikal J:
No ones in the comments has mentioned that he DIDN'T TOUCH HIS WATER OR MILK?! Absolute Boss.
i like how unphased the host is by the hot sauce, while the guest is sweating and crying
Eli Aranda
Eli Aranda:
Sean: but with a billion scovilles
Zac Efron: *astounded* is that how many scovilles is in this????
Austin O'Brien
Austin O'Brien:
25:01 Now we know who can play George Michael in his biopic.
Seneca Crouse
Seneca Crouse:
Y’all should watch his show Down to earth, they did a great job and I learned how far behind countries like US and Canada etc compared to what’s happening in “undeveloped” countries.
William Switzer
William Switzer:
Wow, this guy is the real deal, he cleans the bones like there’s nothing and even put an extra dab on each wing and doesn’t even take a single sip of anything!! And he was so nice and funny that was a super great episode Sean! Cheers!! Next episode is the final one, I’m sure it’s gonna be a big one. I think the best of the bests of all times would be Keanu Reeves in my opinion. Anyway, take care and stay safe!
You need a “mascot” for the show who eats the leftovers 🤓
Sean Blatz
Sean Blatz:
I wanna see the Rock on here lmaooo
Casey Widjaja
Casey Widjaja:
Zac:" this is why you go out and eat wings, just being with your homies"
Me:chicken wing chicken wing hotdog and bologna chicken and macaroni chillin with my homies
Again, it's the guests that I least expect that have the absolute best interviews. Loved it!
This has probably been said a thousand times, but one of the beautiful things about Hot Ones is that it shows you a side of celebrities that you’d almost never see in other interviews. They’re so used to the same questions and same process, but seeing them get surprised when they’re asked questions they don’t expect and suddenly get comfortable talking about things they’re passionate about... that’s Hot Ones’ greatest gift.
vignesh subash
vignesh subash:
This is the first time I am seeing someone who used sauce in all wings hats off zac...
Glorisel Velez
Glorisel Velez:
I gotta say that I love him more now after this interview and seeing him so more relaxed. He's just perfect.
Kathleen Gates
Kathleen Gates:
Loved that he just went for it-he actually ate the wings. No little teeny bite for Zac. Seems like just a genuine guy-loved that.
Zac efron got them genes where he just always looks good and I’m jealous 😂

Edit: he seems like a really chill and humble guy to hang out with
Zac: "how did you know that? did i tell you that?"
Sean: "this is the first time we've met"
I feel like this is every guests response when Sean pulls out some deep facts lmaoo
Anh N
Anh N:
The last time I saw him was in a vogue interview and wow he looks like such a dad now! I didn't recognize him right away
Roland Fischer
Roland Fischer:
"Did I tell you that??"
"This is the first time we've met"
Incredible interviewer
amelia grace
amelia grace:
I love the way Zac reacted when Sean told him the show was on it’s 11th season and had almost 200 guests. Hot Ones interviews are my favorite! Sean is such a good host/interviewer. You can tell he cares about giving his guest questions they’ve never been asked.
William Foster
William Foster:
Omg at 25:00 he's one of the only dudes that I'm like damn he's hot, and I'm not gay wtf is going on with this man's eyes and beard
Had no idea Zac Efron was the most likeable person ever.
Eden Bayli Latour
Eden Bayli Latour:
Every other guest on the show: takes tiny bites Zac: literally eats every wing whole
Elton Crypto
Elton Crypto:
He freaking murdered those wings. I think this is the best interview I've seen on here
Muni Ng
Muni Ng:
“careful around your eyes” he is trying so hard not to break face lmaoooooo
Saw him on Running with Bear Grylls, I had a feeling that Zac needed to zen out in the outdoors. He looked so happy to be out of the "star box."
Mike DeCarlo
Mike DeCarlo:
This video is just Zac being confused how Sean knows every little detail about his life for 28 minutes
why sean hands always 🤏 😂 his hands always moving
Always thought he was some dumb teen actor but I was really impressed with his portrayal of Bundy and he seems like a good guy.
Amanda Banks
Amanda Banks:
I love zack efron, im so glad he played the role of bundy. He finally could show how talented he is. I mean he is a good actor regaurdless.
luann decosta
luann decosta:
This interview was one of my favorite. He seems so down to earth and he cleaned them wings up lol
Justis Johnson
Justis Johnson:
No one else has heard “that’s a great question” as much as Sean. This man does his homework!
Jason Russell
Jason Russell:
Imagine the rock doing this 😂😂😂😂
Dude, eating on camera has got to be one of the most self conscious activities
Denisse Gómez
Denisse Gómez:
Is it really a hot ones interview without the guest saying ‘that’s a great question’? I don’t think so....🤔
Brandon Ross
Brandon Ross:
19:03 talking about Seth rogan then Immediately quotes pineapple expressaccidentally “it’s a lingerer “
Mal Kit
Mal Kit:
Never realized what a cool dude he was. Very polite.
Dustin Bone
Dustin Bone:
This mans gotta be getting sick of chicken wings by now.
Alejandro Carrizosa
Alejandro Carrizosa:
Do you know the difficulty to pull of saying "stay hard!" into the camera with tears in your eyes?

Real man sh**!
Js_penn paper
Js_penn paper:
Me: aww he's so cute (talking like I'm an old lady)
Zac and I are basically the same age lol

Also, I would love to be on hot wings to try the sauces!
Aleksander Hoff Iversen
Aleksander Hoff Iversen:
Love that Zac is so proud of himself at the end!